How Did The Best-selling Author Veronica Roth Build Her Reputation?

Veronica is now the No.1 New York Times best-selling author. She became famous worldwide for the ‘’Divergent’’ trilogy, which sold 6.7 million copies in 2013 ( Beyond that, between June 2013 and June 2014, she earned around $17 million from e-book and print sales thanks to this trilogy. What an impressive figure! Veronica Roth’s net worth is estimated at $30 million (Celebrity Net Worth – 2021).

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Veronica Roth’s Biography

Roth was born on 19 August 1988 in New York City, America. Nonetheless, she grew up in Barrington, Illinois. Her parents are Edgar Gustave Roth (father) and Barbra Ross (mother). They divorced when she was only five. She has three siblings: two sisters and one brother. 

Roth attended Barrington high school and then became a Christianity there. Moreover, after one year at Carleton College, she enrolled in Northwestern University for its creative writing program. Throughout her senior year, she wrote the overnight success “Divergent’’ and became renowned rapidly. 

How Did The Best-selling Author Veronica Roth Build Her Reputation?
She grew up in Barrington, Illinois. Source: news10

Veronica Roth’s Writing Career

Veronica Roth is known as an American short story writer and novelist. She is really famous for the debut ‘’Insurgent’’ (2012) and ‘’Divergent’’ (2011), New York Times’s best-selling novels. Then, she released her third book, ‘’Allegiant’’, to complete the trilogy Divergent in 2013. Veronica wrote the first book of this series in a senior college year’s winter break.

‘’Divergent’’ Trilogy – Veronica Roth. Source: cf.shopee

She once said: “I was always very focused on the craft’’ and “In high school, I took physics in summer school so that I could take both creative writing and my regular English class my junior year.

This background is the solid foundation of her later success. The overnight success ‘’Divergent’’, took her 10 years of work to form such a worthy publication comprehensively (

Her first book of ‘’Divergent’’ trilogy was later adapted into a film, which premiered on March 18, 2014, starring Shailene Woodley as the 16-year-old Beatrice Prior. This movie rapidly turned into a phenomenon and elevated her global reputation one more time. Indeed, it grossed $270 million at the box office worldwide (Forbes).

Divergent Trilogy:

In Beatrice Prior’s chaotic Chicago world, society is subdivided into five factions: Abnegation (altruism), Candor (honesty), Amity (peace), Abnegation (selfless), Dauntless (brave), and Erudite (intelligence). Every year there comes a day when all sixteen-year-olds must choose which fraction to dedicate the rest of their lives. Meanwhile, Beatrice is torn between being with her family and being who she really is; she can’t have it both ways. Finally, she makes a decision that everyone, including herself, finds surprising…

The film adaptation of the second – ‘’Insurgent’’ was on-air in 2015. Then, Summit Entertainment claimed that the third book, Allegiant, could be split into two films in 2014:

  • Part 1: ‘’The Divergent Series: Allegiant’’ (2016).
  • Part 2: ‘’The Divergent Series: Ascendant’’ (2017). 

Roth wrote four short stories based on the character Tobias Eaton (the deuteragonist of the ‘’Divergent’’ trilogy), including The Transfer, The Initiate, The Son, and The Traitor, respectively. The first one was released in 2013. The second story, entitled ‘’Four: A Divergent Story Collection’’, was sold separately as an e-book. 

Veronica also wrote the novella entitled ‘’Free Four: Tobias Tells the Story’’, Divergent’s chapter thirteen. This novella was released for Kindle in the U.S. (2012) and in the UK (2013).

Then, the publisher HarperCollins first announced a deal with Veronica for two young adult novels’ publications, ‘’Carve the Mark’’ (2017) and the sequel, ‘’The Fates Divide’’ (2018). What’s more, an epilogue to Divergent, titled ‘’We Can Be Mended’’, might be purchased separately or attached to a ‘’Carve the Mark’’ pre-order.

Watch Video: “Divergent” author Veronica Roth on the new book, “Carve the Mark”

HarperCollins continued declaring another two-book deal with Roth. The first one is ‘’The End and Other Beginnings: Stories’’ and the second one is ‘’Inertia’’, which was then adapted to the same-name film by Fox 2000 Pictures.

Veronica Roth’s Awards

Veronica’s career takes off pretty quickly with her first novel. She received a myriad of awards for her masterpieces. 

Some highlights of Veronica Roth’s Awards: 

2011– The Goodreads Favorite Book for Divergent.
– The Goodreads Choice Award in the Best Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction for Divergent.
2012– The Best Goodreads Author for Insurgent.
– The RT Reviewers Choice Award – Young Adult Futuristic for Insurgent.
– The Goodreads Choice Award in the Best Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction for Insurgent.
2013– The South Carolina Children’s, Junior and Young Adult Book Award for Divergent.
– The Gateway Readers Award for Divergent.
– The Goodreads Choice Award in the Best Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction for Allegiant.
2014– The California Young Reader Medal for Divergent.
– The Colorado Blue Spruce Award for Divergent.

In 2014, honored Veronica as one of The World’s Top-Earning Authors, along with John Green and Gillian Flynn. The young adult author Veronica honorably ranked 6th on her account. Also, if you adore John Green and find some books like John Green’s, ‘’Divergent’’ series and ‘’Carve the Mark’’ of Veronica are great ideas,  notably for enthusiasts of young adult books.

John Green Veronica Roth’s Net Worth
Veronica and Gillian Flynn are authors similar to John Green for young adult novelsSource: static01.nyt

Some Secrets of Veronica Roth

  1. Barbra Ross, Veronica’s mother, is a well-known painter. She inspired her daughter to write the latest novel “Carve the Mark.
  2. Her husband is Nelson Fitch, a photographer. Their wedding took place in 2011, and they have resided in Chicago since then. Veronica and her husband, Nelson, are blissfully attracted to each other as Nelson’s great hobby is reading novels and short stories.
  3. Veronica sold the movie rights of ‘’Divergent’’ to Summit Entertainment before she graduated college.
  4. She began writing novels and stories when she was just 22. 
Some Secrets of Veronica Roth - Veronica Roth’s Net Worth
She started her writing career at the age of 22. Source:

Summary of Veronica Roth’s info:

Veronica Roth’s Net Worth$30 Million
ProfessionAuthor / Actress
Birthday19 August 1988
NationalityChicago, New York, America
Real nameVeronica Anne Roth
HusbandNelson Fitch
MotherBarbra Ross
FatherEdgar Gustave Roth
ResidenceChicago, America
EducationBarrington High School and Carleton College
HeightSix feet tall
Zodiac signLeo

Veronica Roth’s Net Worth, Life, And Career: Endnotes

Veronica Roth is one of the wealthiest women authors of all time. She had made a sizable mark: book writing and becoming a millionaire thanks to her talent and hard work. Her accomplishment, passion, and good work inspire young people worldwide. 

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