Is A Business Major Hard? What Should You Know?

If you plan to start your career after college, you might wonder which degree will give you the best opportunities. There are so many options to choose from that it can feel overwhelming. “Which major will lead to the most stable, high-paying job in the future? Which degree will open up more career opportunities?” These are some of the questions students often have in mind. It takes work to know which one is right for you and your plans. However, a business major might be perfect for you. So is a business major hard?

What Is A Business Major?

A business program prepares students for a wide range of careers in the business field. Global business majors usually learn business theories, accounting, finance, management, marketing, and other entrepreneurship-related topics. 

Business majors can be either Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees. The main difference between these two majors is that B.A. programs focus on the liberal arts and include more humanities courses. In contrast, B.S. programs focus more on science and math. They also have fewer liberal arts courses compared to B.A. programs. 

Depending on your school, you might choose between a B.A. or B.S. in Business Management or Business Administration. These effective programs are often more specialized than a standard business degree. They may be excellent for students who want to work in a particular industry, like finance or marketing.

Nearly every industry may benefit from having a business degree.
Career path avenues might be opened up with a business degree after graduation Source: studyinternational

Is A Business Major Hard?

Many pupils ponder whether a business is a challenging major. It depends on the kind of business degree you are pursuing. 

Although the business major is lengthy, you won’t have to learn complex ideas or heavy arithmetic. Basic math, accounting, economics, finance, entrepreneurship, communication, and other subjects are needed for a business major. It would help if you met various deadlines for group projects, assignments, and submission of tests and quizzes.

On the other hand, the majority of business courses only demand a little in-depth examination. Consequently, a business major is relatively easy. To perform well in most business degree courses, reading the entire textbook and performing some simple critical analysis is adequate.

A degree program with a business major is more open-ended and provides as many opportunities.
A business degree is an excellent choice for students who wish to study various valuable career skills. Source: potomac

Additionally, the business will be accessible for you if you are skilled at using your talents in familiar and novel settings. Applying the principles in real-life circumstances is the key to success for this degree because business is more of a professional than an academic major.

The field of business majors includes many different business-related disciplines. There are some business majors you can take it easy, which will be more difficult for some pupils. So, you will need a solid grasp of business fundamentals to succeed.

Types Of Business Majors


By majoring in accounting, aspiring accountants and auditors will acquire the necessary skills to analyze a company’s finances, perform financial audits, and prepare financial reports. 

Most schools offer a Bachelor of Arts degree in accounting, but some also offer a Bachelor of Science degree. 


Students who choose to major in entrepreneurship will develop the necessary skills to become business owners and entrepreneurs. They will go through topics including marketing, branding, management, and finance. 

Some schools may offer a Bachelor of Science in entrepreneurship, while others only provide a Bachelor of Arts in this field. 


A finance major prepares students to work as financial analysts and accountants. Students who earn a finance degree usually study how to calculate risk, analyze financial data, and prepare financial reports. Finance majors typically earn a Bachelor of Science degree, although some schools offer a Bachelor of Arts degree in this field. 

Human Resources

A human resources major prepares students to work in H.R.H.R. departments. Students who earn an H.R.H.R. degree usually study how to manage employee hiring and retention, employee benefits, and employee training and development. Human resources majors typically earn a Bachelor of Science degree, although some schools also offer a Bachelor of Arts degree in this field. 


A marketing major prepares students to work as marketing managers, market researchers, and product managers. Students who earn a marketing degree usually study how to create a company’s marketing strategy, create marketing campaigns, and analyze customer data. Marketing majors typically earn a Bachelor of Science degree, although some schools also offer a Bachelor of Arts degree in this field.

A focused business education may provide you a strong business foundation.
As you pursue a specific business degree, you may obtain an excellent business foundation – Source: plexuss

Business Majors Demand

Even though the Great Recession ended in 2010, many people still think that business majors are a risky choice. However, the truth is that business degrees are in high demand. Employers seek out business majors because they know these graduates have acquired crucial skills that can be used in many different fields.

Students with a general business/commerce major have a variety of job opportunities.
Students with a general business major have a variety of job opportunities. Source: businessadministrationinformation

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (B.L.S.), employment in business and financial occupations will expand by 7% from 2021 to 2031, nearly as fast as the national average for all occupations. This increase is anticipated to create 715,100 new jobs during this period. 

In addition to new positions created by expansion, opportunities come from the need to replace people who permanently quit their careers. There will likely be 980,200 vacancies per year due to growth and replacement needs.

In May 2021, the median annual salary for this category was $76,570, more than the $45,760 median wage for all jobs.

Jobs You Can Get With a Business Degree

Is getting a degree in business worth it? Is business services a good career path for you? A business degree is excellent for students who want to work in many different fields after graduation. Students with a business degree can work in accounting, marketing, finance, public relations, entrepreneurship, and human resources, among other areas.

  • Accountants: They manage money coming in and going out of a firm and prepare, analyze, and maintain financial records for organizations or individuals. They also offer advice to businesses on cost-cutting measures or other financial choices.
  • Business analyst. They use their business world knowledge to make suggestions for the companies they deal with by keeping an eye on market and industry trends.
  • Sales Representative. They are responsible for meeting new potential clients and describing how their goods or services can suit their requirements.
  • Projects Coordinators. They ensure all project deliverables are finished, turned in on schedule, and under budget.
  • Financial Analyst. They offer direction to organizations and people who are making financial decisions. In addition, they also provide market trend research, financial statement analysis, and management team report preparation.
  • Marketing Managers. They create advertising programs to promote a business, its goods, and its services. Additionally, they carry out market research and examine current and previous campaigns
Students who desire to work in a variety of sectors might consider getting a business degree.
Students with a business degree are good candidates for jobs in a variety of industries. Source: vulcanpost


Is a business major hard? For each of the courses, it depends on your choice and level of proficiency. Despite the hardship, if you are passionate about a particular study path, you will appreciate it more. You’ll put more time into it as a result, and you’ll succeed more.

Business majors are in high demand and can lead to many different job opportunities. Thanks to these benefits, obtaining a business degree is worth it. If you decide to major in this field, Jobandedu will reveal what you must do to get into a good business school.

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