Lesser-known Facts Of Wes From ‘Nailed It’ That Hungry Fans Want To Know

Stay tuned, friends. Netflix’s kindest and goofiest baking show like Chef’s Table has come back. But I am sure it is not the only thing that amateur homemakers like you and me are already excited about. We miss Wes from ‘Nailed It. His gorgeous hair, silly costumes, and bewildered appearance caught on cameras make him a gag of the show. We want to know more about ‘Nailed It’, and can’t get enough of our scene-stealing crush. Okay girls and boys, we hear your cry, and here’s something for your curiosity!

Who Is Wes From ‘Nailed It’?

Whether you have seen one or two episodes of the cooking competition, you definitely know Wes from ‘Nailed It’. Weston Bahr, aka Wes or Hwes is a backstage crew member at the beck and call of Nicole Byer, the charming hostess of the TV show. Despite being a behind-the-scenes assistant and stage director, Wes has a pretty great onscreen presence. 

It occurs to us that it is Wes. He shows up whenever Nicole hilariously summons him to fulfill her every given need. Wes fetches Nicole a cocktail, serves snacks and margaritas for guest judges, and hands out prizes and trophies in silly costumes. (He sometimes forgets to bring the winner’s trophy, though. But in all this, I love him and his sweet facial expression). Also, if Wes is not the best part of many outbursts from the playful Byer, I cannot tell who is. 

Who is Wes from ‘Nailed It’
Wes from ‘Nailed It’ – Source: Screenrant

Wes always seems to be a man of few words, even when in the center of the show. Somehow, his silence always brings a lot of laughs. I believe fans of the show always love seeing the charmer with his great hair. But as for Wes, does he get the comfort of being in the limelight? Or does he hate his job? Such itching questions remain for some, and we decide to help you find it out.

Does Wes From ‘Nailed It’ Hate His Job?

Actually, no. Don’t let the thought that Wes from Nailed It fool you that he is a bullied assistant. He seems to be a silent production assistant. However, his contribution to the show as a stage manager and an associate director shows that he definitely loves his job and he is there to be on the gag. 

For evidence, when it comes to his newfound fame, Wes hopes that everyone will know he is actually good at what he does, rather than a clueless assistant who gets bossed around. “It’s funny. It’s weird and embarrassing…The entire gag is that I’m terrible at my job”, he jokes.

Regarding his unintentional fame, do you wonder what makes him famous? Let the following part help you with this!

Does Nicole Make Wes From ‘Nailed It’ A Phenomenon?

At some point, Nicole Byer has made Wes from ‘Nailed It’ famous in an unexpected way. It’s no secret that he is not an actor. However, it was Nicole 

who brought the cute guy in front of the limelight. Things go clear when Jacques Torres, chef and also ‘Nailed It’s host, reveals that the idea of calling Weston Bahr ‘Wes’ comes from his colleague. 

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Who Is Wes from ‘Nailed It’? – Source: BBC

“Nicole somehow got the idea of calling Wes all the time. He is a good-looking guy and everybody likes to look at him. Am I correct?” Jacques said in an interview with Vulture. 

Like almost all the fans whose heart belongs to the charming guy, let me say that Jacques is undoubtedly correct. Also according to Nicole, they (the show) did not have an idea of how to bring in the trophy, and then she went like “Where’s he, where is Wes?”. And thus, ‘Wes’ became “a full-blown thing” and a beloved tradition for the gameshow and viewers who love it. If you realize what is ‘(H)wesssss’, you know what I mean. 

Is Wes Single?

No, he is married. It seems that his comedic role in ‘Nailed It’ is hardly his only job. He is also a husband to his wife, Jess, and a father to his daughter Rowan. For your information, Wes hides nothing about his family and has no problem showing his Instagram followers how much his wife means to him. 

Who is Wes from ‘Nailed It’
Wes from ‘Nailed It’ and his wife – Source: Bustle

Latest Updates About Wes From ‘Nailed It’

Wes has been getting more and more screen time throughout ‘Nailed It’ seasons, and he is still the staple to the show. Luckily, the show has come back on Netflix when we need it most: on Christmas Day. With that said, what could be more exciting than seeing your crush again in “Nailed It! Holiday”? As usual, I am dying to scream “Hwessss” every time he walks in front of the cameras.

If you do not know about Mariah Carey and Micheal Myers on Christmas Day, you are missing out. Check out the explanation behind the viral meme!

Wes hardly updates any posts on his public account recently. But just if you want to know more, he has nice camera skills and travel shots, making his account worth a follow.  

Who is Wes from ‘Nailed It’
Wes from ‘Nailed It’ Instagram – Source: @weston_bahr

Despite his only snippet about his current job on Instagram, Wes also has his name credited as a production assistant in numerous shows and movies, like “Gigi Does It”, “Rock The Block” and “Christmas Cookie Matchup”.

Shows Like ‘Nailed It’

Over 8 seasons, ‘Nailed It’ shows no sign of ending soon. Besides Wes’s mysterious aura, hosts Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres’s work are worth mentioning. They always know the best way to encourage contestants to try their hands at replicating complicated cakes and make the whole show plenty going for. Just in case you are curious about ‘Nailed It’ host’s salary, Nicole Byer’s net worth and Jacques Torres’s are $1.5 million and $4 million, respectively.

If you are on the hunt for shows like ‘Nailed It’, here are some nice options.

#1 Sugar Rush

Netflix’s Sugar Rush opens up a three-round baking competition among four teams for a prize of $10,000. Round 1 is cupcakes, round 2 is confections and round 3 is cake. Interestingly, the show’s production is also known for famous reality shows, including “Top Chef” and “Nailed It”.

Cooking reality TV shows
Shows like ‘Nailed It’ – Source: IMDB

#2 Be Our Chef

If you are a Disney fan, don’t miss out on ‘Be Our Chef’. This cooking competition gives an interesting challenge to five food-loving families. It is to create delicious dishes inspired by the magic of Walt Disney World. Two families will go head-to-head in each episode with a Disney theme cooking mission!

Be Our Chef Disney
Shows like ‘Nailed It’ – Source: Disneyplus

#3 MasterChef

Created by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, MasterChef cooking reality show has come down a storm worldwide. The show is open to amateur and home chefs with various challenges, like Skill Test, Elimination Test, and Pressure Test. Also, the winning prize is substantial. The winner of each season wins $250,000 along with a MasterChef Trophy and the title ‘MasterChef’.

MasterChef best seasons
Shows like ‘Nailed It’ – Source: Wikipedia

The Bottom Line

‘Nailed It’ seems to have nothing to do with the nailed it baby meme which goes viral on the Internet. But in a word, plenty is going for the baking competition and Wes from ‘Nailed It’. Naturally, the show is fun, and Wes’s silent charm has become a fan favorite. People keep talking about his name as a legend of the baking world, and we want to see him more, from the bottom of our hearts. Hopefully, he appears more and more in the show, just as long as contestants keep baking hilarious cakes. 

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