What Does Bump Mean On Facebook? How To Bump A Post Without Actually Spamming ‘’BUMP’’

For Facebook users, it is quite common to scroll through the most engaging posts and see loads of comments like ‘’bump’’, ‘’following’’. 

Jeez, you might think this is such a First World Problem that people type nonsense one-word comments. 

However, much to the complaint about the ‘’bump’’, certain Facebook posts might need this filler comment to maintain their existence. Let Jobandedu tell you more about “What does bump mean on Facebook?

What Does ‘’Bump’’ Mean On Facebook?

According to the Urban Dictionary, the word ‘‘BUMP’’ is an abbreviation for the phrase ‘Bring up my post’. It is an online slang used when boosting a post on Facebook, or Instagram, Twitter to appear on top of their feeds or pages.

Today you most likely see the ”bump” or ”following” comment on Facebook. However, it actually began in the 90s message boards, when posts and comments were called ”threads”. Any threads that got the most comments would appear on top. Therefore, when people wanted to make a post ‘’the spotlight’’, they would keep sending out nonsense comments to keep the heat.

What Are The Advantages Of ”Bump” On Facebook?

When a post triggers many comments from users, Facebook will apply its ”action-bumping logic” algorithm and prioritize its appearance on the news feed. This brings lots of benefits to both the authors and the audience. 

Boost The Post’s Popularity

When users find a post interesting and want others to also see it, yet they don’t have much time to type out lengthy thoughts, they would choose to type ”bump”. This way will help boost engagement and catch other users’ attention on the post. Also, when users want to know what other people write on that piece, they would leave brief words like ”bump” so that later comments will notify them on Facebook. 

Understand popular online slangs.
What does bump mean on Facebook? Source: Brett Jordan

Remind Members To Read The Post 

When someone publishes an important or emergency post on a group, however, not all the members have yet noticed. That person might repeatedly comment ”bump” so that the post keeps appearing on the members’ news feed, and attract them to read the post. This is a regular practice in group postings, especially when a group has just adjusted its community’s rules and wants all members to pay attention to it.

Sell On Facebook 

When you want to sell something on Facebook, it is advised that you should avoid reposting because buyers might be confused about how many items you are actually selling. Plus, if you post on groups, you need to wait for some time for the admin’s approval.  Commenting ”bump” to refresh an old question/item instead of reposting is a time-saving way to keep the sale under all eyes. 

Three Concerns When You ”Bump” On Facebook

When not to bump on Facebook.
‘’Bump’’ – the first world problem. Source: Robinlund.no

You Might Annoy Other Users 

Many times a ”bump” can cheapen a post and upset the author. Just imagine, someone has just made a serious and dedicated post about a social issue, for example: calling for donation, raising awareness. While other people give thoughtful responses, you are here with the brief ”bump”, ”following”, or some funny stickers. That might give people an impression that you don’t really care or take the post seriously, and they would prefer not to have this kind of comment at all. 

Don’t Fire Off Others’ Notification With Nonsense

How many times have you been annoyed by notifications from the ”bump” comment? Sometimes too many people fire off your feed with countless ”bumps” that you have to delete your initial comments or turn off notifications for that post. As a result, you miss out on interesting thoughts from users who come later. Duhh! Sometimes, this nonsense one-word comment really ruins the fun. 

Think Twice Before You ‘’Bump’’ A Post 

Honestly, please consider before you leave the ”bump”. Sometimes, your intention is good, but people don’t perceive it that way. Here are a few honest pieces of advice to avoid turning your ‘’bump’’ comment into spam:

First, you don’t have to “bump” a post if the author doesn’t ask for it to be “bumped”. 

Second, only ”bump” on unnecessary posts such as selling stuff, memes, hilarious posts, or when you want to joke around with your friends. 

Third,  keep reading below to know how to bump a post on Facebook  without actually typing ”bump”. 

How to Bump A Post On Facebook Without Actually Commenting ‘’Bump’’

Bump a post on Facebook without actually spamming.
How to bump a post on Facebook. Source: Kaboompics.com 

As we told you earlier, ‘’bump’’ does help but still, a first world problem to many people as it might be considered as ‘’spam’’. 

However, we understand that you don’t have all the time in the world to give lengthy comments that help boost the engagement for the post.

Don’t worry. We have a few alternative ways to keep the post on top yet not need too much time. 

Write A Comment And Then Delete It 

This trick will keep your post on top without leaving any trace of editing or spam comments. Do you know that Facebook sorts the posts by “Recent Activity”? If your post has just done something, it will be put on top. So try writing a random comment in your post, then delete it and refresh the group page. You will see the magic! 

Turn On Notifications For This Post 

Click the three dots in the upper right corner of any post, then click ”turn on notifications for this post”. Done! Now you can follow what others comment and boost the engagement, because according to Facebook’s official guidelines, turning on notifications has the same effect as writing a comment. Not to say that this step takes even less time than spamming nonsense comments and saves you from being silly on Facebook. 

Save Post 

You can also click “Save Post” in that same drop-down menu. The drawback here is that you have to remember to check your list of saved posts to keep up with the engagement later. And Facebook doesn’t allow you to save other people’s posts, only posts from groups and pages. 

Pin A Group On Facebook

You might get used to pinning a post on a group/page on Facebook, but you might not have heard about ‘’pinning a group’’ before. 

So what does it mean to pin a group on facebook? When you find certain groups interesting and want to engage with them more, you can choose to make that group appear at the top of your list of groups. 

You can pin up to 10 groups at a time, according to Facebook’s official guidelines. Here is what you need to do: Tap Menu/ Groups/ Settings/ Pins, then tap next to the group you want to pin.

How to pin a group on Facebook?
What does it mean to pin a group on Facebook? Source: Facebook’s official Guidelines 

The Final Thoughts

So that is how ”bump” can become a ”virtual drawing pin” but at the same time, a first-world problem. It is true that bumping is harmless and can be useful in rushed social media life. We still need to be careful with this filler comment to avoid making spam.

Now you know ”what does bump mean on facebook” and how to bump a post on Facebook without actually typing, please use it in the right context, with the right amount. Also, go for our College Life section for more seductive posts at no extra cost to you.

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