Top 50 Fun Things To Do When You Are Bored

Shockingly, about 30 to 90 percent of American adults feel bored at some point in a typical day, as do 91 to 98 percent of youth. Serious as it may seem, dealing with boredom is not a hard nut to crack if you can think of something to entertain yourself. But if you have not come up with some interesting “indoor things to do near me or what to do with friends when you are bored, let’s check out this article of Jobandedu!

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What Are Indoor Things To Do Near Me?

Take Out Your Coloring Book

Coloring can be among the most relaxing ways to spend your free time all by yourself. Of course, you can enjoy having fun with your coloring books. The lively colors can boost your mood as well.

Create A Scrapbook With Your Family Photos

Getting crafty is fun when you make familiar things look lovely in a whole new way. You can look through some tutorials on Youtube to collect ideas on making a great photo scrapbook. The faces of your loved ones will brighten with some smiles when they see old pictures decorated wholeheartedly.

Try Making Your Movie

You need nothing more than a mobile application to start making your movie from the video clips available in your phone. You can get started by deciding the movie theme or the main character and choosing your clips accordingly. It is an eye-opening experience, especially when you find yourself unexpectedly interested in making movies!

Dust-Off A Book On Your Shelf And Read It 

You have purchased many books so long ago but never really had a chance to read them. Now it can be the right time to dive into one of those books and learn new things. And the good thing is that you don’t have to stop after reading one book because reading is a great hobby to keep.

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Enjoy A Quick Yoga Session

Yoga is trendy as it is customizable for everyone. This light exercise does not require more than space and a mat. Yoga gives your body a boost through some simple stretching exercises and boosts your flexibility. Remember to choose a suitable level of practice once you take on yoga to prevent possible injuries.

Bake Something Delicious 

You do not have to be a professional baker to start baking. There are millions of recipes available on the internet for you to pick. Maybe you would choose an easy recipe or something you have always loved. Baking is sweet because you can do it by yourself and anticipate how your product comes out.

Challenge Yourself With A Puzzle

Whether solving a puzzle was your childhood hobby or you have never tried it before, it is fun to complete a puzzle. You can give it a whirl on your own or ask for help from your friends or family members. Then, you can enjoy their company and the small talks while completing the puzzle.

Learn To Play An Instrument

Learning to play an instrument fluently takes time, but everything starts with the first step. So whenever you are in a low mood or have a couple of hours to spare, learning to play the guitar or ukulele is not bad at all. Learning to play an instrument would benefit your brains in multiple ways.

Learn To Play An Instrument - What To Do When You Are Boring
Ukulele is easy to learn and fun to play. Photo: ssreg

Teach Yourself A New Language

You can choose to learn a new language or revise a language you used to know. There are different mobile applications, for example, Duolingo, that teach you a new language from the basics. Indeed, you do not need to start with a huge learning plan to become an expert in the language. Instead, you can take baby steps to learn the basics to converse naturally with native speakers or enjoy your favorite TV program in that language.

Pick Up Knitting Or Embroidery

Knitting and embroidery are both relaxing ways to spend your idle time. Some people tend to spend time knitting while thinking about their lives; meanwhile, others just knit and set their minds free from thoughts.

Re-organize Your House

If you are interested in interior design or a particular arrangement style, this is time for you to try it out in your home. You only need to pick one corner at a time and decide what style you are re-organizing. Maybe this includes some organizing of stuff, and you may come across some old items. This activity also helps you feel good in the coming days because part of your home is renovated by yourself.

Mix Up Your Playlists 

Mixing up new playlists can be a lot of fun when you think about matching songs together to a theme. This could be a chance for you to explore new artists and great songs that suit your taste perfectly.

Bring That Family Recipe To Perfection

You know of the recipe passed down from generation to generation in your family, and you want to see how you can improve it. You can start by reviewing how the recipe is prepared initially and think of ways to do it differently. It will be fun if you invite your mom or auntie, who knows the recipe by heart, to join you in perfecting it.

Create Your Signature Cocktail

If you love cocktails and have good knowledge of essential ingredients to make cool mixed drinks, this is a fantastic experience! You can reinvent a drink for different people or create a drink to be served differently during the day. After several trials, you will control the ingredients better and may come up with something extraordinary. So get creative and dare to experience your ideas into a signature cocktail!

Create Your Signature Cocktail - What To Do When You Are Boring
What to do when you are boring: Become your own barista with your signature cocktail. Photo: aubaine

Have An Indoor Picnic

As kids, we used to build fortresses with pillows and blankets and had great fun. Now that you are an adult, it can be fun to have an indoor picnic with a fabric tent and some cool twinkle lights. It is also great to invite your best friend to enjoy the breeze and talk about the good old days.

Make Some Pickles 

Pickling veggies is not very hard and gives you great side dishes. In addition, pickles offer antioxidants and nutrients while serving as probiotics, thanks to their helpful bacteria. Therefore, you can make pickles like cucumbers or gherkins or your favorite kind of veggie that lift you out of sheer boredom and do wonders for your health. 

Write A Gratitude List

If you are usually feeling bored, writing a gratitude journal helps immensely change your attitude towards life. At the start, it could feel a bit forced to write down what you are grateful about. But, you will soon get used to it and will notice the beautiful small things in life.

Enjoy A Bubble Bath 

If you have an hour to spare and feel too dull to do anything, just relax in a bubble bath. It is not time-consuming to prepare, but you can benefit from the soothing power of a bubble bath. You would feel like a new person after the bath and be ready to take on anything.

Enjoy A Bubble Bath - What To Do When You Are Boring
What to do when you are boring: Bubble baths work all the time. Photo: more

Make A Yummy Smoothie 

You can look on the internet for suggestions on making a great smoothie or simply look through your fridge to see what is available. A sweet, refreshing smoothie helps boost both your immune system and your mind. Thus, why not make your yummy smoothie?

Watch An Oscar-winning Movie

There are “Best Picture” Oscar-winning films to lift your mood. Though Oscar-winning movies are not always as exciting as blockbusters, they may give a new outlook on life or tell an exceptionally relatable story. Some famous movies in 2021 that you can indulge in are “Nomads Land”, “The Father”, “Judas and the Black Messiah”, “The Hurt Locker”, etc. 

Try Your Hands At Some Pinterest Hacks 

If you tend to browse around randomly on Pinterest, chances are you may have saved dozens of cool DIY hacks for later, and that later never comes (or is this just me). If you are just bored and need some extra fun, these old Pinterest hacks could be good challenges.

Work On Your Financial Planning

Many of us have postponed this for too long even though we know how important it is. If you are waiting for a sign to work on your financial planning, consider this a sign. Get yourself a notebook, a pencil, a calculator and start planning!

Visit The World With Google Earth 

The pandemic might prevent us from traveling the world, but Google Earth helps us travel virtually. You can start with the countries you are interested in or just let Google Earth be your tour guide across the continents.

How About A Manicure?

Why do you need to visit the spa when you can give yourself a manicure at home? With basic nail care equipment like a nail cutter, a cuticle pusher, a cuticle nipper, and a nail file, you certainly can get a good manicure for free.

How About A Manicure? - What To Do When You Are Boring
What to do when you are boring: Nail care is a part of self-care. Photo: t2.uc.ltmcdn

Give Yourself A Makeover

Is there a hair color you want to try on? Or have you been procrastinating on trying out a new makeup routine? So the next time you feel bored, give yourself a makeover and see how it turns out!

Write A Letter

When was the last time you wrote a letter and sent it to someone? Letters have a magical way to create a close bond between the writer and the receiver. Thus, if you miss an old friend or a relative, drop them a line and enjoy the excitement when they write back.

Create A Green Corner For Your Home 

People usually enjoy having a small garden and spending time caring for it. However, you can start your green corner indoors by planting the types of plants you cherish and put your effort into growing them. Some great indoor plants are snake plants, a fiddle leaf fig column, spider aloe, or peace lilies.

Sort Out Your Clothes To Donate Later

Most of us have more clothes than we need, and we just keep them forever in our wardrobes. If you are bored and prefer light physical activity, organize your wardrobes and sort out clothes that you don’t need anymore. You can let these clothes have a new life by donating them to your local American Red Cross or Goodwill in the future.

Sort Out Your Clothes To Donate Later - What To Do When You Are Boring
What to do when you are boring: Your old clothes will help many people. Photo: New Hampshire Public Radio

Update Your Resume

Now, this is a very beneficial thing to do for your career. You can try updating your experience or education background or have your resume in a new design. While you are at it, it is good to see how businesses of your interest are recruiting and looking for candidates. Try to use their keywords in your resume to make it relevant and marketable.

Learn A TikTok Dance 

TikTok started only in 2016 but has gained over 1.29 billion monthly active users in 141 countries. Its unique attraction is the dances and very catchy tunes that people worldwide can learn and dance to. So why don’t you spend some time on TikTok to figure out your favorite dance and learn it? You might become a TikTok star if your dancing stands out!

Interview Your Grandparents 

If you like to spend your free time with your grandparents, filming them is an excellent way to make memories. You can watch a couple of YouTube tutorials on setting the camera to record the interviews with your grandparents. You can ask them about their memories, the special milestones of their lives, or maybe how life was when they were your age.

Host A Virtual Meet-up 

Maybe you have some spare time, but traveling to meet friends or family members could be a hassle. A virtual meet-up allows you to see your loved ones right in your home while chilling on your couch. Google Meet, Zoom, or Skype are popular platforms and offer you a free version to use.

Reorganize Your Bookshelf

You could rearrange the books by colors of the covers or by genres. While reorganizing the bookshelf, you may come across books that you enjoyed in the past and reread them.

Set Up An Instagram For Your Pet 

If you are a passionate pet-lover, our pet can be  Instagram-worthy for you to create an exclusive account for it. You can post the daily snaps you have taken of your pet or even try out new poses for them. Your pet can be the star of your heart and others’ too.

Set Up An Instagram For Your Pet
What to do when you are boring: Your puppy can become the star of the internet. Photo: Depositphotos

Listen To A Podcast 

Try searching for a popular podcast on a particular topic of your interest. Then, you can learn new ideas or information by listening to the podcast where you enjoy being told news and stories.

What To Do When Bored With Friends?

What To Do When You Are Boring: Play Truth Or Dare 

This game does not have to end with your college life. Truth or Dare is always an intriguing game that can make you laugh. Especially if you have been apart from your friends for some time, this game will extract some juicy secrets and bond everyone much closer together.

What To Do When You Are Boring: Watch Monster Movies 

Watching monster movies with friends when bored can be a thrilling and unforgettable experience. There’s nothing comparable to the thrills you have during a monster movie. Each minute in a monster movie can be intriguing and frightening at the same time. You hold your breath with the climaxes, and a scary monster’s appearance makes you yelp aloud.

What To Do When You Are Boring: Movie Marathon

If your friends can stay the weekend, a movie marathon would be fantastic. You can choose to watch your old favorite movies or anything you have never seen. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the movies worth watching in 2021 include 76 days, Identifying Features, MLK FBI, or Mayor, etc. 

What To Do When You Are Boring: Karaoke 

What can be better than having your friends over and starting a karaoke session over some cocktails? You can take turns to sing your heart out while enjoying the conversations with your best friends and learn what they are up to.

What to do when you are boring: Karaoke is a must when friends are together. Photo: merriam music

What To Do When You Are Boring: Cook Together

Cooking with friends seems to be a bit more chaotic than cooking by yourself, but it is way more exciting. Your friends have their signature dishes, and it is an excellent chance for you to learn how they cook these dishes. Then, after all the hard work, everyone can sit down and enjoy the meal they have made together.

What To Do When You Are Boring: Try Some Make-up And Hairstyling

Having a group of friends over and trying to do make-up for one another is the best kind of fun. Of course, you could level it up by choosing a particular theme for make-up and hairstyling to create a real challenge. Don’t forget to take photos afterward, and add these photos to the group’s photo album for good memories.

What To Do When You Are Boring: Create A Bucket List 

Close friends usually do things together, and such moments become the beautiful memoirs of our lives. So why don’t you create a bucket list with your friends and have everyone committed to making it happen?

What To Do When You Are Boring: Hiking Or Camping 

Hiking and camping are both perfect outdoor activities for groups of friends or family members. With a good plan, two days of hiking or camping can be a great getaway with friends. While enjoying nature, you also keep up with one another about what is going on in their lives.

What To Do When You Are Boring: Go On A Group Date 

When was the last time your group of friends had a date? Occasionally you could think about the good old days when they hang out anytime they want without other commitments or responsibilities. So why don’t you plan a group date and get everyone to join?

Go On A Group Date
What to do when you are boring: It may be a good idea to try a group date . Photo: Getty / Kosamtu

What To Do When You Are Boring: Volunteer 

Together you can discover the volunteer opportunities in the city and choose one that best suits your group. It is always heart-warming to work together for a good cause. In addition, when doing volunteer work, you can meet new people and maybe, you will have more friends.

What To Do When You Are Boring: Check Out A New Coffee Place Or Diner 

There is a new coffee place in town you all have heard so much about but have not tried. Or you have passed by that diner every day after work and want to try its food. Therefore, when you think about what to do when you are bored with friends, take them to try the new coffee or that diner.

What To Do When You Are Boring: Shop With Your Close Friend 

You have a close friend who stands by you through thick and thin. He or she may have quite a good understanding of your taste and what might suit you. Therefore, shopping with your best mate can be an exciting experience that lifts you out of boredom. When shopping together, you can ask for his/her advice on a new style, or just enjoy putting on a piece of clothing you have never tried before.

What To Do When You Are Boring: Play Video Games 

Many male friends think of this option as the first choice, and there are reasons why they enjoy it so much. Playing video games with friends can help you learn new things about your friends, such as their sharp sense of reaction or intelligent ways to deal with obstacles. Especially if you are playing tactics games, the whole group of friends can feel a strong bond as an alliance afterward, and that’s just cool.

What To Do When You Are Boring: Get Creative And Crafty 

Some of us are better at crafts, while others just have little time to practice enough. Hence, when you and your friends have some hours to spare, choose a craft challenge and see how the outcomes turn out. Maybe if you have started working on your garden, you can ask your friends to make decorative items to use around the house.

What To Do When You Are Boring: Create A Time Capsule 

Ask each of your friends to bring something they treasure over to your home. Find a box large enough to put things they bring over, and also some letters. People usually pick a particular year in the future and start writing letters to their future self. Remember to remind everyone to gather again in that year to recover the time capsule and relive the memories.

The Final Thought For ”What To Do When You Are Boring

Émile Zola, a French novelist, and playwright in the 1900s, once said: “I would rather die of passion than of boredom.” Being bored is a waste of our time, especially when our time is limited. Hence, every time you feel like you get overshadowed by sheer boredom, think creatively about indoor things to do yourself or with your friends. You might come up with even better ideas than the ones in this post. 

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