Top 14 Well-Paying Graveyard Shift Jobs Near Me

Nowadays, overnight jobs are getting more and more popular. Amongst so many choices, have you ever found “Graveyard shift jobs near me” that fit your needs?

Whether you are a parent who desires to raise extra money to supplement child care expenses, a student busy with daily work, someone who needs extra cash, or a competent night owl, a night job is an interesting solution to resolve those needs.

The good news is that some overtime night works below do not require a lot of experience. However, you must undergo specialized training and have an advanced degree to do related night shifts.

We will share some of the positions open to employees who choose to work in the dark, the night shift, or the cemetery immediately. In case you are looking for nights and weekends jobs, you could find plenty of opportunities.

Top 14 Graveyard Shift Jobs Near Me

Well! Do not ignore such intrinsic reviews of these lucrative graveyard jobs!

Doctor In Emergency Room

You may not know it yet, evenings are the busiest time for emergency departments. Consequently, the need for physicians to work night shifts is very high. Emergency room doctors must always diagnose a broad variety of medical problems and injuries as soon as possible.

They need to decide about what tests and assessments are required to confirm the diagnosis. They would then refer the patient to specialists, as required by the patient’s chart.

Before becoming eligible to conduct the job, applicants need to fulfill a degree in medicine or get a practice license in their countries. Moreover, practicing the real job of a doctor is necessary before becoming a doctor for emergency rooms, of course.

As of October 2018, reported by, the wages that emergency room doctors earn could average $278,000 (varying from $237,000 to $326,000).

Would you like to become a doctor in the emergency room?
Do you want to become a doctor in an emergency room? – Source: Emspedia

Controller Of Air Traffic

In all the hours at which the airport operates, air traffic controllers must be present, even if it is evening or weekend. Monitoring the aircraft’s movement and the airspace around the airport is their duty.

Getting a bachelor's degree is the first step to work as a traffic air controller
You have to get a bachelor’s degree in order to work as a traffic air controller – Source:worldscholarshipforum

Air traffic controllers also negotiate their departure and arrival times – with flight employees. They may also be in charge of tracking routes from one airport to another.

To become a controller, getting a bachelor’s degree is vital for you. Then you must complete the Federal Aviation Administration training program if you want to turn into a controller of air traffic. That is, you have to master the aviation industry’s values.

As Bureau of Labor Estimates (BLS) reported, on average, controllers will receive $ 125k. Of which, 10% could have more than 176,000 dollars.

Physician Assistant

The adoption of physician assistants is given priority by most hospitals
Most hospitals will prioritize the adoption of physician assistants – Source: explorehealthcareers

Currently, most hospitals want to manage prices, so they also prioritize the adoption of physician assistants instead of highly specialized doctors.

On a daily basis, the physician’s assistant analyzes the patient’s symptoms, performs procedures, adjusts medications, and consults doctors and specialists to provide the patient’s correct treatment plan.

To be a physician assistant, the candidate has to have an undergrad program focusing on physician assistants. BLS reported that the average assistant physician earns 105,000 dollars, 10 percent of which is more than 146,000 dollars. A fairly impressive number!

Sonographer for Medical

Ultrasound technicians - among many graveyard shift jobs near me - must be present at the hospital during peak hours
During peak times, ultrasound technicians always are on their duties at the hospital – Source: cdn.careeronestop

During peak times, ultrasound technicians must be present at the hospital to assist critically wounded and ill patients, particularly during the evening or weekend shifts.

Generally, the ultrasound technicians will determine the kind and extent of the damage, structural abnormalities, and illness type.

This job position requires candidates to have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree with a specialization in medical terminology, anatomy, applied science, and clinical skills in imaging engineering.

According to BLS, this is a fairly promising work, with an average of $71k annual income. Some professionals earn more than $100k.


Nurses take care of patients and victims at all times - Top 14 well-paid graveyard shift jobs near me
Nurses play a vital role in each hospital – Source: delawaretoday

Generally, nurses can operate at night or whenever they want. Notwithstanding, their job is also demanding as nurses need consistent patience and excitement to support patients even in the most serious situations.

The first thing applicants need is to complete a bachelor’s or college degree to be eligible for the job. You have to thoroughly learn anatomy, microbiology, behavioral science, and chemistry.

Normally, every job needs practice, notably for community health care jobs, including such nurses and doctors.

In 2017, BLS confirmed that nurses would make between $ 70 and $ 104,000 a year.

Police Officer

What do you need to become a police officer? -
How to become a police officer? – Source: mg.gta5-mods

If you are interested in becoming a police officer who responds to violence, incidents, or several emergencies, control patrol areas and roads, you need to be familiar with the rules.

This is also a position that gives you the chance to maintain positive relationships with residents or citizens in the area where you serve.

You must at least get a high school diploma in terms of job requirements and study laws, constitution, civil rights,… to become an officer for the police.

Police officers’ average annual income will vary from $63 to $105,000 (maximum).


One of the main characters when it comes to emergencies is firefighter. They would almost certainly stick to the 24/24 work.

Firefighters have to prepare, test, rehearse, and act on emergencies in different situations and areas
Firefighters are responsible for acting on emergencies – Source: fayetteville-ar

Their job is to prepare, test, rehearse, and act on emergencies in different situations and areas. And yet, to take on the risky task, they even need to be prepared for the worst cases, including injury and death. That is a great sacrifice that not everyone could do.

In particular, firefighters require a college degree and participate entirely in the academies’ firefighting training programs, with some even attending EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) training.

They will earn an average annual income from 49 to 83,5 thousand dollars on average (BLS statistics).

EMT(Emergency Medical Technician)/Paramedic

The workers at the EMTs provide emergency services around the clock and are always busy. They need to complete post-secondary healthcare training courses in emergencies in order to fulfill their work requirements.

The EMT's salary ranges from 33 to 57 thousand dollars each year - EMT is along to top 14 well-paid graveyard shift jobs near me.
An EMT could earn a total of 33 to 57 thousand dollars each year – Source: dam.northwell

Some medical personnel will need an associate’s degree, while others would have to study 1,200 hours to finish the advanced program.

The primary job of EMT personnel is to respond quickly to emergencies and provide the patient with the quickest diagnosis. In some (extreme) cases, they need to counsel and care for people around the same time in complicated circumstances that doctors can not easily handle.

A total of 33 to 57 thousand dollars each year are the salary range of an EMT.

Taxi Drivers

Whenever you need to get to pubs, hotels, airports and other evening events, it is much more convenient to use a taxi.

Many people like using the taxi service owing to its luxury, elegance, and courtesy. Taxi, driver is one of the best graveyard shift jobs near me
Most clients enjoy the service of the taxi for its convenience – Source:

Most clients enjoy the service of the taxi for its convenience, luxury, elegance, and courtesy. And of course, their length and efficiency often determine the salary that drivers earn.

Generally, taxi drivers’ pay varies from $26 to $30 per hour (that sounds great). However, you must first have a clear driving background and records, as well as a valid driving license, to become a licensed taxi driver. One of the basic provisions is minimum insurance in certain areas.

Home Health Aide-HHA and Certified Nursing Assistant-CNA

Nursing or medical assistants take the responsibility for caring the patients' health.
The nursing assistant takes care of patients thoroughly – Source: assistinghands

This field of work, notably in countries with older populations, holds increasing prospects.

Their work involves measuring vital signs and tracking patients’ well-being, and taking regular care of them.

Although the standards are somewhat different in-country and state or area, most nursing staff have to complete the basic care curriculum for patients within 4 to 12 weeks.

The HHA and CNA receive between $23 and $38.5 thousand in terms of salary.

Front Desk Clerk/Receptionists

Lots of individuals desire to work as a clerk or receptionist in some high-end hotels and resorts. The face of hotels are the receptionists. They will take care of everything from advising, welcoming clients, answering questions, and reminding visitors of their services.

The receptionists must be on their duty day and night
Receptionists – one of the graveyard shift jobs near me – Source: teamanics

The receptionists have to be on duty day and night, as visitors can come to book rooms anytime. 

The applicant needs to graduate from high school and have a good-looking appearance. Also, having receptionist experience and a foreign language would be a major plus for this job.

Resort and hotel receptionists usually earn an average of between 23 and 33 thousand dollars.

Freelancers In Copywriting/Writing

Freelance authors earn an average wage of $ 24 per hour - according to Payscale
Freelance authors earn about $24 per hour – Source: Medium

It is an opportunity for writing lovers to become 4.0 freelancers. Online publications and remote work have the biggest potential ever to claim their place in the age of technology.

This job gives what most freelancers want first hand, freedom. For instance, we can share data over the phone to write remotely on a beautiful beach on a sunny Sunday.

Of course, writers need to have a bachelor’s degree or experience in a major field, especially a strength in writing skills.

Freelance authors earn an average wage of $ 24 per hour – according to Payscale. The greater your experience and credentials are, the higher your salary would be.

Representative Of Customer Service

Relate to overnight customer service jobs, it is impossible not to mention the Customer Service Representative.  

Representatives of customer service - good graveyard shift jobs near me
Bachelor’s degree is one of the requirements to work as a representative of customer service – Source: careerbuilder

Representatives of customer service respond to the customers’ questions related to products/services.

To meet the company’s requirements, customer service representatives always need to own a high school diploma and attend specific work training. 

It will require a bachelor’s degree for representatives with in-depth knowledge in business, technical, or investment fields. Reps could earn an average of $16 to 26$ per hour.

Residential Counselor – One Of High-Paid Graveyard Shift Jobs Near me

A lot of colleges and private high school have to employ resident assistants - Top 14 Well-Paying Graveyard Shift Jobs Near Me
A lot of colleges have to employ resident assistants – Source: estcounselingdegrees

Residential counselors play a vital role in supervising and assisting those with exceptionally special needs (such as substance use).

The role of residential counselors would revolve around analyzing resident’s actions, reporting their improvements, and bringing special care to them.

Obviously, the advisors need to adapt the communication accordingly to fulfill their jobs. Moreover, they need to be ready to interfere with or cleverly manage situations when there is tension or conflict.

Do you know? Many private high schools and colleges need to hire resident assistants so as to supervise dormitory students. 

The adequate prerequisites for this job are communication skills and high school graduation.

The counselors earn an average of 12 to 14 dollars per hour, according to Payscale.

Our Final Words – Graveyard Shift Jobs Near Me

Hope you have the right direction when a search for “graveyard shift jobs near me” pops up in your mind. “Basic research is like shooting an arrow in the air and, where it lands, painting a target.” – Homer Burton Adkins. Research well before making your move!

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