Have you ever imagined what the weirdest ice cream flavor would taste? You may not know, nor do I, because there are so many odd ice cream flavors and funny ice cream names. Let’s find out the weirdest ones out there.

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List of Strangest Ice-cream Flavors

Chicken Wing Ice Cream

This dish originated from Nagoya, Japan, which is famous for its poultry farming. It has a vanilla flavor and actually tastes like, wait for it, a fried chicken wing, which is yummy if you are eating with ketchup, but not if you are sipping some ice cream.

Chicken Wing Ice Cream

 Not Fried Chicken, That is Ice Cream! – Source: www.allrecipes.com

Chicken Wing Ice Cream

Chicken Wing Ice Cream – Source: www.perrysicecream.com

Tilapia Ice Cream

When you are bored with the basic ice cream flavors from fruits like strawberry, mango, coconut or vanilla, matcha, chocolate, the weirdest ice cream flavor from tilapia might fresh things up.

At first, many people thought that this weirdest ice cream flavor must have a strong fishy smell and is difficult to eat. However, it has a very delicious taste. Also, this special ice cream even won the Gold Innovation Award at the Salon International de L’Agroalimentaire (SIAL) ASEAN taking place in Manila in August 2016.

Tilapia ice cream is a blend of tilapia fillet meat, fresh cream, condensed milk, fresh milk, some crushed walnuts, and cheese. 

Weirdest ice cream flavor

Tilapia Ice Cream -Source: www.yummy.ph

Tuna Avocado Ice Cream Cones

This is the famous appetizer at SoBou restaurant in New Orleans, Louisiana. Do not let its appearance fool you, as this is no ordinary ice cream. More specifically, under the cool basil buttercream base, there are delicious pieces of tuna mixed with pineapple.

Seemingly incompatible ingredients, but tuna avocado ice cream cones turn out to be a great combination. Many diners even joked that this was the weirdest ice cream flavor and should be on the main-course menu instead of just an appetizer.

Weirdest ice cream flavor

Tuna Avocado Ice Cream Cones – Source: Twitter

Octopus Ice Cream

To most people, octopus ice cream sounds like a bad joke, but it is incredibly popular in some East Asian countries like Japan and Korea. 

Indeed, Japan is never short of strange seafood-related dishes. The Japanese even bring octopus flavor to serve on ice cream. So would you like to enjoy the ice cream with the fishy taste of octopus?

Octopus Ice Cream

Octopus Ice Cream – Source: culinaryabortions.wordpress.com

Crab Ice Cream

Besides octopus ice cream, crab ice cream is another ice cream flavor of the sea. It seems like Japan loves to make seafood-flavored ice cream.

seafood-flavored ice cream

Crab Ice Cream – Source: www.elitetraveler.com

Garlic Ice Cream

Garlic ice cream’s primary ingredients are vanilla, honey, cream, and of course, garlic. Interestingly, many garlic festivals such as the Gilroy Garlic Festival in Gilroy, California have featured this flavor of ice cream.

Even the Stinking Rose restaurant in San Francisco serves garlic cream as a sauce to accompany steaks. Sometimes, they also serve it as a delicious dessert.

Garlic Ice Cream

Garlic Ice Cream – Source: www.flickr.com

Parmesan Ice Cream with Prosciutto

The ingredients of this ice cream are Parmesan cheese, egg yolk, heavy cream, skim milk, salt, gelatine, and Prosciutto. Specifically, Parmesan is a famous Italian hard granular cheese. Equally yummy, Prosciutto is an Italian dry-cured ham and is usually thinly sliced and served uncooked.

Parmesan ice cream with Prosciutto

Parmesan Ice Cream with Prosciutto – Source: www.crazymasalafood.com

Carrot Cardamom Ice Cream

Next, this unique carrot ice cream is a frozen take on the traditional Indian dessert – Gajar Ka Halwa.  Adding a sweet floral flavor to this light dessert is Cardamom, a warm spice made from the seed pods of the cardamom plant. 

Cardamom is native to southern India and Sri Lanka. It belongs to the ginger family and frequently appear in sweet and savory sauces.

Carrot Cardamom Ice Cream

Carrot Cardamom Ice Cream – Source: www.pinterest.at

Breast Milk Ice Cream

An ice cream shop called Icecreamists in the UK had caused controversy when it launched a flavored ice cream made from breast milk called Baby Gaga. This special dish is made from milk donated by mothers then blended with vanilla and lemon zest. 

The launch of breast milk ice cream in 2011 got support from Victoria Hiley, a breastfeeding mother. More specifically, she donated 850 ml (29 US fl oz) of breast milk which helped make the first 50 ice cream servings.

Breast Milk Ice Cream

Baby Gaga – The Breast Milk Ice Cream – Source: clopyandpaste.blogspot.com

Goat Cheese Cashew Caramel

Made with fresh goat’s milk cheese, salted cashews, and caramel, this special ice cream has a cheesecake-like taste. This unique ice-cream flavor is also a specialty of the Black Dog Gelato ice cream shop from Chicago, Illinois.

Black Dog Gelato

Goat Cheese Cashew Caramel – Source: blackdoggelato.com

Beer Ice Cream

For those who love both beer and ice cream, this is the perfect match! Many countries produce and sell beer ice cream, but the most famous manufacturer is the Cestr restaurant in Prague, Czech Republic.

In particular, this delicious dish is a mixture of granulated sugar, fresh cream, honey, powdered milk, yolk, and dark beer. Also, the dark beer used in the ice cream is from toasted barley, with a distinctive fruity aroma and bitter taste.

Beer Ice Cream

Beer Ice Cream – Source: www.latimes.com

Raw Horse Flesh Ice Cream

Indeed, the first thought of putting raw horseflesh into ice cream may be enough to make you cringe! However, many people commented that the taste of this ice cream was not bad. This unique ice cream is from vanilla mixed with fresh horse meat, very popular in Japan under the name Basashi Ice.

Raw Horse Flesh Ice Cream

Basashi Ice – The Raw Horse Flesh Ice Cream- Source: www.alux.com 

List of Strangest Ice-cream Names

Ben and Jerry’s ice cream company also has weird and funny ice cream names. Let’s see what these weirdest Ben and Jerry’s flavors under funny ice cream names are.

Half Baked

Chocoholics, unite! This ice cream flavor is the perfect concoction of Ben and Jerry’s other favored flavors: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Chocolate Fudge Brownie. More specifically, Half Baked is a delectable combination of vanilla ice cream and chocolate ice cream with chunks of cookie dough and fudge brownies.

Year after year and chunk after chunk, this great flavor is always at the top of Ben and Jerry’s ice creams voted by this brand.

Half Baked

Half Baked – Ben and Jerry’s most popular ice cream – Souce: icecreamsource.com

Tonight Dough

Next, this extra-chunky mixture includes chocolate and caramel ice creams with chocolate chip cookie dough, peanut butter cookie dough, and a crunchy chocolate cookie swirl.

Also, Tonight Dough is named after the television host Jimmy Fallon’s ice cream flavor. Fallon, known for his generosity, is giving all of the money from the sale of the Tonight Dough to the non-profit organization SeriousFun Children’s Network. So, enjoying The Tonight Dough means you contribute to the provision of life-changing experiences that develop confidence, independence, and resilience for children with severe illnesses and their families.

Ben and Jerry's popular ice cream flavor

Tonight Dough – Source: thebeet.com

Chunky Monkey

Of course, this line of ice cream is not made from monkey flesh (like the raw horse meat ice cream mentioned above). Actually, its main ingredient is monkey’s favorite food – bananas.

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream maker makes this classic ice cream from bananas combined with fudge chunks and walnuts. Besides, Chunky Monkey has entered the top 10 of this brand’s ice cream flavors in 2020.

Chunky Monkey

Chunky Monkey – Source: www.walgreens.com

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