“Tabs For A Cause” – Save The World Just By Surfing The Net!

“Giving gives you back,” charity means helping others and yourself. Why? You will be happier by helping others and make the world a better place by spreading good work.

There are numerous ways of charitable work, yet there is an exciting method for you: just sit down, pick up your phone, browse the web, donate to the charity foundations even if you don’t spend any money. How can you do that?

Have you ever heard about “Tabs for a Cause?” We will explain to you briefly how it works and how to participate in this program at once. 

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What Is “Tabs For A Cause”? 

Tabs For A Cause” is a browser add-on that donates advertising revenue to charities worldwide. For less than 10 seconds per day, you can help improve the living quality of the poor, the homeless worldwide just by surfing the web.

Why should we install Tabs for A Cause on our browser?

This organization has a mission: “Raise money for charity with every browser tab you open, for free.’’

How Does It Work?

You can add this extension to your browser, and you contribute one cent to a charity every time you open a new tab. A cent may seem tiny, yet there are billions of Internet users. This extension raised over $1,000,000 in donations by March 2020. 

Each month, Tabs for a cause focuses on donating to a particular charity recommended by its users. The amount donated will be sent to the six charities below:

Once installation is completed, you will see banner advertisements at the screen’s corners on each new tab you open. And Tabs For A Cause earns money from those advertisements. The profits then are donated to the charities which partner with “Tabs For a Cause”.

As usual, it spends at least 30% of its earnings to donate to nonprofit organizations. Historically this program spent up to 90% of its earnings on charities. Then it reinvests its revenue’s rest in 2 outflow sources:

  • Cost payments: operational and management costs, human resource compensations and benefits, system costs.
  • Reinvest a proportion to increase long-term charitable contributions.
“Tabs For A Cause” - Save The World Just By Surfing The Net!
Is Tabs For A Cause an add-on novel? Source: ofhsoupkitchen.org

Is It Legit?

Yes! Tabs For A Cause is legit. Since its inception in 2012, Tabs for a cause has contributed at least 30% of its earnings to a broad range of charity organizations worldwide (mentioned above). As of 2012, Tabs for a Cause had 3,000 users and donated about $4,000, according to The Los Angeles Times. 

It also publishes quarterly financial statements on the homepage, publicly reporting all of its spendings to users. 

In addition, six charities to which Tabs for a cause donates are highly rated on Charity Navigator and Give Well.

Install “Tabs For A Cause’’ With Just Several Clicks!

Install “Tabs For A Cause’’ With Just Several Clicks!
Donate with an exciting Chrome extension. Source: gannett-cdn

There seem to be similar business models like Snooze App and Charity Miles aiming at transforming people’s daily routines into acts of kindness and value for the community.

Add it to your Firefox or Chrome browser’s extension. It takes only a few minutes to complete the installation.

Once the add-on is added to Chrome or Firefox, you will see a friendly interface rather than your default display. You will earn the “heart” every time you open a new tab. A Tab For a Cause heart worth one-tenth of a penny means that if you collect 1,500 hearts, you donate 1.5 dollars to a charity.

5 Other Chrome Extensions To Do Online Charity Work

Tabs For a Cause is an amazingly kind, free-of-charge extension that helps people do charitable works just by going through the same old routine. Nonetheless, if you want to make a more significant impact, there are 5 other ways for you to carry out the charity work with your smartphone, as well:

Our Father’s House Soup Kitchen

Our Father’s House Soup Kitchen uses donations from sponsors or organizations to provide homeless people free or below-the-market price food. Also, it’s an online foundation that enables you to donate from anywhere. The donate method is straightforward, you just do a few clicks, and you can bring the homeless a warm meal free of charge.

Who We Are – Our Fathers House Soup Kitchen

SmileAlways – Also Called Amazon Smile

How to Donate to Charity with Amazon Smile

Two MIT students, Josh Haimson and Dan Elitzer developed SmileAlways in 2013 to commemorate the late digital rights activist and programmer Aaron Swartz.

After every purchase, SmileAlways will help Amazon give 0.5 percent of the invoice’s value to a specific charity (among one million charity organizations). Once SmileAlways add-on is installed, you just need to purchase items from Amazon as usual for these donations.

Amazon Smile
How to use Amazon Smile? Source: birdsonggregory.com


Angel Clicks: Charity Donation App

AngleClicks is another add-on browser that you can install on your Chrome to donate online. It will recommend charities’ links based on the website’s content you are looking for.

There are two ways for you to donate via the AngleClicks:

  • For personal users: Once the installation is finished, you will follow the charities’ links that popped up on the browser. Then, you may continue several steps to come to the final donation destination.
  • For a group of users (who installed the AngleClicks app) accessing the same website, the Admin will announce a common charity organization to donate to. The group’s members can contribute money together.

Coupons 4 Charity

Man Gets $1,700 Worth Of Supplies FOR FREE And Donates Them To Charity

With the Coupons 4 Charity, you will get notifications from various retailer sales and shopping deals such as Macy’s, Target, and Sears. And this add-on will provide you coupons, which will become your savings after every site buy. Then that savings will be given to a charity you designate.


How to Give to a Charity for FREE by Shopping online Goodshop

Goodshop, a part of GoodSearch, is a community-friendly search engine that is easily installed on iOS. To donate, customers only need to shop in one of the 5,000 various shops in Goodshop, consisting of Best Buy, Sephora, Gap, and the Old Navy. 

Goodshop also offers customers up to 100,000 coupons. Once this app is available on your phone, it will automatically give you a coupon and discount you after each purchase to save your money (like Coupons 4 Charity’s policy does). The saved money will then go to their favorite charity. 

According to Goodshop’s websites, Goodshop and Goodsearch together raised more than $ 11 million to charities after 9 years of operation.

Goodshop also offers customers up to 100,000 coupons
Shopping online on Goodshop to do charity work. Source: mspmag.com

In A Nutshell

Witnessing unfortunate plights will make each person feel appreciative and grateful for what they have. Whether you’re sitting on your sofa, picking up your smart mobile, or using your laptop and reading Jobandedu‘s post now, you are indeed more fortunate than many others. Hence, keep enjoying life and carry out more meaningful work for our society.

Donating to charity rapidly with a money-saving method just by surfing the web, that’s Tabs For A Cause mission. Please share our post with your friends and family to install “Tabs for A Cause” on your Chrome now!


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