Try Junior UX Designer Jobs if you would like to enhance your creativity. Perhaps you are curious about the types of jobs available in this sector and how to get started as a Junior UX designer.

Do you think it’s hard to be a Junior UX Designer?

All have to start with entry-level jobs somewhere then take a higher position with UX designer jobs. But you may not know all about the recruitment process and how to prepare a portfolio, cover letter, and resumé for specific positions. The post today will guide you on UX designer requirements, mission. You will be ready to kick off your career. Dive into the awesome Junior UX Designer jobs’ review for now!

UX Portfolio Review: Junior UX Designer

What Do Junior UX Designers Do?

Traditionally, Jr. UX designers will work alongside other UX designers, yet the junior role will take on more responsibilities while dealing with more complicated issues. They will conduct user interface research, usability testing and analyze the research findings.

They will also support wireframes, prototyping, sketching, and creating user flows, among other tasks.

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Job Outlook

Junior UX Designer Jobs - Best Tips And Recommendations For A Noob!

UX designer demand is growing with rising salaries. Source: miro.medium

In general, from 2016, the US job market has consistently recognized the constant growth and progression of the UX Designer profession. The design industry in general and the UX designer segment, in particular, are growing with rising income.

For the first time in 2015, average UX designer wages surpassed those of developers. What sparked such a surge of interest in the field?

OnwardSearch recently conducted a nationwide search for UX designer work openings across all available channels. According to the most recent OnwardSearch, there are over 150,000 jobs for UX Designers at all levels across the United States, giving us a glimpse of the industry’s booming trend. Besides that, the digital age 4.0 would vigorously encourage e-commerce, so websites and online multiply like a mushroom. Hence, try to pursue this line of work!

The design industry in general and the UX designer segment, in particular, are growing with rising income.

Catch UX Jobs’ opportunities. Source: miro.medium

Junior UX Designers’ Compensation

According to Glassdoor.com, the midpoint annual salary for a UX designer in the United States is $ 65 thousand (range $ 45 to $ 99 thousand).

Besides, according to another ZipRecruiter.com survey, the national midpoint salary for a Junior UX Designer is $ 83,948, ranging from $ 61,000 (25th percentile) to $ 99,000 (75th percentile) across the country. These numbers are somewhat compatible with Glassdoor.com’s data.

Junior UX Designers’ Compensation

Jr. UX Designer’s national average salary. Source: ZipRecruiter

Hired.com reported Junior level designers’ salaries in New York, Boston, and Los Angeles:

Junior UX Designers’ Income

Junior UX designer’s salary in Boston. Source: ZipRecruiter

Junior UX Designers’ Salary

Junior UX designer’s salary in New York. Source: ZipRecruiter


Junior UX designer salary Los Angeles. Source: ZipRecruiter

Preparations For Becoming The Junior UX Designer Jobs

Preparations For Becoming The Junior UX Designer Jobs

Get started with the UX Designer Career’s path. Source: miro.medium

3 things you’ll need to apply for UX designer jobs:

  • Portfolio
  • Resume
  • Cover letter

In this section, you could learn more in-depth knowledge. We’ll go through a few stuff that is mainly relevant to juniors:

Jr. UX Designer Case Studies & Portfolio

Most UX design leaders sometimes ignore your resume and move on to reviewing your portfolio. Why? They could find your skill sets that are most suitable for their hiring position. They will make an initial evaluation of your ability to process research findings and the design process by scanning your portfolio. These abilities are hugely helpful when dealing with people at higher levels in a more professional environment.

So, treat your portfolio like a ticket to the interview, as it will make it easier for you to advance to the next round. On the contrary, you would not be able to move up to the next steps of the hiring process without a strong portfolio.

How To Approach The Portfolio’s Design

With tens of thousands of applications, most leaders couldn’t spend hours in a single candidate’s portfolio. They only have a glance at yours. So, you had better create  an easy-to-navigate portfolio. Display your most important research and case studies on your homepage, and a brief explanation is always handy.

Remember, as a designer, make anything you do personal and flawless if at all possible. The UX design leaders will thoroughly review everything you present.

  1. have appealing presentation
  2. look well-organized
  3. be straightforward to navigate
  4. has an About page and a contact page
  5. show off 2-3 of your best and most relevant projects only

Utilize Tried-and-true Portfolio Templates To Save Time

Try some templates on the Internet if you don’t want to design and make up a portfolio from scratch. Look through UXfolio’s customizable portfolio templates to pick the most popular layouts.

How To Present UX Case Studies

According to some UX experts, recruiters consistently award applicants high marks when they have 2-3 top-notch case studies on their portfolio. Let each reveal your skills as much as possible.

The main goal of a case study is to describe the design process by connecting all of your steps, skills, and experiences. Try the UXfolio’s case study builder if you’re not confident, as it enables you to choose from a variety of unique UX parts and set up your personalized template with your case study.

Notice The Keywords

Many large companies now use the state-of-the-art Applicant Tracking Systems to scan candidates’ summaries. Your resume would be checked for keywords by bots. To pass this stage rapidly, highlight some emphasized keywords such as:

  • Verbs: Collaborate, conduct, define, prioritize, etc.
  • Jargon: User flows, iteration, quantitative research, etc.

Then match and use them to reflect your experience appropriately. For illustration, if you have a verb ‘’conduct’’, try combining it with “quantitative research’’ and a purpose into a complete text like: “Conducting quantitative research to validate and test…

Jr. UX Designer Cover Letter

The cover letter of a Junior UX designer is crucial as it’s an excellent opportunity for you to show your willingness and enthusiasm to improve. It would help if you mentioned explicitly in the letter your practice, volunteer, self-employed work, and basic qualifications related to the position you apply for.

The more specific statistics of your achievements added, the more persuasive you could create to the recruiter. Eventually, check your grammar and vocabulary for human errors with Grammarly.

Advices For Whom Adores Being A Junior UX Designer

Advices For Whom Adores Being A Junior UX Designer

What do you need to highlight in your resumé? Source: cdn.kenzie.academy

Prior to applying for Junior UX designer vacancies, as always, read the job description thoroughly. Making a job market analysis can help you understand the current needs and requirements for this job. 

Skills Using UX Tools

Design software is critical for successful UX designers. Including a bit of relevant tools knowledge in your resume is a great idea to create your impression on the recruiter, especially the most common and vogue tools.

Get Some Experience!

The terms “at least 1-2 years of experience” appear in almost every JD (job description) for Jr. UX designer positions. The available experience and expertise will almost always ensure your good head start.

Take a short internship or start working on a freelance or pro-bono project to gain valuable UX design experience.

Upgrade Yourself And Think Ahead

If you want to work in fintech as a designer, you should start specializing right away. For instance, for many people, LinkedIn has always been a good suggestion for creating a fintech design career, following a few internship opportunities, or connecting with some of the industry’s most influential designers to learn from.

Employers will value your potential contributions to your business or organization more if you have a higher skill set. Don’t be afraid to flaunt your technical skills and abilities.

Understand The Limitation And Possibilities Of Frontend

It is better if you know the code’s limit. Fronted coding and designs are closely related in many companies. Exploring and taking a dive into HTML and CSS to understand their limits and fundamentals will raise your ”market value”.

Understand The Limitation And Possibilities Of Frontend

UX designers’ roles and career path. Source: cuongdohoa.com

Tips And Tricks To Search For Junior UX Jobs?

Someday, you search for “Google UX design intern” on the Internet, but you wonder: “Which website is the best for finding out a new job?’’ Every day, hundreds of UX designer work openings are posted on LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, and a few other similar job boards. Nonetheless, employer demands don’t always match your skills and interests. So, what are some other options for finding a more effective job? Here are a few proposals:

Directly Strategic Outreach

  1. Make a list of companies that you’d like to work for.
    • Do not get lazy with the list: collect as many businesses as you can.
    • Search for new launches of products, the latest business, etc., and add to the list.
  2. A ‘Job’ or ‘Careers’ page is available to most companies on your list. Save them to a nice list and make a weekly up-to-date habit for them.
  3. Contact these businesses’ HR managers. Tell them on LinkedIn why you want to be working with them.
    • Refrain from generic and mass messages. You’re looking desperate.
    • Don’t be too pushy! You should not pray for an opportunity or a job. Share, instead, why you find your company inspiring and tell them that you would like to join the team when there is a chance.
    • In case you do not currently have any relevant openings, try asking for advice on what skills you should improve in the meantime. 

Attend Meetups And Build A Network

Attending local tech and UX meetups is another excellent way to find offers and land interviews with experts. Many people have become more successful at finding feedback and interviewing owing to this move, as the connections you set up may bring you new openings. They will invite you to their company for an interview.

UX Job Boards And Newsletters

Job boards and newsletters like Smashing Mag, Designer News, and UX Writing Hub dedicated to user experience may also be beneficial. You’ll only see the opportunities that are worth your time since their updates are curated.  

Could I Trust Hiring Ads In Facebook Groups And Slack Channels?

Some people can find some professional UX designer workgroups on Facebook or in the Slack channel. However, no one can guarantee that all openings on these platforms are legitimate, and no one can defend your rights on your behalf.

We’ve heard horror stories about people being conned and tricked out of time, mainly if they go to fishy sources. Indeed, searching for work on Slack or Facebook networks is not really a good idea.

The Hiring Process

The Hiring Process

Becoming a Junior UX designer? Easy or hard? Source: cdn-images-1.medium

When you start applying, it means you’re already getting on the racetrack. Yet you attend many rounds of interviews. Some businesses’ hiring process may not be the same at all, but the following general steps are all taken:

Phone Interview

In reality, once your record is up-to-par, the recruitment department will contact you to hold a small telephone interview. They only have a couple of general questions in this step. Ideally, get ready for a surprise call for a few simple questions.

Show Off Your Expertise By Solving A Specific Design Problem

Next, this step is probably after you do an interview face-to-face. A UX design leader will give out a design issue , and you have to describe how to solve it. You may have to ask for some details from leaders to give out a reasonable solution.

Getting An In-person Interview

You must carefully prepare this vital step after passing a number of other documents and going to the interview round. The company examines your skills and qualifications more carefully and decides whether they should hire you.

Just be your best person and answer some of the most frequent UX designer interviews. Some cases are as follows:

  1. What are your UX design definitions?
  2. How does UX differentiate from other design fields like UI design?
Getting An In-person Interview

UI and UX design. What’s the difference? Source: lh3.googleusercontent

  1. Describe the UX design value!
  2. Which are you going to pursue in the next UX design trend?
  3. What does “design thinking” mean? 
  4. Talk about your best project/Tell us about the project you are most proud of!
  5. What are a UX Designer’s three major skills?
  6. What defines a good UX designer?
  7. Tell us a UX project not as scheduled. How did you get it done?
  8. Why did you decide to be a Jr. UX Designer?
  9. What did you do before becoming a UX designer?
  10. Have you studied UX, or have you converted from a different subject?
  11. In five years, where do you see yourself?
  12. What are some of the significant problems as a UX designer that you face?
  13. Talk to us in the process of your design!
  14. List the design methods you are using and describe them!
  15. Use a case study from your portfolio to present your methods!
  16. How do you decide on functionality?
  17. Can you share some research and usability testing experience?
  18. Show us an example of design involved in a business issue.
  19. Are you universal design experts?
  20. How can you access a product for disabled users?

See more question samples here!

Next, Portfolio Presentation!

You are asked to take a step forward from your portfolio on your favorite project. We advise you not only to read what is written in a case study aloud. Tell users, stakeholders about your experience and give a few thoughts.

Q&A (Questions And Answer)

Indeed, this is your opportunity to comment on the Portfolio. You certainly have much more to talk about with your employer or team lead during the interview. It shows you are very keen on the job and what the HR Specialist told you during the interview.

How To Answer 11 Key UX Design Interview Questions

Our Final Thoughts – Junior UX Designer Jobs

By and large, the demand for UX professionals is showing no signs of stopping. This work is ideal for those who enjoy variety, creativity, and dynamism and are serious about pursuing this career.

To get started, hunt for “Junior UX Designer Jobs” right now. Hence, you’ll have countless chances to be innovative, meet and befriend new people, and learn more new skills and methods of working. Good luck!

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