Charli D’Amelio As A Kid: Young But Gold

Charli D’Amelio is the first person to reach 100 million followers on TikTok. Although the 17-year-old beauty has only appeared on this platform for more than 2 years, the achievements of Charli D’Amelio as a kid have far exceeded many international cult stars.

In May 2019, Charli D’Amelio did not even know anything about TikTok. 2 years later, more than 117 million users of this social network have followed the 17-year-old girl. So, how did Charli D’Amelio as a kid get to where she is today?

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Who Is The Queen Of Tiktok Charli D’Amelio?

Before becoming the Queen of TikTok, 15-year-old Charli D’Amelio as a kid attended a private school and lived in Norwalk, Connecticut, USA. Since the age of 3, she has been dancing, performing professionally, and winning many competitions. Dancing is one of the D’Amelio family’s hobbies. “My mom grew up a competition dancer and sometimes does TikTok dances with me, but my dad did breakdancing,” D’Amelio said in an interview with Highsnobiety.

How Charli D’Amelio Take Baby Steps To Take Over Tiktok?

Charli D’Amelio first downloaded the app in May 2019 simply because her friends all use TikTok. At that time, Charli D’Amelio as a kid just recorded her dances on her friend’s phone. She then had them edit these videos via Tiktok then sent it back to her. In an interview with Variety, she recounted that she decided to download the app, creating her own account because of TikTok’s built-in video editor. And the rest of the story as we already know, D’Amelio started dancing, and naturally, her videos went viral.

D’Amelio’s debut period was especially fruitful for virality. Back then, there were much more users consuming, rather than creating, content. At that time, the majority of TikTok’s content was primarily lip-synching and humor videos. Moreover, nobody made dance content. Therefore, D’Amelio’s short and simple choreography to trending songs partly launched trends.

The first video that went viral is a duet with @movewithjoy. Thanks to similar videos, her TikTok page quickly gained more than 5 million subscribers in the next 5 months.

The First Stumbles

Charli D'Amelio As A Kid: Young But Gold

Charli D’Amelio childhood photo – Source:

One of her most famous videos, shot in October 2019, is the dance she performs in rapper K Camp’s song Lottery (Renegade). This video is part of one of the biggest trends in TikTok’s history, where players will be filming duet videos with Charli. In addition, there have been numerous instructional videos for her dance that quickly popped up on YouTube.

However, the dance later caused great controversy. In early 2020, it turned out that Jalaiah Harmon, an African-American, was the original creator of the dance. Like D’Amelio, this 16-year-old girl also loves practicing dances and sometimes shoots dance videos mainly to upload to Instagram.

Jalaiah Harmon

Jalaiah Harmon – the original Renegade dance creator – Source: 

Harmon told The New York Times that she came up with the choreography for Renegade when goofing around before her dance class. Indeed, Harmon felt both proud and annoyed when she saw this dance going viral. “I was commenting under people’s posts, telling them I made the dance,” Harmon choked. “But they didn’t really believe it because I didn’t have much of a following on TikTok.”

Even so, Harmon never mentioned D’Amelio. She simply wanted everyone to know that she created the Renegade dance. After the article’s publication, D’Amelio came to dance with Harmon and introduced her as the original creator of the trending dance on TikTok.

Not Just A Temporary Virality, It Is A Family’s Road To Fame

It’s boom time, and the whole D’Amelio family also begins to become famous. Commendably, Charli D’Amelio as a kid and the rest of her family signed with United Talent Agency in January 2020. According to a British daily newspaper, The Guardian, D’Amelio is the first family to join TikTok and the most famous family on this short video-sharing platform.

Not Just A Temporary Virality, It Is A Family's Road To Fame - Charli D'Amelio As A Kid

The D’Amelio family – Source: 

Also, the global media company Forbes estimated that Dixie, Charlie’s older sister, was the third-highest-earning TikToker from mid-2019 to mid-2020.

Dixie and Charli D'Amelio - Charli D'Amelio As A Kid

Dixie and Charli D’Amelio – Source:

Growing Successes

Charli D’Amelio was one of the first TikTok influencers to capture the attention of major brands like Prada and many pop stars. In 2009, singer Bebe Rexha invited D’Amelio to perform with her in her opening performance for the Jonas Brothers. She also created a TikTok dance challenge celebrating Jennifer Lopez’s show performance. 

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the last updated 2020 Charli D’Amelio Net Worth is $8 Million. Admirably, Charli D’Amelio as a kid has donated tens of thousands of dollars to charity and launched challenges dedicated to issues on social networks. For example, Charli D’Amelio prepared several videos for a new Internet Safety Day UNICEF campaign. Together with her sister, Charli also shared their story of facing with haters and cyberbullies to support this campaign.

Growing Successes - Charli D'Amelio As A Kid

 Charli D’Amelio has donated tens of thousands of dollars to charity – Source:

Admittedly, a resounding career often accompanies scandals. Indeed, everything in life is a trade-off. D’Amelio’s career is not an exception when Charli D’Amelio as a kid had to deal with body shaming, cyberbullying, and scandals many times.

Accompanying Scandals – What Teenagers And Parents Need To Be Cautious With

Undeniably, Tiktok has a considerable spread to teenagers. D’Amelio’s influence on teenagers, therefore, is great.

On the one hand, this impact is positive as her video has spread the message of feminism. Many times during her live-stream, D’Amelio did not hesitate to react to rude comments that showed contempt for women. For many young girls in the formative stage, D’Amelio is their role model.

On the other hand, Charli D’Amelio as a kid, and her older sister have encountered several scandals of poor behavior that no parents want to see their children mimic.

Personal Chef Video

Besides the story with the dance “Renegade”, another scandal occurred at the end of November 2020, seeming to be the biggest one in D’Amelio’s career. This affair has caused more than 1 million people to unsubscribe from the Queen of Tiktok’s account. It happened right after the first episode of the show “Dinner With The D’Amelio’s” premiered with beauty blogger James Charles.

In the video, the whole family is eating a paella dinner prepared for them by personal chef Aaron May. Dixie saw a snail on her plate, tasted it disgustingly. Immediately, she ran off the table in front of the cook, then she vomited. Meanwhile, Charli D’Amelio as a kid just covered her mouth, showing a facial expression like someone forced her to eat. 

Most people think that the two girls are disrespectful, ungrateful, and look down on the chef. Even if the dish is not of good taste, the two girls should not have such an overreaction.

Well, a snail not only made Dixie vomit but also made Charli have a lot on her plate.

Accompanying Scandals - What Teenagers And Parents Need To Be Cautious With - charli d'amelio as a kid

Chef Aaron May then clarified that sneaking the snails onto Dixie and Charli’s plates was the production’s idea – Source:

Christmas Travel Amid The Covid-19 Pandemic

Entertainment Tonight Canada reported that the D’Amelio sisters had been to a resort in the Bahamas around Christmas with at least 5 content creators. Their travel is controversial when health experts have advised against traveling during the COVID-19 crisis to minimize the spread of the virus. 

Thereafter, their dad had to defend his daughters, saying that they did not take Covid-19 lightly and were very careful on this trip.

Conclusion – Charli D’amelio As A Kid

It seems that people are a bit strict with this girl and sometimes forget that she is only 17 years old. The fame came so quickly that Charli D’Amelio as a kid was under a lot of pressure and sometimes acted a bit awkward. After the above scandals, Charlie D’Amelio or her family members spoke out with responsible and favorable attitudes.

charli d'amelio as a kid

Has everyone forgotten that D’Amelio is just a teenage girl? – Source: Instagram

Also, her talent with her inspirational and energetic videos are unquestionably factors making this teen girl popular and influential. I believe Charlie D’Amelio’s popularity will continue to grow, and she will set a shining example for minors.

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