Modern Rules For How To Be More Humble

Humility might sound somewhat old-fashioned, yet it’s a trait that is wholly in need today, especially in the workplace.

In fact, one of the most potent and crucial characteristics of progress is humility. Being humble promotes interpersonal trust and learning, both of which are important parts of leadership and development. 

So, buckle up and find out how to work hard stay humble, shall we? Get inside one of the hot threads involving Career Advice section!

Why Should You Work Hard Stay Humble?

Living with modesty and humbleness can do wonders for your life as well as your career. Why? Here are some reasons why leading a humble lifestyle can be more than just beneficial.

When Others Are With You, They Feel At Ease And Appreciated

Humility is a highly appealing trait. Others feel respected and enjoy their time with you when you show you are a humble person. On the contrary, those around you will either feel inferior or find you bothersome if you only praise your ego.

You Can Recognize When You’re Making A Mistake And Correct It On Time

It might be tough to recognize and admit when you are wrong. However, we aren’t always right. It’s OK to have faith in your expertise and opinions, but not to the point of becoming blind to your flaws.

Once you approach life with humility, you become more aware of your mistakes and be more tolerant of them. Also, you get the strength to pick yourself up where you fall and go on.

Humility Motivates You To Learn

You might want to learn more if you have the humility to acknowledge how well you actually know. There’s a wealth of knowledge out there and countless skills to learn. You will have little drive to progress if you are too proud of what you already have. However, once you realize how far to go, you will gain a healthy drive to learn more.

Humility Motivates You To Learn
There’s a wealth of knowledge out there to learn – Source: Chris Benson

You Can Deal With Criticism More Effectively

Your ego is injured whenever you’re dealing with criticism. However, being humble helps you get through more comfortably.

“To err is human, to forgive divine” Alexander Pope. In other words, it is human nature to make mistakes oneself while finding it hard to forgive others.

When you work hard stay humble, you can accept that you will make mistakes and learn from them. Thus, it allows you to cope better with criticism, learn lessons from it, and gets rid of what can make you feel blue.

You Have The Power To Affect Others In A Positive Way

Influencing isn’t easy when you’re full of pride. You don’t help others learn when you act superior and elevate only your ideas, not others’. Thus, if you speak just to feed your ego, your words will have little impact.

You Have The Power To Affect Others In A Positive Way
Influencing isn’t easy when you act superior – Source: Mimi Thian

Being self-assured while remaining humble at the same time is essential to guide others. If you want to have a lasting, positive impact on others as a manager, teacher, leader, or even a friend, you must practice humility. If you speak with care and humility, your message will be memorable.

How To Spot A Humble Person 

Those who work hard and stay humble can be proud of their behaviors. They always know and understand when, where, and how to share their strength with the world.

Below are some examples of how one lives modestly and humbly.

  • Whether winning or losing, they say “nice match” or “good game” to their opponent.
  • They are coachable and accept criticism as a source of growth rather than bitterness.
  • After making a mistake, they apologize sincerely.
  • They wish the best for others rather than focusing solely on their own sake.
  • Rather than looking down on those who are less well-trained, they assist others in improving.
  • They consider their superiors a source of inspiration, not jealousy.
  • They aim to be a better version of themselves, not to be better than others.
How To Spot A Humble Person
Humble people make nice colleagues – Source: Leon

How To Spot Arrogance Around You

Arrogant ones can do all it takes for their well-being and move forward by stepping on others. It would be best not to trust leaders who put their own success above all. Here’s how to spot arrogance around you:

  1. Arrogant colleagues tend to tell others how hard they are working compared to their colleagues. 
  2. Arrogant people emphasize your responsibility to them without helping or making you feel good about yourself.
  3. Arrogant ones don’t spare time for others or value people.
  4. Arrogant ones are more concerned with taking than giving. They expect other people to serve them.
  5. Arrogant people show off all the time and are all about themselves.
  6. Arrogant individuals tend to blame and only take responsibility to make them look good.

Humble workers contribute to the success of an organization, while arrogant people only try to take advantage of it. What are your tips for recognizing arrogance and humility?

How To Be More Humble 

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy your time in the limelight at work. Just make sure you’re not having too much fun with it and negatively influence others. Here are some tips on how to be more humble and not to become arrogant. Let Jobandedu pill the tea!

work hard stay humble - How To Be More Humble
How to be more humble then? – Source: Heather Morse

More Listening, Less Talking 

It would be beneficial to become an active listener who doesn’t talk too much during conversations. After all, humble people are loved as they listen and value others’ ideas.

Showing More Appreciation

Saying thanks to others is also a sign of humility. Plus, it makes others feel needed, which is good.

Accept That You Will Not Always Be On Top

Another employee will get in the spotlight at some time. Since their success is the team’s also, and you are NOT competing with them, express your congratulations and gratitude to that person.

Own Up To Your Mistakes

Everyone is not perfect. Thus, it is sensible not to make up excuses or blame others for your mistakes. It is more agreeable to apologize and focus on tackling the issue.

Don’t Try Teaching Others How To Do Their Job

“Helping” others without being asked suggests that you think you are better than them. Thus, it would be better to trust others with their tasks and support them when they ask for your help.

Expect Criticism

Getting constructive feedback or criticism is an essential component of being modest at work. You can learn from being criticized, hone your skills and get better.


The meaning of a humble person is defined as having a modest view of their importance. But it’s way more than that. An individual can improve themselves and make their team move forward, only when they possess humility.

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