What Do You Remember Teyana Taylor’s ‘Sweet 16’ Episode?

No matter how much you love the star of Kanye West’s hit “Fade”, you might have forgotten Teyana Taylor’s Sweet 16 episode

At the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, Kanye West had a special gift for his fans: The latest music video “Fade” from the album “The Life Of Pablo”. As expected from our Konman, it was nothing short of spectacular. What we didn’t see coming was that aside from Kanye himself, another singer caught our attention. 

Focusing on a sweaty Teyana Taylor in nothing but a sports bra and a thong, the video gave off a strong feeling of raw power and sexuality that we could feel through the screen, and everyone was going crazy. The actress and singer spent most of the time rocking up a gymnasium and dancing around fitness equipment before wrapping up in a very steamy shower with her fiancé, NBA star Iman Shumpert.

The video turned out to be a launching pad for her career because ever since then, Taylor becomes the national body goal. The opportunity also helped her to gain more recognition as a singer. Still, we shouldn’t forget that Teyana Taylor made her pop-culture debut way before that: Back in 2007, the star appeared in season four, episode eight of My Super Sweet 16, and her stunning beauty was already undeniable. In case you forgot, below are some of the most memorable happenings. 

Some Important Moments From Teyana Taylor Sweet 16

Teyana Taylor’s 16-Year-Old Birthday Party
Teyana Taylor ‘Sweet 16’ Was Truly A Treat To Behold – Source: Vanity Fair

In case you don’t remember, ‘My Super Sweet 16’ is MTV’s reality show running from 2005 to 2017. It provided us an up-close-and-very-personal look at lavish and expensive birthday parties of super-rich kids as they plot, plan, and prep for the big day. Every party featured on the show was a gift to the world, but Teyana Taylor Sweet 16 was truly a treat to behold: 

Her Party Took On The Theme Of 1980s Old School Skateboard 

“Everybody’s going to be dressed ’80s,” 16-year-old Teyana excitedly revealed. According to her, it would spice things up and make the party novel because none of her friends were born at the time. My god! 

She Gives Out Her Invitation From A Rented Ice Cream Truck 

Well, there was no surprise since we all knew this signature My Super Sweet 16 moment. What set her invitations apart from others was that they featured a necklace with a skateboard pendant on them. 

In The Very First Scene, She Was Seen Getting A $275,000 Bracelet

While many admired the show for bringing some of the most impressive birthday parties to the screen, some said it glorified spoiled, bratty behavior as whiny teens pouted to their parents about getting a Mercedes-Benz in the wrong color. Well, this was one of the scenes that reminded us why we loathed the series sometimes. 

Teyana Taylor And Her Mom
‘I Get Whatever I Want From My Mom’ – Source: Distractify

“I get whatever I want from my mom,” speaking of her expensive gift, Teyana said. “She’s, like, wrapped around my little finger.”

Her Mom Rented Out An Entire Museum As The Party Venue 

But, hold on for a second! “I don’t like it”, Teyana complained. According to her, she wanted a skateboard ramp with a marching band singing “Happy Birthday, Teyana”.  

Eventually, she had to be satisfied with the venue as her mom said renting a skateboard ramp would be too expensive ($2 million, if you are curious!). Seeing this, we know our girl was taking it well: 

Teyana Taylor’s Expression
Teyana’s Reaction Face – Source: Pinterest

She Got Her Own Marching Band 

On the bright side, she got the marching band that she wished for. At the beginning of the party, some shirtless hotties appeared out of nowhere, and soon we realized that they were escorting Teyana, who dressed like a Barbie princess, into her celebration. 

Teyana’s Entrance Dress Is A Custom-Made Piece From Heatherette Designer Richie Rich

Speaking of Teyana’s dress, it looked exactly like a magical rainbow unicorn puked on some tulle. The dress was mostly glitter, with some flowers here and there. You can compare it to Nikki Minaj’s 2012 aesthetic circa. 

Teyana Taylor’s Birthday Dress
Teyana’s Entrance Dress – Source: Fashion Bomb Daily

That’s obviously a compliment, and Teyana looked wonderful in her dress! As if it wasn’t sparkling enough, though, she accessorized the dress with a diamond grill and a pair of exclusive Nike sneakers. The sneakers were designed in Paris, thanks for asking. Ironically, though spending $275,000 on a bracelet, Teyana’s mom seemed to disapprove of this purchase. “You don’t have any money, Teyana”, she said. Well, that was surprising!

She Doesn’t Have The Requisite My Sweet 16 Car Gift

Instead, the rich kid and her mother go shopping for a BMX. This is understandable, considering she’s from New York, and a monthly unlimited Metrocard just doesn’t appear all that thrilling on camera, does it? She decorates the bike with gold rims. 

LOL JK, she did get herself a luxurious Range Rover at the end of the episode, because of course, she would. 

Pharrell Williams Showed Up At Her Party

Yes, the lead vocalist and drummer for the rock band N.E.R.D unexpectedly arrived at Teyana’s birthday party! This moment marked Teyana Taylor Sweet 16 as one of the show’s most memorable episodes. Coincidentally (or not), she actually got a contract with his record label a few years later. 

“I’m Definitely The Queen Of New York”

As Teyana mentioned, she has learned a lot from Pharrell, especially, you guess, his skincare routine. Teyana said of the ‘Happy’ hitmaker: “This guy just does not age! Luckily, I was signed to him, so I got the inside scoop. I’m an observer. I try to pick up things I see rather than asking people – although if something smells good, I’m just gonna take it.”

Other Facts You Might Want To Know About The ‘Maybe’ Singer

Yes, Teyana Taylor Sweet 16 was a birthday bash no one could forget. But so much time has passed since then, and she’s no longer the spoiled teenager we saw. After deciding to give up her normal life and make a name for herself, Pharrell Williams’ protégé is now a front-row fixture at fashion week, a source of Janet Jackson nostalgia, and gym inspiration to us all. 

That said, aside from her birthday party, we have rounded up interesting facts about this Harlem lady. Let’s go through them and get to know Teyana better! 

How Old Is Teyana Taylor? 

Teyana Taylor’s Age
How Old Is Teyana Taylor? – Source: NME

Teyana Taylor was born on December 10, 1990, which means she has joined the 30s club. 

The singer was single-handedly raised by her mother, Nikki, who was a successful store owner with a net worth of $5 million. According to the singer, Nikki encouraged Teyana to share her musical talents with the world when she was only 9 years old. Teyana credits her mom Nikki with helping form her taste in music. “My mom would play all these records, the greatest hits of the ‘90s, ‘80s, and ‘70s,” she told Vice. “And while the kids would play, I would literally have my ear against the wall just singing all the songs.”

Her Career As A Singer Is Longer Than You Think 

Having harbored a dream at a young age, Teyana Taylor’s career is longer than most of us can imagine. As mentioned, she previously obtained a contract with Pharrell’s label. The contract ended in January 2012, and Teyana is now under Kanye’s GOOD Music label.

Following the release of her first solo album – VII – in 2014, the singer debuted at number 10 on the Billboard 200 chart. Just a year later, she launched an EP – The Cassette Tape 1994 – which paid homage to the legendary 1990s hits. 

Teyana Taylor’s Debut Song ‘Google Me’ 

Talking about homage, she was one of the musicians who saluted Lil’ Kim, who passed away shortly after his rumored affair with Faith Evans

She’s Engaged To A NBA Player 

I know, we are all crazy over her body. Unfortunately, gentlemen – she’s taken! And her man is quite a big deal in his own right.

In November 2015, NBA player Iman Shumpert proposed to his long-term girlfriend. She proudly announced the good news on social media.

Her Spouse
Teyana Taylor’s Husband – Source: The Sun

And yes, you must have recognized him: That was the Cleveland Cavaliers player in West’s video – who joined Taylor in the steamy hot bathroom scene. 

The Two Shared A Baby Girl Together 

On Dec. 16, the couple welcomed their daughter, Iman Tayla Shumpert, Jr. 

The 7-month-old birth came unexpectedly since the baby was initially due in January. Taylor had to give birth in her bathroom with her husband’s help.

Recalling this experience, Shumpert said it was the most wonderful and thrilling moment he has ever had in his life. “People always tell me there is no greater gift than fatherhood and I finally understand the feeling,” he wrote on Instagram, “I’m not too proud to say I cried endless tears of joy for my firstborn.”

Her Family
As Of 2022, They Are Now Expecting The Second Child – Source: People

Teyana Taylor Sweet 16 – The Bottom Line

Though raising much controversy, it’s worth noting that the participants of ‘My Super Sweet 16’ were very young when the cameras were there to catch the best and worst moments of their birthday parties. In the years since, some of them have completely disappeared from the spotlight, while the vast majority have normal, everyday jobs. A handful of past participants, though, are now well-known in their own right, far removed from their teenage images. The “Google Me” singer is one of them, but fans still consider Teyana Taylor Sweet 16 a memory to be cherished. 

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