A Revelation Of Top US Comedians’ Net Worth

The comedy scene in the United States has always been dynamic and competitive. So many people have tried their luck at stand-up comedies, but not so many have succeeded. Bob Saget, Sebastian Maniscalco, Hasan Minhaj, Dane Cook, or Nick Offerman are popular in the United States audience. As for other household names, it’s usually hard to know these US comedians’ net worth. 

Top US Comedians’ Net Worth

Bob Saget

Who Is Bob Saget?

Bob Saget is never a strange name to Americans’ viewers. Many have grown up seeing him on TV and laughing at his jokes and stories in shows. To have a good understanding of the net worth of Bob Saget, let’s dive deep into his career stages. 

Bob Saget was born in 1956 in Philadelphia, with the birth name of Robert Lane Saget. He attended film school and got noticed for his filmmaking skill. Bob worked at CBS for a few years, right after graduating. 

He is most known as a stand-up comedian, actor, and also TV host. Many remember him as “Danny Tanner” from the “Full House” sitcom on ABC in 1987. He received more popularity when the sitcom was featured as Netflix sequel Fuller House later on. 

Bob Saget – The Allrounder

Bob Saget is also viral thanks to his hosting on America’s Funniest Home Videos for eight years from 1989 to 1997. He tried out almost everything. After serving his voice as the future Ted Mosby in How I Met Your Mother, Bob Saget released another comedy special on HBO in 2007 in tribute to his father.

In the same year, he wrote, directed, and starred in Farce of the Penguins, a direct-to-video parody nature documentary. The film featured Samuel L. Jackson as narrator, and Bob Saget voiced one of the two main characters. Until 2010, he played a parody of himself in the HBO TV Series Entourage.

Bob Saget - The Allrounder

 Bob Saget – a true all-rounder. Image: celebritynetworthwiki.org

He appeared in a Broadway musical called “The Drowsy Chaperone” for only four months in 2007. This particular arrangement was due to the previous actor of that character being with the musical’s national tour. 

But that is not all we have to talk about when speaking on Bob Saget. Bob made it in the stand-up comedy world with his very adult-oriented jokes. His success with the 2014 comedy album, “That’s What I’m Talkin’ About”, was even nominated for a Grammy.

He almost had won the Award for Best Comedy Album. Surprisingly, Bob Saget even took on book writing. His 2014 book Dirty Daddy tells the story about his career, comedy influences, and personal experiences with life and death. 

His career stands stably throughout the years of 2010s. He has hosted ABC’s Videos After Dark series since 2019. Bob Saget started his podcast, called “Bob Saget’s Here for You,” in cooperation with Studio 71. 

What Is Bob Saget’s Net Worth?

It is no wonder Bob Saget is a cultural icon. He has set his footprints on so many aspects of culture and entertainment. He has gained tremendous popularity as his fans joyed to see Saget reprising his original role in the Fuller House reboot on Netflix. 

Nothing seems able to stop Bob Saget from expanding his repertoire, with new projects one after another. It is reported that Saget is worth around $100 million. We can not be sure about what plans Bob has on his mind, but Bob sure will have his fans’ continuous support. 

Sebastian Maniscalco

Who Is Sebastian Maniscalco?

Sebastian Maniscalco is a well-known comedian with an Italian background. He was born in Illinois as a United States native, but his Italian roots and everyday routines serve a significant role in his career. Sebastian takes inspiration from everyday experiences as material for his stand-up routines. And that seems to work very well for him. 

Sebastian Maniscalco – A Great Man At Heart

Sebastian might not be the most famous stand-up comedian of this era, but most of his upcoming shows have already sold out. Sebastian’s success comes from his inspiration and devotion to becoming an acknowledged comedian since his younger days. He has a significant number of fans due to his work ethic and personality. He is not afraid to take up side jobs or part-time positions to focus on his comedian career. 

Sebastian served tables for not three or four but seven years at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. During this time, he tried his best to book stand-up jobs as much as possible, and he always has his career on his mind even while waiting tables. Maniscalco once shared that he used his breaks from waiting tables to squeeze in stand-up sets at the Comedy Store. 

Sebastian’s constant efforts brought him to the first step of success when he joined The Wild West Comedy Show. He received the offer to be part of 30 Days and 30 Nights – Hollywood to the Heartland in 2006. Since that day, Sebastian Maniscalco has stepped further to become one of the highest paying comedians in the United States.

Sebastian Maniscalco - A Great Man At Heart

Sebastian Maniscalco is among the top highest paying comedians. Image: buffalonews

How Much Is Sebastian Maniscalco’s Net Worth?

It only took Sebastian a few years to release Sebastian Live in cooperation with Comedy Central. In 2010, he continued to appear in Just Like Us, another comedy-based documentary. After this, it takes him two years to release “Sebastian Maniscalco: What’s Wrong With People?” This production showcased Sebastian’s abilities in not only performing but also writing and producing. 

Throughout his career, Sebastian has recorded three stand-up performances for Showtime. In 2019, Sebastian also hosted the MTV Video Music Awards. His hard-working attitude is always there, and soon he makes it to Forbes’ list of highest-paying comedians. In the list, Sebastian ranked the fifth-highest paying comedian. They estimated that his earnings were around $26 million. 

To date, Maniscalco’s net worth is valued at $16 million. Amazingly, the man is as hard-working as the first days of his career. He appears on shows, takes on movie roles, and tours the United States. Sebastian Maniscalco’s net worth will only continue to grow over time. 

Hasan Minhaj

Starting From The Bottom

It all started with The Daily Show, where Hasan Minhaj roasted the elite at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. He made his name just like that by addressing political issues. The guy studied political science as his major and chose a career as a comedian.

Hasan once said that Chris Rock’s “Never Scared” gave him all the inspiration he needed to decide to get into comedy. Minhaj might have started very humbly with winning “Best Comic Standing” in 2008 by Wild 94.9.  He was also a finalist in NBC’s Stand Up for Diversity one year after. Moreover, Minhaj appeared on different TV shows during these years. Until 2014, Minhaj finally made his first big breakthrough. 

In November 2014, Hasan joined The Daily Show as a correspondent. Thanks to his audition tape, Hasan was selected by Jon Stewart for an in-person audition. The unexpected in-person audition brought Minhaj to panic, but he dealt with it just fine as a natural comedian. 

Reaching The Pinnacle Of His Career.

Four years later, Minhaj bid farewell to The Daily Show in August 2018. At his final show, Minhaj gave his audience more good laughs when he suggested combining Obamacare and MoviePass. After The Daily Show, Minhaj went on to host his one show in the same year. 

Patriot Act, Minhaj’s show on Netflix, debuted on October 28th, 2018. The show went ahead for 32 episodes, oozing with success thanks to Minhaj’s sense of humor. Because of Minhaj’s major in Political Science, he had great ways to use materials from the current political and cultural landscape. The show is a significant success, with a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 7.9/10 on IMDb. 

We should note that Minhaj has won a Peabody Award thanks to his one-hour comedy special Minhaj: Homecoming King. It was featured on Netflix and has won over critics and audiences. Minhaj takes on diverse roles in different fields, such as voice acting for video games or appearing in movies. All in all, how much is Hasan Minhaj’s net worth?

Four years later, Minhaj bid farewell to The Daily Show in August 2018

How much is Hasan Minhaj’s net worth? Image: PaperCity Magazine

How Much Is Hasan Minhaj’s Net Worth?

Recently, Hasan Minhaj has established his name among the top ten highest-paid comedians. Minhaj is relatively new in the comedy scene, but his politically-inspired satire serves him well. Minhaj is reported to have a net worth of $3 million. Although it seems like a small number compared to other famous comedians, Minhaj is only at the early stage of his career. His comedy styles will give him both notoriety and commercial success. 

Dane Cook 

Selling Out Madison Square Garden

At the age of 49, Dane Cook is one of the most popular comedians in the United States. Starting from Comedy Central, Cook didn’t take very long before he sold out Madison Square Garden, making him one of the few comedians who had ever done that. Since that day, Dane Cook has become a superstar. 

Throughout his career, Cook released five comedy albums. In 2006, his “Retaliation” album became the highest-charting comedy album over the last 28 years. He got it certified as platinum. Cook had an exceptional performance on HBO in the same year and kept on releasing other works on Comedy Central. If anything, Dane Cook is well-known for his vulgar – and sometimes dark – comedy. 

Since his younger days, Cook described himself as a quiet, introverted, and shy kid, though he was, in fact, a wild child at home. He started acting and doing stand-up comedy as early as his high school year. He went on to college to pursue a major in graphic design, and now he uses this skill to design all of his merchandise. 

It took Dane Cook several years of hard work to make it big. Cook moved to Los Angeles in 1996 and worked hard waiting for his breakthrough. That came in 1998 when his “Premium Blend” on Comedy Central caught the attention and won him popularity. Since then, Comedy Central has always been his playfield, winning several showdowns with his witty sense of humor. 

Selling Out Madison Square Garden

Dane Cook, once among the top US comedians. Image: Summit Comedy

Until the controversy

In the early 2000s, Cook worked hard and earned what he deserved. He released a platinum album, “Retaliation”, performed at the MTV Video Music Awards, and even joined Snoop Dogg to present an award. He continued to host Saturday Night Live in 2005 and launched his own business producing his albums and videos.

Cook won the Big Entertainer Award from the VH1 and was named “Hot Comic of the Year” by the Rolling Stones all in 2007. The same year marked his most significant career milestones. Dane Cook filled the Madison Square Garden in New York City and released the recording in his CD/DVD “Rough Around the Edges”. 

Cook’s rough time started in 2012 when he caused much controversy when joking about the 2012 Aurora, Colorado shooting. He apologized whole-heartedly, admitting his poor judgment call with the material and made an inappropriate joke. The scandal put paid to his popularity. 

How Much Is Dane Cook’s Net Worth?

Dane Cook sure had a long and successful comedy career, and he took on several movie roles along the way. His efforts make it possible that his net worth currently is around $30 million. Though he is no longer as popular, Dane Cook has not left comedy entirely. Cook still appears in comedy shows and still tours sometimes.

Not all critics love Dane Cook and his comedy, primarily because of his dark sense of humor. Especially from 2006, his jokes seem heavier and darker than before. That was due to his shock when his parents passed away, and later his half-brother embezzling millions. It seems Dane Cook could never get back to the height of popularity, but his net worth is an entirely different thing. 

Other US Comedians’ Net Worth

Artie Lange – How Much Is His Net Worth?

People know Artie Lange for his popularity and his struggles with drug and alcohol abuse. That’s why many are curious about how much his net worth is if he can indeed save any.

It is hard to have a specific answer about Lange’s net worth. One report says it’s $1 million, while another says it is around $10 million. The most recent estimate from Celebs Net Worth Today confirms that Artie Lange’s net worth is approximately $14 million. But Artie himself declared that he is worth about $2 million now. 

Throughout his career, Lange had memorable roles in movies and showcased his hosting-writing skills for The Howard Stern Show. Lange got paid $140,000 by a casino during that time for two shows and a club appearance. Once receiving the payment, Lange immediately spent $80,000 of it on gambling on the same night. That night only ended with Lange paying $10,000 to get himself a prostitute. What a way to spend! 

Artie Lange - How Much Is His Net Worth?

Drugs and alcohol abuse have taken away everything from Artie Lange. Image: thearkatech

Artie Lange is most famous for his role in Crashing – playing himself. He was the first comedian to appear recurrently on the show. Until his arrest in 2017 for possession of drugs, Lange’s career stood stalled. He came back for the 2nd season of Crashing, but a 3rd season offer is yet to come. 

What Do You Know About Aziz Ansari’s Net Worth?

For his role as Tom Haverford on NBC’s hit sitcom Parks and Recreation, Aziz Ansari quickly became a household name. Across the seven seasons of the show full of laughter, Aziz played the smooth-talking city employee who always had big dreams to become an entrepreneur. It is the start of Ansari’s career with big projects in stand-up and other fields.

Aziz Ansari is the son of Indian immigrants living in South Carolina. He attended college majoring in marketing, but he always kept his passion for comedy. On graduating from college, Aziz made up his mind to pursue comedy as his career. He hosted comedy nights at UCB Theater, and he was so successful that the nights became MTV comedy series with two seasons. 

For his role in Parks and Recreation on NBC, Aziz worked with other stars like Amy Poehler and Chris Pratt. It is considered the big step up for Ansari. Afterward, he started his stand-up comedy specials, and most were very successful. His ‘Aziz Ansari: Live from Madison Square Garden’ was also a hit. 

What Do You Know About Aziz Ansari’s Net Worth?

Aziz Ansari – Master of None Still – H 2015. Image: hollywoodreporter

Later on, Ansari premiered his show on Netflix, showcasing his creation, writing, and starring skills. Critics appreciated the performance for its equal parts hilarious and heartfelt moments. The show went on for two seasons until a sudden hiatus due to sexual accusations against Ansari. 

After some time away from the spotlight, Ansari released a comedy special in 2019, testing the waters for a comeback. Despite the scandal and the hiatus, Ansari has made a fortune during his active years. His current net worth can be anything around $18 million. In the future, if he actually can come back, his net worth is sure to rise. 

Is Mel Brook’s Net Worth Still High Now?

A legendary actor, comedian, director, and producer, Mel Brooks started his career at the resorts in the Catskills Mountains. In 1949, he joined the writing team for The Admiral Broadway Revue TV show, and later on, he wrote his comedy series Your Show of Shows. In 1968, Brook won an Academy Award for Best Screenplay with The Producers, thanks to his excellent writing and directing.

Is Mel Brook’s Net Worth Still High Now?

Mel Brook, a multi-talent comedian. Image: Twitter

Brook directed and produced many more films, including Silent Movie, High Anxiety, Spaceballs, Life Stinks, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, and Dracula: Dead and Loving It. Report has it that his net worth is about $100 million today. 

Were You A Fan Of Nicole Richie?

Nicole was most known as the daughter of Lionel Richie’s and not much more than a TV personality. Lately, Nicole has made headlines for her comedy series Nikki Fre$h, and people start to take her for herself. Nicole is quirky, funny, energetic, and hard-working. 

Nicole has been under the Hollywood spotlight since a young age. She had her reality show back in 2003 with Paris Hilton while they were best of friends. The show was so successful that it went on for five straight years until their friendship turned loose. 

Were You A Fan Of Nicole Richie?

Nicole Richie, from the daughter of a star to a star herself. Image: US Weekly

Nicole took up some more TV series afterward and started working on her series. She created, produced, and starred in Nikki Fre$h, which got the nation by storm. Nicole’s love for fashion is widely known, and she also models for high-end brands. Nicole started her jewelry and accessories line in 2008 and has created different apparel lines. 

Besides, we can also call Nicole, a best-selling author for her book “The Truth about Diamonds”  in 2005. It was a semi-biographical book about a girl adopted by a famous star but leads a chaotic life dealing with drugs and alcohol. 

Today, the Celebrity Net Worth estimates that Nicole’s versatile career can be $10 million in net worth. Nicole makes the most of her love for fashion and takes up different roles in competition shows as an expert. That helps to maintain and increase her net worth gradually.

How Much Does Cedric The Entertainer Worth By Himself?

The Original Kings of Comedy’ could be the funniest show in 2000, with Cedric the Entertainer, Steve Harvey, D.L. Hughley, and Bernie Mack. Among the four talented comics, Cedric the Entertainer stood out for his words, body language, and music, painting vivid comedic sceneries for his fans. 

Since then, Cedric the Entertainer has been working on a series of significant and small-screen parts. His role in the Barbershop franchise and Power on Starz was memorable. He is now on The Neighborhood, a CBS’s hit sitcom where Cedric is making headlines for his performance. He is worth a whopping $25 million, thanks to many more projects in the works. 

How Much Does Cedric The Entertainer Worth By Himself?

Cedric the Entertainer. Image: CBS Los Angeles

Is Chelsea Handler Still Making More Money?

Famous for her straightforwardness, Chelsea Handler has given it a shot at hosting, writing, and acting. Despite some critics against her, Handler still has her place in the spotlight. 

At the age of 19, Handler moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming an actor. She quickly fell in love with comedy, and before long, the woman started performing in stand-up shows. From there, Handler won the chance to be on Girls Behaving Badly, a hit show in 2002. Handler never backed down from her words throughout her career, but instead, she told everything as they are. 

She released a book in 2005, again confirming her image of being straightforward. She had her show – The Chelsea Handler Show – in 2006 thanks to her previous appearances on The Tonight Show. In 2007, ‘Chelsea Lately’ started airing, pairing Handler’s signature stand-up with other comedians. This show went on straight till 2014, winning lots of professional achievements for Handler. 

Is Chelsea Handler Still Making More Money?

Chelsea Handler, a straightforward comedian. Image: NPR

Handler made a political joke about Mike Pence and his brother in 2017 and had to face criticism. Her jokes were pretty insensitive, and this has damaged her career in a way. However, to this day, Chelsea Handler’s net worth can be around $40 million, thanks to her Netflix shows and books. 

What Is Nick Offerman’s Net Worth?

Widely famous for his role of Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation, Nick Offerman has been loved by fans worldwide for years. His ingenious comedic talents and versatile roles within the industry have won him a prosperous career. 

Offerman’s first acting role was in one episode of ER back in 1997. He continued playing minor roles on several TV shows for the next few years. Until 2009, he played his first lead role in Parks and Recreation, thanks to his previous works in The Office. What fans love about his Ron Swanson role is that it combines different characteristics into one whole and nails it perfectly. 

What Is Nick Offerman’s Net Worth?

Nick Offerman is popular with his Parks and Recreation fans. Image: Time Magazine

Nick Offerman also worked on the big screen in several projects. His work in The Founder portraying Dick McDonald of McDonald’s was very well-known. Offerman also published a book in 2015 and another in 2016, which attracted public attention. And with all of the work he has been doing tirelessly, Offerman’s net worth is around $4 million now and still growing. 

What Do You Know About Ryan Stiles And His Net Worth?

Stiles was born in Seattle though his parents are Canadian. He took up stand-up comedy right after highschool. Ryan Stiles first appeared on the famous British version of “Whose Line”, and then joined the American cast back in the United States.

He also appeared in the 1991 film Hot Shots! and its sequel in 1993. In 1994, he also appeared in different commercials for Nike with the ending tagline of “Play ball. Please”. His most recent work was in 2005 with Conker: Celebrity Squirrel to promote the Xbox video game Conker: Live & Reloaded

What Do You Know About Ryan Stiles And His Net Worth?

Ryan Stiles and his trademark look. Image: networthheightsalary

Stiles is also well-known among Two and a Half Men fans for his role as Dr. Herb Melnick, who dates and marries Alan’s ex-wife – Judith. He appeared in lots of other comedy shows as guests. Though it is not clear whether Stiles will be back with new projects, reports estimate Stiles’ net worth to be $8 million for his previous works. 

The Final Thought

These US comedians all have one thing in common: their unique comedy style. Some of them have tried their hands at other fields like writing, producing, or acting, but the foundation to their success is always stand-up comedy.

Once the audience loves their performance and efforts, they have more opportunities to diversify their aspects and increase their net worth. Even when some of them no longer appear in comedy shows, these US Comedians’ Net Worth can still increase thanks to their previous works and significant contributions. 

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