Fans Love These “The Sun And Her Flowers” Quotes

“But I still say they’re flowers, if you like, do you”. Flowers have been a great inspiration for music composers and poets from time immemorial. And if you are a lover of flowers,  there are many quotes from the collection “The Sun and Her Flowers” that you would love. In fact, many young adults love “The Sun and Her Flowers” quotes since they tactfully touch on the same love affairs and relationships issues that they face in life.

Rupi Kaur And “The Sun and Her Flowers”

“The Sun And Her Flowers” is the second poetry collection of Rupi Kaur, a young talented Indian-Canadian poet. Coming with her family to Canada at a very young age, Rupi soon found herself in love with poetry and started pursuing it as her career. Since 2009, Rupi started performing poetry at the age of 17 and soon gained popularity on Instagram. It took very little time for Rupi to become one of the most followed “Insta-poets” thanks to her talents.

Her debut poetry collection, “Milk and Honey,” came out in 2014 and laid a strong foundation for her second collection. “The Sun and Her Flowers” was available in 2017 with Rupi doing all of the illustrations in the collection. The work was the fruit of her effort to outdo her extremely successful first novel and quickly became a renowned book for women

From the collection name, we can be sure that the author shares a love for sunflowers, which seem to follow the sun around and worship the sun. In her lover of flowers words, the special relationship between the sunflower and the Sun could be a representation of love. The sun represents a woman, and the flowers are her relationships throughout her life.

For many fans, especially females, “The Sun and Her Flowers” was much deeper and more emotional than its predecessor. They have found themselves in Rupi’s sharing about heartbreaks, recoveries, and love topics, which speaks truths to many young adult age group fans. What Rupi has shared in this collection becomes inspiring quotes for her fans worldwide.

Fans Love These “The Sun And Her Flowers” Quotes
Rupi Kaur & “The Sun and Her Flowers”. Source: girlswithbeautyandbrains

Special “The Sun and Her Flowers” Quotes

Fans love “The Sun and Her Flowers” quotes a lot because they can easily relate to it. Let’s see the best quotes in this collection according to their topics to understand the collection better.


One of the topics that “The Sun and Her Flowers” illustrates is the amount of self-doubt we experience, especially for women. Being equipped with emotional intelligence, women are more prone to doubting themselves and what would become of their future. The quote precisely discusses this aspect:

“the universe took its time on you

crafted you precisely

so you could offer the world

something distinct from everyone else

so when you doubt

how you were created

you doubt an energy greater than us both”

Rupi simply understands our struggles of frequently doubting our destiny and what we could offer the world. Self-doubt is what makes us doubt almost everything around us, including our future.

“if i’m going to share my life with a partner

it would be foolish not to ask myself

twenty years from now

is this person going to be

someone i still laugh with

or am i just distracted by their charm

do i see us evolving into

new people by the decade

or does the growing ever come to a pause”

In this collection, fans can easily see how Rupi uses her own experience as inspiration to explain how we always focus unnecessarily on the negative side:

“I hear a thousand kind words about me

and it makes no difference

yet I hear one insult

and all confidence shatters”

However, “The Sun and Her Flowers” will guide us towards the better things in life, just like how the sunflower follows the beautiful rays of sunlight. 

Acceptance & Gratitude

Sometimes, the only way through self-doubt is to accept our fate and love our life as it is. Rupi’s words in “The Sun and Her Flowers” are sometimes very straightforward to help us face reality.

Acceptance & Gratitude
The Sun and Her Flowers” quote. Source: Rupi Kaur

In another part of the collection, she again mentions that self-doubting or self-loathing is not the only way to show love. Those who love us will accept us as who we are.

“don’t let us convince you that

sacrificing yourself is

how you must show love.”

And once we have accepted our responsibility towards our own happiness, we would realize many of our unreasonable expectations.

“a lot of times

we are angry at other people

for not doing what

we should have done for ourselves”

Thanks to accepting ourselves, we may soon realize the special gifts we have in life:

“my mother sacrificed her dreams

so i could dream.”

This quote could be the most meaningful part of the collection, where Rupi persuades her readers to change their perspectives. Her words are very gentle yet impactful, leading us towards positivity.

Feminism & Self-love

Some may find true inspirations for self-love in Rupi’s “The Sun and Her Flowers” quotes, while many would consider it a sign of feminism. Loving yourself has become a popular topic in various art forms, but Rupi has her own ways to promote self-love.

“I have too many miracles

happening inside me

to be your convenient option.”

Some of the most iconic quotes about self-love in this collection have to be:

“worth is not something we transfer

you do not just wake up and become the butterfly

– growth is a process.”

 Or maybe this quote:

“I will no longer

compare my path to others

– I refuse to do a disservice to my life.”

And no matter how much we love or hate relationships, love is forever a beautiful thing. That’s why even the list 10 things I hate about you ends with love. Rupi’s way of speaking of love is appropriate for 21st-century readers and yet extremely romantic.

“he sparks enough electricity within me to power a city.”

Love, indeed, is painful yet beautiful:

“what love looks like

what does love look like the therapist asks

one week after the breakup

and i’m not sure how to answer her question

except for the fact that i thought love

looked so much like you.”


Rupi Kaur is truly a promising poet, despite her young age, since age is just a number. Her way of translating daily experiences into beautiful poetic works is simply inspiring. As we all wait for her upcoming collections, “The Suns and Her Flowers” quotes will always be impactful and powerful. The collection was an important milestone in Rupi’s life, and her words resonate with undying meanings. Get yourself a copy of “The Suns and Her Flowers” to experience this amazing journey that could change your life for the better. 

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