What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Cute? We Won’t Sugarcoat The Answer!

What does it mean when a guy calls you cute? When a guy just called you ”cute” and you have spent an hour trying to decode his intention? 

Are you feeling happy, confused, angry, demeaned by that C-word? 

Don’t lose so much time tossing and turning about it. Let Jobandedu give you possible scenarios of what is in his mind when he calls you cute and some recommendations on how you can react to it. 

Disclaimer: Human emotions are complex, we don’t mean to generate the answer for all the cases. Our information below is just for reference. You should have your own judgment based on your intuition and your knowledge about that specific guy. 

What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Cute? 

So, first of all, let’s predict the optimistic scenarios. 

Not all the guys tell the girls they are cute as to them, this C-word can have a special meaning as he not only compliment the look but the personality of the person who receives the compliment. It might be the subtle signs that he either has romantic or friend attraction to you. 

Together with the question ”What does it mean when a guy calls you cute?’‘, the guy that you have had your eyes on always keep you ponder ”what does it mean when a guy smiles at you when he sees you?” or ”what does it mean when a guy says he thinks about you?”

In this case, we recommend you pay attention to his body language. Now here are some possible thoughts he might have when he calls you cute: 

What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Cute? We Won't Sugarcoat The Answer!
What does it mean when a guy calls you cute?. Source: Pexel

You Are A Fun Person To Be Around 

There’s nothing like a good company of either gender.

If he calls you cute, the chance is he enjoys your company no matter your gender. 

He might find joy or surprise when talking to you, hanging out with you, or listening to your silly jokes. 

Maybe he admires how amazing you are as a friend and cannot help but tell you how cute you are! 

He Thinks You Physically Look Cute 

If he thinks you are cute, he might think you look good both with and without makeup. He likes your natural features, skin tone, and style.

Besides, from a physical view, “cute” generally refers to more childish features (round-face, bigger eyes, small button-nose, etc.)  Maybe you carry this kind of feature, and he finds it adorable. 

By complimenting you cute, he might genuinely want to tell you that you look good and hopefully boost your confidence. 

He Has A Crush On You

In many cases, “cute” can refer to something deeper than just your looks; it goes beyond appearance though. 

Being cute is not just about looks but also about being down-to-earth, more friendly, and approachable.

He might adore your sweet personality and think that you are the type of person he wants to date. 

However, he can be too shy or doesn’t want to come on too strong, so he just bursts out the word Cute! Hopefully, the compliment will gradually break the friend zone or secretly inform you that he is smitten with you. 

He Has A Crush On You
He is having a crush on you. Source: Unsplash 

Your Imperfections Make You Perfect

Every one of us has some kind of flaw that sometimes we are ashamed of it. However, to err is human. You might be a bit clumsy in doing something, but that mistake is not serious or even a bit silly that he bursts out smiling. 

For example, you try hard to cook a new dish, but you burn it by accident; or you try to draw a puppy, and it turns out to look like a bear. 

It is pretty ok and in fact, your mistake while trying something new is quite cute! 

Or you know that you are imperfect, and you are not afraid of showing it and just comfortable being yourself.  Honestly, who won’t think it is so adorable, especially during this time of life when people try hard to look perfect and do perfectly?

The Negative Possibilities When A Guy Calls You Cute 

So we just discussed the optimistic scenarios when a guys call you cute. However, not all situations are sweet candies. 

Sometimes, a guy might use the word CUTE to demean you and make you feel uncomfortable. 

Together with the context and his body language, let’s see whether the guy has any bad intentions when he calls you cute. 

The Negative Possibilities When A Guy Calls You Cute
The Negative Possibilities When A Guy Calls You Cute. Source: Pexel 

He Is Being Sarcastic

So you have just made a suggestion, or show your opinions on something, then he points his chin up, smirk at you, and says: ”You are cute!” or ”That is so cute of you!”. 

Oh, boys! It is definitely a clear sign that he is condescending toward you and putting down your esteem. He might think that you are childish, immature, or inferior to him. 

He Is Ignoring Your Feelings 

You are preparing to go on the stage, or showing your concern for a sexist politician and the water insanity in developing countries. 

All of a sudden, he tells you ”Cute”, and you are being made to feel cartoonish.

This showcases that he is ignoring your feelings, your interests, and he does not take the conversation with you seriously. 

He Is Being Sexist

If you are young like 18-20, being called cute might sound acceptable. 

However, if you are 27 above and trying to advance your career or do something big, then there is that guy who keeps calling you cute. It can be a pejorative taunt than a harmless compliment. 

It is a hidden sign that he does not respect what you are doing with your life and maturity but only insists on that soft part of femininity that many women find offensive. 

Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams said: “The way we describe boys is, “Oh you’re so strong, you’re so good at sport,’ With girls, we say, ‘Oh you’re so cute, so pretty, you’re so adorable’ — it does limit you.”

Watch Video:  Lauren Pattison Doesn’t Like Being Called Cute

How Should You Respond When A Guy Calls You Cute

First of all, it really depends on your feelings and the context. 

If you feel comfortable and happy with him telling you cute but still trying to find a better answer to respond than a mere Thank you! here is what you can say: 

That Means A Lot Coming From You!

This is considered a very nice response to many compliments. Not only do you thank them, but you also show your acknowledgment toward their opinion with respect and admiration. 

That’s Something Else We Have In Common

We think it’s a quite smart and appealing response to the comment. You are telling the guy cute while welcoming the compliment. 

Plus, he will be very curious about the “something else” in your response. It will spark a deeper conversation, as you can follow up by sharing things you and the guy have in common. 

You’d Better Talk To A Mirror! 

Want to be flirty and naughty? This is probably the response you are looking for.  

People see an image of themselves in the mirror. You are referring to that he must be talking to himself because you find him cute too. 

You'd Better Talk To A Mirror!
How Should You Respond When A Guy Calls You Cute. Source: Pexel 

What If You Dislike Being Called ”Cute”

As we mentioned earlier, the word Cute coming from a guy when you are doing something serious can be annoyingly insulting.

It is a behavior of sexism, ageism – a part of microaggression. If it repeatedly happens to you and someone else, here are a few ways you can approach the speaker: 

  • Inquire: Ask the guy to explain what he means by simply asking, “I’m curious. What makes you think that?”, “Why do you use that word?“
  • Reflect/Paraphrase: Demonstrate your understanding of his words and let him self-reflect on the appropriation. For instance: “So it sounds like you think/believe my concern/my effort is… Is my understanding correct?”
  • State your feelings: You can tell them directly in a clear, non-threatening way how his words offend you, like “I’m sorry I found inconvenient with your comment. Can you please limit mentioning the word Cute to me? I really appreciate it!.”

What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Cute: Final Thoughts 

Before you decide to take any action, consider what he means by telling you cute and whether you should take or refuse what he just said.

If this guy has a bad intention, show him a big NO – he should leave you alone and respect you. 

You should flirt back only if you know the guy well and feel safe around him. 

The key point is to know yourself, your reactions, and trust your intuition. 

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