Best Ghost Adventures Episodes For A Thrilling Halloween

Best Ghost adventures episodes for Halloween that you can not ignore, including the most classic episodes. You will enjoy watching them. There are many ways to make a horror movie scary. Nowadays, filmmakers usually make jump-scares scenes in the “Insidious” series or implant scary and haunting images like in “Annabella.” Still, not every scary film fan will come to the theater owing to those techniques. There are viewers who value in-depth content and plot in horror movies. If you are one of them, here’s our recommendation for  “Best Ghost adventures episodes for Halloween”. 

Best Ghost Adventures Episodes For Halloween

Best Ghost adventures episodes. Source: googleusercontent

The films duplicate the style of a traditional documentary film. It was a mixture of real stories and undecided secrets, which makes the whole movie more mysterious.

These intriguing elements make a movie worth seeing, especially for those who like a thrill from a combination of little fear and ghost cat images. When night falls, and the lights are gone, fear can surround you with the screams of grown men.

This Halloween, let’s all take a seat and enjoy the best Ghost adventures episodes. 

Best Ghost Adventures Episodes For Halloween 2020 

Trans – Allegheny Lunatic Asylum Episode, A Special One

Rating: 3/5

This series is the scariest episode of ghost adventures I have ever seen. The team came to visit West Virginia’s Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. These clinics for people with mental illness were said to be the lair of paranormal events. One of the spirits, believed to have haunted the abandoned hospital, is a little girl named Lily, a former patient who now wanders around the halls, looking for someone to pull in the dark and make her become her new buddy. 

Anyone who loves the Alice and Wonderland horror version will probably love this episode. The Asylum has a particularly frightening view, unexplainable voices or sounds, and other paranormal and strange phenomena reported in the past by guests, staff, SyFy’s Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters Academy, the Paranormal Challenge, etc…

Best Ghost Adventures Episodes For Halloween 2020

One Of Scary Scenes In Allegheny Lunatic Asylum Episode. Source: wikipedia

Just one step into the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, you will feel a chill down your spine. Rumors tell that many mentally ill souls were trapped in these walls days and nights, tortured by the bloodthirsty therapies. You can see how they treated their patients. Many came into this Asylum, but not many of them got out of there alive.

We may see the heinous tortures and experiments carried out on mentally ill patients, as well as the appalling condition of Asylum and the mystery meticulously captured on film.

Texas Horror Hotel, Season 9 Episode 13

Rating: 3/5

Texas Horror Hotel, Season 9 Episode 13

A haunted place in Texas. Source: gannett-cdn

All members of this adventure group have arrived in Texas to conduct investigations related to a ghost hotel. The raging spirit of a little girl made this hotel extremely overcast.

Most horror stories and severe murder cases happened in hotels as hotels seem to be the right location for the spooky tales.

That is also the case of the tragic story behind those walls in the Magnolia hotel. A serial killer William Faust once stayed at this Hotel. During his stay there, William tried to kill his wife. But what William did not know was his wife switched places with her friend’s daughter, Emma, on that fateful night. After he killed Emma, he hit his wife in her eyes with an ax. She didn’t die, but she was blind for the rest of her life.

Another tragic story is about a pregnant woman in her late teens who tried to perform an abortion without a doctor, but she ended up killing both the child and herself instead.

Are the spirits of William Faust, little Emma, and the pregnant woman still wandering around this haunted hotel? We didn’t know that for sure, but there was much evidence that presents bizarre events in this hotel.

The demon adventure team did an excellent job of going through the Magnolia hotel’s treasures that have fallen into the ocean and the strange, supernatural entities that wander around. 

Saint Ann’s Retreat, Season 12 Episode 9

Rating: 4/5

The adventure group investigated St Anne’s retreat 1997. This year, a group of teenagers went to this place for its supernatural legends about the mysterious property and rumors of hellhounds and dead nuns. They were held captive and threatened by three strange men, who were said to be St. Anne’s Retreat guardians.

Saint Ann’s Retreat, Season 12 Episode 9 - best ghost adventures episodes

Ghost Adventures: St. Anne’s Retreat. Source: i.pinimg

A spooky Halloween night filled with suspense as the explorers learn more about the dark land’s energies and evil powers there.

Oh, did I not mention what went on at St. Anne’s?

Murder was just the beginning.

It’s a bad place, where bad things happened.

Bad things are still happening there, some would say.

Ghosts love a good, bloody story, and so do we.

The trip is like a scary summer story. They didn’t know if they would survive or what would happen to them. It sounds terrifying, right?

Goatman’s Bridge, Season 12 Episode 7

Goatman’s Bridge, Season 12 Episode 7 - best ghost adventures episodes

How do you dare to arrive there at night? Source:texashillcountry

Rating: 4/5

The Ghost Adventures crew heads to Denton, Texas, to investigate Goatman’s bridge and the surrounding forest. They are constantly terrorized here by unseen entities: objects thrown at them, whispering noises, and even the sensation of being watched.

There are rumors of Satan’s religious worship at the bridge’s foot, and a dark power violently attacks four women. Forests have long been regarded as one of the terrifying locations on the planet. Nobody knows what the dark woods have in store for us.

The team goes into the forest during the show, and several strange things happen. The thing that scares you the most is a shadowy being mocking a female cameraman and winding up unhappy. She and her husband were forced to flee after that. This occurrence adds to the place’s enigmatic aura. It’s assumed that someone used the bridge for satanic rituals.

Island of the Dolls, Season 9 Episode 6

Island of the Dolls, Season 9 Episode 6 - best ghost adventures episodes

Oh I cannot see how dolls turn up like this! Source: i.pinimg

Rating: 5/5

If you are a fan of Annabella, you are going to love this episode. The island is filled with old dolls. Many of them look like relatives of Annabella and have just come out of a horror movie. What is the story behind those dolls? The film’s plot is about a middle-aged man who, for unknown reasons, leaves his family to die during the war years in the 20th century. He then confines himself on the island. 

However, after landing on this small island, he comes across something that changes his life and destiny: a girl’s corpse. After that, a doll floated onto the shores of his island. Alone on his island, Don decided to hang his doll on a tree to comfort the drowning girl’s soul. 

Since then, he has been continuously haunted by headless dolls everywhere he goes, from trash cans to streams and tree branches. No one knew if his story is real or not, but the man did take his own life and devoted it to the girl that made the story even creepier. And in the end, his fate is the same as the body he has seen earlier. He dies at the right place where he has seen the little girl down the canal.

Cerro Gordo Ghost Town, Season 16, Episode 13

Rating: 4/5 .

Cerro Gordo Ghost Town, Season 16, Episode 13 - best ghost adventures episodes

Cerro Gordo Ghost Town. Source: static01

If you are a fan of dark and mysterious abandoned towns, then this is the episode that you won’t want to miss. This episode first aired in November of 2019. The investigators’ team heads to the Inyo Mountains, near Lone Pine, California, and investigates an old mining abandoned town. They say that the lost souls of its former residents haunted this town.

Cerro Gordo’s town (also called “Fat Hill”) is haunted by the missing souls. It is a ghost town in California’s Inyo Mountains with brothels, bars, and gambling houses. These long-abandoned places have given rise to a slew of creepy stories.

Behind the cliffs, this town near Death Valley is secret. The horror is that many murders have occurred in this “Old West” town regularly. However, neither the church nor the sheriff was mentioned there.

Best Ghost Adventures Episodes For Halloween – In A Nutshell

Above are the top 6 Best Ghost adventures episodes for Halloween for those who love horror movies. You can enjoy them on Halloween together with family or friends. The experience will bring many exciting experiences for you. Are there any other episodes that you find more spine-chilling than our recommendations? Leave a comment below!

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