I Have Two Homes Where Do I Register My Car?

Many people nowadays possess more than 2 homes. Indeed, according to NAHB’s 2018 calculations, there were 7.5 million second residences across the US, and the numbers are rising. Among the FAQs regarding these homeowners, “I have two homes where do I register my car?” is one of the most frequent.

If that question also lingers in your head, this article is for you. Today’s post will help you answer that question and reveal some other info concerning car registration. 

I Have Two Homes Where Do I Register My Car?

If you possess two residences in two different regions, register your vehicle in your primary residence. The following factors can determine your primary residence:

  • Where you spend most of the time.
  • Your driver’s license address.
  • Your billing and postal address.
  • Where you are authorized to vote.
  • Your federal and state taxation records’ addresses.

However, in most cases, where you spend the most time and the region and where you’re eligible to vote are the two most noticeable signs of the primary residence.

I Have Two Homes Where Do I Register My Car?

It’s a must that you register your car in your primary residence. Source: lh4.googleusercontent.com

Take the following example: You have a house in Massachusetts and an apartment in Orlando and spend equal time in both places. 

Now, if you are an eligible voter in Massachusetts, it’s your primary residence and where you should register your two vehicles. Vice versa, if Orlando is your primary residence, it’s where your car registration should take place.

When Can I Register My Car In Another State?

Although it’s typically illegal to register a car in 2 different places, there are some situations where it’s acceptable. 

Relocating Residences

Should you relocate to a different state officially, you have to register your car in that area, like moving to Florida from Ohio. This is a must even when your existing vehicle registration hasn’t expired.

Going to an out-of-state educational location, engaging in temporary military services, or leaving for short-term work, on the other hand, does not imply an official relocation.

When Can I Register My Car In Another State?

Relocation requires the vehicle owner to proceed with new car registration. Source: lh5.googleusercontent

After relocating to the new area, you would have a fixed time to register your car. However, after you have been identified as a citizen of the new region, you must re-register your car.

You may be eligible for a partial refund based on the expiry time of your existing car registration. Check with the transportation department in the previous area concerning the registration fee return policies.

Working In A Different State

Possessing a property in one area and working in another for over 184 days qualify you as a resident of both. In this case, you could have your vehicle registered in either region.

When Can I Retain My Vehicle Registration?

Military Circumstances

Most regions permit service members to keep their current state car registration when assigned to a different area.

When Can I Retain My Vehicle Registration?

Leaving for military purposes permits vehicle owners to retain their current registration. Source: lh3.googleusercontent

College Students

Students could have their vehicle registered in their state of residence. Most regions in the US accept college student out of state car registration while the students reside on campus.

How To Register A Vehicle In A Different State

You must obtain a new driver’s license and update or renew your vehicle insurance before registering your vehicle in a different area. This data is mandatory to process your car registration and acquire your new license plate numbers.

How To Register A Vehicle In A Different State

You must register new car registration when you permanently move to a new place. Source: lh6.googleusercontent.com

To proceed with your car registration in a new region, take the following steps:

  • Schedule a session with your local DMV within the region’s registration timeframe.
  • Check the area’s car inspection regulations and, if required, arrange an assessment.
  • Collect and submit any necessary papers, documents, and car registration fees. To learn more about the criteria, go to the state’s homepage.
  • At this stage, the government will provide temporary registration or license plates. Once you get the temporary registration, they will ship the new license plates to you.
  • Contact the DMV in your former area to know whether you need to return your former license plates. If you don’t send license plates back, you might get a fine in certain regions.
  • Confirm whether you need to file an address changing paperwork to your former area.

How To Register A Vehicle Bought Out Of State

No matter where you acquire your automobile, you must register it in your area of residence. As you proceed with the register, you must also pay your state’s purchase taxes.

You could negotiate with the showroom or manufacturer to obtain a temporary registration from the DMV in your area of residence. To get a temporary license number for your new vehicle, you’ll have to provide:

  • A title transfer
  • Car registration
  • Insurance documentation

Note that it is unauthorized to drive your recently bought car before you register it. In addition, if you do not have valid insurance and registration, the police may detain your car. 

See how to register an out-of-state vehicle in California:

Can You Have A Driver’s License In Two States?

While regional regulations differ, nearly all regions allow you to hold only one driving license in almost all states. Typically, you must have a region license where you are regarded as a legal resident, and that license must be effective across the US.

Can You Have A Driver's License In Two States?

It’s not legal to have two driving licenses in the US. Source: lh4.googleusercontent.com

The explanation for why most regions only accept one license is straightforward: monitoring many licenses and traffic histories of the driver may be difficult. Furthermore, possessing multiple licenses allows car owners to utilize their backup license when their first one is prohibited or limited.

Wrapping Up – I Have Two Homes Where Do I Register My Car?

Hopefully, now you know the answer to the question, “I have two homes where do I register my car?” Although most states require car owners to register their vehicle in their primary residence, there are still some cases where you can retain your previous registration or file a new one in another area. 

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