What Does TTM Mean In Text? Don’t Miss Out On These TTM Meanings

Texting abbreviations like ‘TTM’ are no longer a rarity nowadays. We use these acronyms to convey our thoughts, impressions, opinions, or information in a way that minimizes the number of characters, space, and time. At the same time, they work their magic when conveying the entire meaning of the statement. ‘TTM’ may be a universal and well-known acronym, but its meanings may vary based on different contexts. Read on Jobandedu‘s writing to find out what does TTM mean in text, its usage, some examples, and more.

What Does TTM Mean In Text?

In a nutshell, TTM in text means ‘Talk to me’. 

‘Talk to me’ is the most common definition for ‘TTM’ on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tiktok. Besides this TTM definition, people can also use the abbreviation TTM via social media and text messages to say ‘call me’ or ‘hit me up’. 

That said, if someone texts ‘TTM’ to you via Snapchat or such, now you are sure to get what they mean. They just want you to call them, text them, or simply talk to them. ‘TTM’ is commonly used as a nice way to gain information from others, to make plans, or just to start a casual chat. 

A glimpse at the following example of ‘what does TTM mean in text’ may clarify things.

Example: “Hey, TTM. Let’s figure out the plan for the weekend!”

In this example, TTM just means ‘talk to me’ or ‘text to me’, and that’s all.

What does TTM mean on Snapchat
What does TTM mean in text – Source: Similarweb

So now you have got the meaning of the ‘TTM’ acronym. I believe that the itching question ‘what does TTM mean on Snapchat’ will no longer be a puzzle for you. 

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What Does ‘TTM’ Also Stand For?

Coming this far, you are sure to get the answer to ‘what does TTM mean texting’. But do you know that the acronym ‘TTM’ also stands for various terms, including a financial one? If you are not sure what I mean by that, a quick look at the following part will let things under the sun.

What Does TTM Mean In Terms Of Finance?

In the financial world, TTM stands for ‘trailing twelve months’. 

What does TTM mean on Snapchat
What does TTM mean in text – Source: Researchgate

‘Trailing twelve months’ refers to the past twelve months or a year of performance of a company. Of note, this 12-month performance does not necessarily have to match with a calendar year or a fiscal year ending period. That TTM abbreviation, thus, refers to figures that companies usually use to look back on their financial performance, like net income and earnings over the last twelve months. It is exciting to see how a company’s performance may change in a year. 

See what does TTM mean in business settings via this example.

Example: “Peter, could you send me our recent balance sheet so I can take a look at our TTM numbers?”

Other Meanings Of TTM

As mentioned earlier, the abbreviation TTM can have many definitions. It can stand for more than ‘talk to me’ in texting and on social media or ‘trailing twelve months’ in financial terms. 

The following TTM meanings are accepted, but they may be lesser-known than the two above TTM definitions. You can use either of them, which is for sure. However, using one of these alternative meanings in a provided context is important. Otherwise, your reader may get lost. 

What does TTM mean on Snapchat
What does TTM mean in text – Source: Researchgate

After scouring the Internet, here are 12 other meanings of TTM.

  • To The Moon
  • Time To Myself
  • To The Max
  • Till This Moment
  • Tiny Tin Men (a blog)
  • Teman Tapi Mesra (an Indonesian song)
  • The Time Machine
  • Travel and Tourism Management
  • The True Maker
  • Time To Market
  • Through The Mail (autographs)
  • To The Moderator

What Are Synonyms For The Abbreviation TTM?

Using the acronym TTM in chat texting and subculture is cool, right? However, as you know, many circumstances are inappropriate to use that informal abbreviation. Imagine writing a formal letter or a business email; which word do you consider using instead of ‘TTM’? It’s like choosing between “It has been a pleasure working with you” and “Thank you for putting up with me“. That said, it is useful to know different synonyms for ‘TTM’. 

What does TTM mean on Snapchat
What does TTM mean in text – Source: Researchgate

While it is hard to find many terms that refer to the same thing as ‘trailing twelve months’, you have many ways to mean ‘talk to me’. The following list is inspired by Thesaurus. 

15 synonyms for TTM are:

  • say
  • reveal
  • tell all
  • express
  • confess
  • notify
  • communicate
  • gossip
  • verbalize
  • parley
  • squeak
  • utter
  • express
  • give voice to
  • spill the beans

The Last Thought

We really hope that you have found out what does TTM mean in text by reaching this far. In a word, there are two popular definitions for this term. The abbreviation TTM can refer to either ‘talk to me’ on social media or ‘trailing twelve months’ in business settings. If you know another TTM definition, leave a comment below. Have fun learning with our College Life and enjoy more interesting articles like how to pronounce givenchy, and what y/n means

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