The Ultimate Guide In Becoming A Database Administrator

What are Database Administrators (DBAs)? Why should you become a DBA? What are the database administrator’s roles and responsibilities? How to get Database Administrator jobs? 

Do you like working in a highly organized working environment? Are you detail-oriented and meticulous? If that’s how you would describe yourself, then maybe it’s time to consider a job as a database administrator.

What Are Database Administrators?

Considering database administrators’ roles and responsibilities, they use specialized software to archive and manage data such as customers’ financial records and delivery records. They ensure the data is accessible to consumers and protect it from unauthorized parties.

The Ultimate Guide In Becoming A Database Administrator

Database Administrators manage data like customers’ records – Source: Carlos Muza

Database administrators work in various arrays of industries that possess large databases, including schools, hospitals, insurance companies, cyber service providers, and many more.

Why Is This Job Worth Considering?

The demand for Database administrators is rising at a much higher rate than the national average of all professions. Thus, even in the far future, this profession should have decent job prospects. Also, the pay rate for the role of a database administrator is high compared to the average earning rate in the U.S.

Job Outlook

In the U.S., Database administrators’ (DBAs) employment is expected to rise 10% between 2019 and 2029, far faster than the median for all occupations. The United States is estimated to need 17,900 database managers over the next ten years. This figure is calculated based on the recruitment of 13,700 new database administrators and the resignation of 4,200 current positions, according to CareerExplorer. 

The businesses’ increasing demand for data storage in almost every sector of the economy would push new jobs in this field. Database administrators’ mission is to manage data and organize it in a user-friendly manner to stakeholders.

Job Prospects

Prospects for employment are and will be favorable for the role of a database administrator. Today, database administrators are in high demand, and companies often struggle to find qualified applicants. Thus, candidates who have experience working with cutting-edge technologies should have the best chance in the labor market.

Why Is This Job Worth Considering?

The demand for Database administrators is rising – database administrator job descriptions. Source: Zan

California, Texas, and Florida have the highest numbers of database administrators, which suggests that one can easily find a job in the field in these states.

State NameEmployed Database Administrators
New York7,170

Top 5 Database Administrator job market by state – Source: CareerExplorer

Wage Estimates in the United States

The wage for this occupation is higher compared to others. The median annual salary for database administrators was $98,860 in May 2020, approximately the same as related data science jobs in the United States. 

Database Administrators’ Median annual wages, May 2020

Database administrators and architects$98,860
Computer occupations$91,250
Total, all occupations$41,950

Note: ‘All Occupations’ includes all occupations in the U.S. Economy.
Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics

Bellow was the median annual salaries for database managers in the top sectors in May 2020:

Data processing, hosting, and related services$108,520
Computer systems design and related services$106,260
Insurance carriers and related activities$105,570
Management of companies and enterprises$103,550
Educational services; state, local, and private$78,890

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics

What Are A Database Administrator Roles and Responsibilities? Database Administrator Job Descriptions

Candidates for the database administration position should have a solid background in database structure, design, installation, and management.

Employers are looking for those familiar with and have worked with popular relational database programming languages, namely Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and IBM DB2. Professional certifications from Microsoft, Oracle, and others are also valuable.

Effective database management necessitates a careful eye for accuracy, a good customer care orientation, and teamwork skills.

Typical database administrator roles and responsibilities

  • Monitoring, managing, and maintaining company databases
  • Making requested alternations, updates, and modifications to database structure and data
  • Securing database’s integrity, stability, and system availability
  • Maintaining database backups and recovery  

How To Get A Database Administrator Jobs? (Tips)Database Administrator Job Descriptions

There are two primary ways to become a database administrator (DBA): focusing on database administration from the start of an I.T. career or (more commonly) starting in a general ICT (Information and Communications Technology) sector, such as helpdesk support, and eventually gaining more database administration expertise. 

In either case, becoming an employable database administrator does not happen overnight. One must first possess these qualifications and characteristics that are common in most ICT jobs:

Education and Certifications 

Most would need a bachelor or postgraduate degree in a related information technology field (such as database design and development) to work as a Database Administrator (DBA).  

How to Get A Database Administrator Jobs? (Tips)

You may need a B.A. in the technology field to be a DBA – database administrator job descriptions. Source: MD Duran

Firms with large databases may prefer applicants who have a master’s degree focusing on data or database management, typically in computer science, information systems, or information technology. Companies may require their database administrators to have certifications regarding the tools or languages, whose names and related certifications are listed below.

  • Oracle: Oracle DB Certified Associate, Oracle DB Certified Professional
  • Microsoft SQL Server: MCSE (Data platform and Business Intelligence) and the older MCDBA
  • IBM: IBM Analytics Certification
  • Oracle: MySQL Database Developer, MySQL Database Administrator
  • MongoDB: Certified DBA, Certified Developer
  • Cassandra: Certified Cassandra Administrator, Certified Cassandra Architect, Certified Cassandra Developer

Important Qualities

Employers prefer Database & Systems Administrators and ICT Security professionals who can communicate effectively, have good teamwork skills, and have a good grasp of computers.

Important Qualities

A DBA needs to have good communication, teamwork skills, and a good grasp of computers – database administrator job descriptions. Source: heylagostechie

1. Analytical skills. DBAs must keep track of a database system to decide what intervention is required. They must assess data gathered from numerous sources.

2. Communication skills. Often database administrators work in teams and must efficiently communicate with programmers, leaders, and other employees.

3. Detail-oriented. Working with databases necessitates a thorough understanding of systems, where even small errors will result in significant issues. For example, if credit card information is mixed up, a customer can be charged for a transaction he or she did not make.

4. Problem-solving skills. Administrators must troubleshoot and fix database problems as they occur.

Where Can You Find A Database Administrator Job?

The majority of database administrators work with companies specializing in computer systems design and related services, such as Internet service providers and data analysis. DBAs also work for organizations with massive datasets, such as banks and insurance companies, which manage huge volumes of their customers’ valuable data.

Where Can You Find A Database Administrator Job?

DBAs also work for organizations with massive datasets – database administrator job descriptions. Source: Myriam Jessier

Besides, Some DBAs work for retail companies, manage databases, and track customers’ credit card and shipping details. In contrast, others work for healthcare companies, managing patients’ medical records.

Hence, if you want to work as a DBA, apply for vacancies in mentioned workplaces is a wise choice. It might help to search for “data science jobs near me” and let the search engines do their work.

Conclusion Of Database Administrator Job Descriptions

Becoming a database administrator may take you some time to prepare for all the requirements like education and qualities. However, it is worth investing in as the demand for database administrators is steadily increasing. After all, data is the currency of the future. Thus, if you can administer that data, there’ll always be a need for you in the market.

If you are searching for ‘data science jobs near me’, it would help to read other articles and understand what job is suitable for you.

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