Doc Marten Mary Janes: Topping The List Of 3 Best Mary Janes In 2023

Although Mary Janes are an everlasting staple, and many classic versions are still available, they have undergone a makeover in 2023. Many versions nowadays have eye-catching accents, chunkier bottoms, sky-high wedge heels, and a range of beautiful colors and patterns. 

Among the pool of thousands of options, there are 3 highly-rated choices by users: Doc Marten Mary Janes, J. Adams Minnie Mary Janes, and MOOMMO Women Kitten Heel Round Toe Pumps Mary Janes. To verify the hypes, our Jobandedu’s team has tested these shoes and developed unbiased reviews of these Mary Janes. Keep reading to know more! 

ProductsProsConsBest For
Doc Marten Mary Janes– Iconic company.
– Long-lasting.
– Air-cushioned sole.
– Resilient leather.
– Comfortable.
No ankle space for those with low ankles.Classic Lovers.
J. Adams Minnie Mary Janes– Adorable vintage design.
– Extra stability and comfort.
– A signature strap for extra safety.
– Various color options.
Smaller sizes compared to rivals. Budget.
MOOMMO Women Kitten Heel Round Toe Pumps Mary Janes
– Superb and timeless design.
– Various color and fabric options.
– Comfortable chunky mid-heels for extra comfort.
– Accurate sizes.
Not the most durable materials.Modern ladies.

What Are Mary Janes? 

Mary Jane shoes are one of girls’ and ladies’ most fashionable footwear designs. This shoe design features a lower heel, a covered rounded tip, and a buckled strap.

The nickname Mary Jane is named in honor of a figure introduced in the 1920s by Brown Shoe Factory to match its boys’ line, Buster Brown. Mary Jane was Buster Brown’s girlfriend, and the footwear she sported was named Mary Janes. 

Back in the 90s, Mary Janes were lovely, youthful footwear. They are an excellent option for every little girl. They worked well with both skirts and trousers, and parents loved their adaptability.

That’s the why, for years, they’ve been considered kids’ shoes; however, modern customers think differently.

Nowadays, Mary Janes are no longer reserved for small kids. Although the Brown Shoe Company promoted them for kids in the 1920s and 1930s, modern shoppers have seized them as their own. 

Indeed, the adaptability of Mary Janes makes them a fantastic asset to any adult’s footwear collection. They are excellent all-around footwear since you can pair them with many outfits in different styles.

Adult-specific Mary Janes frequently sport higher, bulkier heels. A few products measure up to 3″. That’s a far cry from the lower heels you recall from your teens’ days.

The 3 Best Mary Janes In 2023 

Doc Marten Mary Janes 

Doc Marten Mary Janes are among the finest and the cutest things on Amazon.

First and foremost, Dr. Martens Mary Janes have a unique stitching design that reminds me of a schoolgirl shoe. Meanwhile, their adjustable T-bar buckled closure looks not only beautiful but also provides exceptional ankle support.

The sleek PU-treated leather with a matte texture adds to the adaptability of this Dr. Martens footwear. It also provides versatility, ventilation, and a solid platform for resting your feet.

These Mary Janes include the trademark air-cushioned heel, providing additional support and allowing this footwear to be donned daily without feeling uncomfortable.

However, the material is hard at first and will require a couple of weeks and probably a few blisters before softening. But worry not; they will not affect your shoes at all.

As previously said, the air-cushioned sole provides excellent cushioning and contributes to the overall pleasure of this footwear. The structure is good and well ventilated, enabling circulation through the T-bar clasp while leaving your feet stable.


  • Iconic company.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Air-cushioned sole.
  • Resilient leather.
  • Comfortable.


  • Marmite design that might be loved or hated.

“I used to wear this style in the nineties and always loved the practicality and durability of them. I was happy to find another pair and ordered right away. I wore them today and got several compliments! 

The old ones had elastic on the buckles, so they were easier to put on and off, and I do miss that feature. The straps and buckles on this new pair are so stiff it’s a bit difficult for me to manage them, with arthritis in my hands now. 

But I’ll manage because I love them so much. I put these on first thing when I got them, and my feet immediately felt like they had just come home! Ahhhh…” – Laura Kirk.

J. Adams Minnie Mary Janes  

A fantastic twist on the traditional look comes from J. Adams. The brand created a product that is an aesthetic match made in paradise.

It combines the iconic strap we adore with a shorter wedge base in one lovely vintage design. These gorgeous shoes are handy for open-air events when you might want to sport a heel yet don’t want to stress the base digging into the lawn as you walk.

Those shoes are an excellent choice for anybody learning to wear high heels as they feature increased stability, making them simpler to control. Walk, play, and swing in grace and ease, knowing your feet are securely strapped in.

These shoes aren’t too high, at around 2½ inches, which will bring you closer to the floor and help you feel safer. The iconic buckle will also serve to secure your feet in its position, preventing dangerous accidents.

With its vintage-fused appearance, J. Adams’ design is stunning. They have a lovely Oxford touch in this 2-toned footwear, which features pink and white. Its rounded tip, plus the kitten wedge heel, offers a wonderful vintage vibe that will have you looking lovely.

If pink is not your thing, the pair also comes in various colors. You might opt for the classics (black/ white pairs), the unique (yellow ones), the neutral (brown set), or the powerful options (red mary jane shoes).


  • Adorable vintage design.
  • Extra stability and comfort.
  • A signature strap for extra safety.
  • Various color options.


  • Smaller sizes compared to rivals. 

“These are the cutest shoes!! They were comfortable and got lots of comments when my daughter wore them. They look great with all kinds of clothing styles. 

She has worn them several times with no flaking of the outer color and no rubbing or chafing. She doesn’t slip on the floor when she is wearing them. We got lots of comments about their cuteness! Overall a great shoe for a great price.

Addendum: After 2 years of use for dressy events-they have been passed to my next daughter. Still getting lots of compliments. They are in beautiful condition and still look brand-new.” – The Big R Family.

MOOMMO Women Kitten Heel Round Toe Pumps Mary Janes

Want something cute and eye-catching and still wish to maintain the old-school vibe? These lovely, chunky Mary Jane shoes are your go-to.

With an iconic style and innovative ankle buckle features, these shoes are inspired by long-established vintage Mary Jane shoes. These comfy wedges, with their unmistakable feminine flare, are a must-have for any trendy woman.

Those slip-on Mary Jane rounded shoes offer comfy hefty mid-heels, so you won’t get weary of walking while extending your ankles. In other words, you may sport these shoes the whole day and still feel comfortable.

The maker also offers 2 materials for this set of stylish and fantastic kitten-heel Mary Jane footwear: matte leather and suede material. You may select footwear with various materials based on your purchasing requirements.


  • Superb and timeless design.
  • Various color and fabric options.
  • Comfortable chunky mid-heels for extra comfort.
  • Accurate sizes.


  • Not the most durable materials.

“Exactly as pictured, fit is spot on, well-made shoe. The size is accurate, at least for my feet. Perfect for my skirts and summer dresses. Nice chunky heel for longer wear, so us ladies that haven’t built up our ankle strength don’t wobble and hobble by the end of the night. 

I wish there were more colors as these are Soooooo comfortable and beautiful I received many compliments on them at our ceremony. All-in-all, I recommend this shoe.” – Artemio Y.

Wrapping Up 

With the resurgence of ballerina shoes and loafers, Mary Janes are inevitably the following season’s “trend” footwear. This footwear has recently surfaced on fashion shows, the roads, and on the feet of celebs.

Thus, if you want to catch the next trend, don’t skip our 3 best Mary Janes above. Doc Marten Mary Janes is your go-to if you’re a fan of classics. However, if you’re more into modern designs, J. Adams Minnie Mary Janes and MOOMMO Women Kitten Heel Round Toe Pumps Mary Janes are your friends. 

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