The Secrets Of The Dean’s List On Resume

A good resume describes you as a brilliant, potential, and excellent candidate. The integral part is the process of learning and work experience. Small details, that can set you apart from others, are usually ignored. Sometimes, it’s the little things that are the key to your success. Putting Dean’s List on resume is such an important key. 

Why can Dean’s List become an important key? Get inside our Job Application section to clear up the first question:

What Is The Dean’s List?

The Dean’s List recognizes students in the academic environment. This honor is one of the most prestigious accreditations you can receive while studying. Depending on the school, there are different Dean’s List standards. 

Some schools get a list of 5-10% of students in the entire course each semester. Some schools base on a GPA of over 90%. Each semester there will be a new Dean List, so you will have to work hard to be kept on this list.

Being on the Dean’s List is a matter of pride, but its level varies with the school’s ranking. The higher the school rank is and the more prestigious you are. 

Here’s what you will get if you are on the Dean’s List:

  • You will have a competitive edge in the scholarship race. Dean’s List is a short word that shows you are a smart, hardworking, and serious person in studying. Scholarship opportunities can come from the school’s fund. It may also come from the government or exchange programs. You will have more options than others to expand your academic path further. 
  • Be the professors’ first choice if they are recruiting a student to do research. You can also receive their recommendation letter for later study or work. 
  • This list will help your resume stand out, making you a brilliant candidate in the hiring process when applying for a job.

How To Put Dean’s List On Resume

Each different type of resume needs a note about placing Dean’s List. You should pay attention to some details to show the best of yourself and write subtly, modestly, to avoid bragging. 

Based on the candidates’ work experience and goals, there are two types of resumes. The first for new graduates, and the other is for people with particular professional expertise.

Resume For New Graduates 

You use this resume to apply for an intern position or show the progress of studying to a higher level. Dean’s List on resume should get a highlight at the beginning. Best to put in the Honor and Award part. You can place it right next to your GPA, and all semester you got Dean’s List should be listed. 

Specialized semesters are often valued higher than the primary semesters. Achieving high performance during these semesters shows your interest in that area at deeper levers. Since you do not have much work experience, polishing yourself with academic titles is a great way to level up your impression. Additionally, do not forget to list your other studies to show that you are curious to learn new stuff, that is very important for a newcomer to the working world. 

Education section at the top of the resume. The ideal placement for the Dean's List line.
Education section at the top of the resume. The ideal placement for the Dean’s List line – source:

Resume For People With Extensive Work Experience 

The number of successful projects you have entered and the specialized jobs you have done will help you build a good resume. Of course, if you have been in Dean’s List, please show it in the Education section, and place the Education section below the Work Experience section. 

Suppose you have been working for many years, the Dean’s List on your resume should be left at the top. In that case, the recruiter will feel that you live too long in the past victories with adequate study capacity but limited working capacity. You should also not write both GPA and Dean’s List together anymore. Choosing Dean’s List is enough. 

Education section is below and the Dean's List notes are simple
Education section is below and the Dean’s List notes are simple – source:

What Kind Of Resume That Suits You The Best? 

First, you cannot submit a resume for all purposes. If your goal is to go further in the academic field, indeed, your Dean’s List title will have a significant impact. Schools, scholarship funds, and professors all love hard-working and well-educated students. 

It would be best if you emphasized each semester in which you reach the Dean’s List. That proves you studied hard, but employers looking for a job with much experience ignore that effort learning process. What they need is the quality of the actual work tasks you have completed. If your goal is to look for another job opportunity, Dean’s List on resume should still appear but should be simple, not repetitive. 

You need to focus more on the knowledge and working skills you are most proficient in. You can’t say, “I’m good at appearing on the Dean’s List,” right? 

LinkedIn can help you do a resume. It’s best to add the Dean’s List to section Education.

Do it
Aston University, Birmingham UK
Aston Business SchoolBachelor of Finance 2014-2018Dean’s List 3 semesters

Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MACarroll School of ManagementMBA (full-time): 2018-2020GPA 3.6
Don’t do it
Aston University, Birmingham UK
Aston Business SchoolBachelor of FinanceGPA: 3.65, Dean’s List in the Summer 2015, Fall 2016, Spring 2017 semester

Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MACarroll School of ManagementMBA (full-time) ): 2018-2020GPA 3.7, Honor Student

FAQ with Dean’s List 

Is Dean’s List Capitalized?

FAQ with Dean's List
Where is the correct writing? – source:

Yes. Dean’s List is a formally recognized school award with its own name. You can use it as a title before a student’s name also. At this point, Dean’s List must be capitalized.

Is There Any Financial Aid Support Included With Dean’s List? 

Unfortunately not. The Dean’s List is an honor, it’s separate from scholarship programs. Nevertheless this is a criterion to consider scholarships, especially scholarships based on previous study results of students.

The Difference In President’s List And Dean’s List

The President’s List, of course, would be more honorable than the Dean’s List. This List only accepts students in the top 1% of the school or have a GPA above 95%. You cannot have both titles at the same time. Moreover, the President’s List will help make your resume too good. The answer to the question of putting Dean’s List on resume also applies to the President’s List.


Achieving the Dean’s List is a great effort. Yet, for that achievement to become an exploitable strength, you need to know how to use it. Putting Dean’s List on resume correctly will help viewers appreciate your knowledge and your subtlety. They will pinpoint what you want and get you the best collaboration offers. Don’t miss out on other exhilarating post on Jobandedu.

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