Willie Garson’s Net Worth: The Sex And The City Star Passes Away In The Film Making

The Sex and The City actor passed away unexpectedly when he was only 57 years old, leaving fans and fellow actors shocked and heartbroken. Today’s article is for you if you want to know more about Williem Garson’s net worth, life, and death. Let’s all have a look back at this talented actor’s life.

Who Is Willie Garson?

Before getting into details, let’s take a look at Willie Garson’s basic information.

Willie Garson’s Basic Information

Family NameWilliam Garson Paszamant
Date of Birth February 20, 1964
Birth PlaceHighland Park, New Jersey, US
Nationality American
Height6 ft 1 in

Willie Garson is a famous actor who is most recognized for his excellent portrayal of Stanford Blatch in the series “Sex and the City.” In this HBO exclusive, he appeared in 27 episodes and 2 movie sequels, Sex and The Cty 2 and And Just Like That.

The star worked relentlessly in his 35-year career path, appearing on both small and big screens. Besides his signature performance in Sex and the City series and sequels, Willie Garson’s X Files, White Collar, My Two Dads, Boy Meets World, Star Trek: Voyager are exemplary.

Willie’s portrayal in Sex And The City is exceptional. - TVLine
Willie’s portrayal in Sex And The City is exceptional. – TVLine

As for his big-screen portrayal, from 1986 till 2021, the star has participated in approximately 70 movies. Some of his most outstanding works include: 

  • Fever Pitch
  • There’s Something About Mary
  • Being John Malkovich
  • Kingpin
  • Freaky Friday
  • Jackass Number Two 
  • Groundhog Day
  • Out Cold

Willie Garson’s Net Worth: How Much Does He Make?

As of his death, Willie Garson’s total wealth is about $10 million. This massive figure is mostly from Willie’s 35-year hard work as he participated in over 300 episodes of TV shows and 70 big-screen projects. 

Thanks to his hard work, the star amassed $10 million. - Radio Times
Thanks to his hard work, the star amassed $10 million. – Radio Times

His career stretched nearly 40 years, with his most recent works being appearances on “Big Mouth” and “Supergirl” in 2020, “Before I go,” “And Just Like That,” and “Duke of the Valley” in 2021. 

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Willie Garson Passes Away While Filming “And Just Like That”

Willie played Stanford on Sex and the City for entire 6 seasons and in 2 film sequels. Stanford began a relationship with Anthony Marantino, an event organizer and the closest buddy of Charlotte, who was his adversary in Sex and the City.

Later on, Stanford and Mario married in Sex and the City 2 at a ceremony presided by Liza Minelli. HBO revealed in Jan 2021 that a Sex and the City sequel, called And Just Like That, was on its way to HBO Max.

All the core characters returned in the new series, excluding Cattrall, who has parted from the character of Samantha. And that included Willie Garson, who had already completed 3 episodes in And Just Like That before passing away.

How did Willie Garson die?

William Garson (57) passed away on Sept 21, 2021, at his house in LA, due to severe problems associated with pancreatic cancer. Nathen Garson, Garson’s child, informed his dad’s passing to the public.

According to the obituary, the NY Times article defined Williem as a hardworking man who lived a lasting and successful life but never earned the fame he deserved.

“A professional person has been described as an artist who, despite never gaining the recognition he deserves, has a strong and fruitful profession life, makes a better-than-decent income, and is admired by his colleagues,” the article state.

Willie Garson passed away due to severe illness. - Fox News - willie garson net worth
Willie Garson passed away due to severe illness. – Fox News

According to the eulogy, “Hardly anything better describes Garson. He has featured in approximately 300 tv series and 70 movies in roughly the previous 40 years.”

Does Stanford Character Pass Away In And Just Like That?

After Willie Garson passed away, viewers have wondered how his role, Stanford Blatch, will be taken out of And Just Like That since he has already starred in 3 episodes of the Sex and the City revival.

In Dec 2021, Michael Patrick King, the chief director of And Just Like That, revealed to The NY Times that Stanford wouldn’t die in the Sex and the City revival.

“No one is gone. “No one,” replied King. He added that the authors decided against killing Stanford since it would have appeared incredibly fake to the audience. “Since it wasn’t endearing,” he explained. “And I believed the viewers would figure it out immediately.”

And Just Like That won’t kill the Standford character. - Survived the Shows - willie garson net worth
And Just Like That won’t kill the Standford character. – Survived the Shows

In a question and answer session with The Hollywood Reporter, King disclosed that he had designed an “entire path” for Stanford and had to redo everything after Willie’s passing.

“We planned an entire path that we couldn’t follow, but what Willie had done is incredible,” he remarked. 

“There were fantastic, innovative, analytical, and heartfelt chats with Sarah Jessica since we initiated this together, and afterward with Cynthia, Kristin, Chris, Evan, David, Willie, and Julie Halston. So I discussed this with everybody that was in this. And there are also the newcomers.”

Cantone, who stars Standford’Standfords husband, also confirmed that Willie will still be in 3 episodes of And Just Like That, depicting Anthony and Stanford’s volatile but clinging, passionate, bickering relationship.

Indeed, Stanford’s death never happened in HBO Max’s Sex and the City sequel, And Just Like That. In the episodes that the star has already filmed, his part remains uncut.

The team has another plan for Willie’s character. - Paris Beacon News - willie garson net worth
The team has another plan for Willie’s character. – Paris Beacon News

However, the director wrote the Standford character out from the 4th episode of And Just Like That, but not by killing him. In the movie, Stanford decides to move to Tokyo to promote Ashley, a young TikTok sensation who is “famous in Asia” and has invited Stanford to follow her on tours. 

Carrie finds out only after she receives the message from Stanford that says, “By the moment you receive this, I’ve already left for Tokyo. I couldn’t say this without breaking down in tears. And you’ve got your fill of weeping.”

Carrie soon hears Anthony Marantino, Stanford’s spouse, knocking on her door and subsequently informs Carrie that Stanford has also left him a note requesting a split. “I can’t understand. We were incredibly happy,” he adds.

Sex And The City Castmates Shared Their Condolence Towards Willies’ Death

After Garson’s passing, Mario Cantone, who portrays Stanford’s hubby, Anthony Marantino, revealed to Entertainment Tonight that he was highly emotional when he received the news.

“I’m terribly upset because we lost Willie. I’m extremely heartbroken about this, and it’s a bit strange to go and carry on our work. But everything is for Willie. It’s all for him, and I’m absolutely glad that we did it. We all gathered together and hung onto one another, and we got it done.” the actor said.

“You would have never realized that he was suffering,” Cantone added. “He seemed to be in fantastic moods, funny, and insightful. On the first 3 episodes, he is so full of energy.”

According to King, “Nobody could become the second Stanford,” hence the program will not recast the role with another actor. “What’s remarkable about Willie is that he’s in 3 episodes, and whenever you watch him, he’s so full of character,” King remarked.

“It was a massive hardship, but it’s comforting that Willie’s still there in the [series]. We needed as much Willie Garson as we could have. We must change Stanford’s plot since now Willie has gone, but it was still about Willie, all the time,” the director emphasized.

Sarah Jessica Parker, who portrays Carrie Bradshaw, also informed Entertainment Tonight that Stanford, similar to Samantha, will all be remembered in And Just Like That. “Everybody’s insisting that Samantha isn’t in the show, yet what’s truly lost is Willie Garson. That’s the guy who’s been gone,” she explained.

“I believe we should concentrate on the one whose gone is irreparably instead of an artistic choice that was reasonable and careful. This was a guy who passed way too early, who was going to make a significant difference, and that’s the type of void you couldn’t replace,” Sarah stated.

Cynthia Nixon, who stars Miranda Hobbes, has also shared her feelings concerning her castmates’ death. “Now, as Willie Garson passes away, we will never attempt to substitute Stanford,” she remarked.

“It was unexpected and extremely heartbreaking, and just so abrupt, dreadful, and unforeseen. I’m happy Willie was able to be a part of it. We treasured the fact that we were able to have quality moments with him,” the actress ended.

Besides Willie’s castmates on Sex and The City, many of his co-workers also expressed their condolence on their social media.

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Wrapping Up

Williem Garson has lived an extraordinary life, leaving behind outstanding blockbusters and TV series performances. He is a beloved husband, great father, and a true friend who has dedicated almost 4 decades to arts. 

According to the family, a part of Williem Garson’s net worth and all donations will be given to the Alliance for Children’s Rights. So, let’s all hope for our talented star to rest in peace.

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