How To Acquire Supply Chain Jobs Near Me? Insightful Details and Outlook

Supply chain positions are among the most potential choices in the job market. Unfortunately, due to the industry’s diversity, not many people understand the insights and jobs’ details and often find themselves lost when looking for a vacancy in the field. Thus, if you’re googling “how to get supply chain jobs near me.” today’s article is perfect.

We’ll offer you some insightful details regarding this broad industry while guiding you through basic requirements to apply for the positions.  

Supply Chain Jobs Near Me: What Are The Options?

Supply chain employees contribute to (or manage) the activity of manufacturing (or acquiring) goods while guaranteeing they reach the final clients on time and in excellent condition. 

As mentioned earlier, the industry is so diverse, and it provides so many job options, each of which has its set of duties and responsibilities. So, if you’re thinking about getting into the field yet don’t know where to begin, check our list of the most common SCM positions. 

Beginner Positions

Inventory Clerk 

As an inventory clerk, one’s tasks involve:

  • Keeping track of the items stocked in warehouses or distribution sites.
  • Receiving and counting products when they are deposited into the business’s stock.
  • Comparing the number of goods available in the storehouse to the stock data of the business.
  • Utilizing radio frequency identifier (RFID) cards, printed labels, or different forms of marking technology to identify the goods.

See the daily life of an inventory clerk: INVENTORY CLERK

Production Clerk

If you’re a production clerk, your job would be:

  • Assist the company in adhering to the manufacturing plan by arranging and facilitating the tasks.
  • Establish and distribute manufacturing plans
  • Process and deliver job orders to the relevant divisions.
  • Fasten the transportation or distribution of goods to maximize the flow of materials.

Supply Chain & Logistics (SCL) Coordinator

Supply Chain & Logistics (SCL) Coordinator

Another option is to become a supply chain & logistics coordinator. – Logistics Bureau

A supply chain & logistics coordinator will:

  • Handle the order stream of every local & global delivery.
  • Oversee the transportation and inventory of items in the facilities using the company’s inventory administration system.
  • Supervise all imported and exported commodities stages, schedules, and documents.
  • Establish effective communication channels between companies, traders, and logistics providers.

Supply Chain & Logistics (SCL) Customer Service Rep

The duties of a supply chain & logistics customer service rep are to:

  • Take incoming client support calls and emails.
  • Assist clients in resolving logistics, shipment, and fulfillment concerns.
  • Work as the company’s “first line,” connecting the firm with its valuable clients.
  • Excel at various computer software, such as Microsoft Office or Excel, and internet-based networking platforms such as Gmail.

Intermediate-level Opportunities

Import/Export Specialist

Intermediate-level Opportunities

The first mid-level position is an import/export specialist. – CEVA Logistics

An import/ export specialist usually:

  • Takes responsibility for cross-border shipping.
  • Makes sure that deliveries are following regulatory requirements.
  • Monitors and records deliveries.
  • Provides advice to businesses on taxes, insurance, and quotas.

Supply Chain Analyst

What does a supply chain analyst do? A supply chain analyst usually:

  • Examines supply chain procedures.
  • Highlights procedures that may be improved and optimized.
  • Receives, analyzes, and distributes logistical data.
  • Examines shipping expenses to see where the company might save money.

Supply Chain & Logistics (SCL) Sourcing Specialist

Supply Chain & Logistics (SCL) Sourcing Specialist

A supply chain & logistics sourcing specialist is a great career choice. – Intelligent Audit

The job of a supply chain & logistics sourcing specialist includes: 

  • Optimizing the company’s goods sourcing operation.
  • Counseling and assisting the organization while collaborating with upper-level personnel to build effective supply chain procurement tactics.
  • Strengthening partnerships with suppliers.
  • Negotiating expenses while developing contractual terms and conditions allowing the company to grow more profitable in the long term.

Supply Chain and Logistics (SCL) Transportation Specialist

This position requires the employee to:

  • Manage logistic services and supervise their activities.
  • Be responsible for logistics strategies for retail or wholesale fulfillment activities.
  • Seek shipping partners, delivery channels, and other critical components of delivering goods from the facility to the clients’ addresses.
  • Negotiate pricing and agreements with shipping partners.

Advanced Positions

Procurement Agent

If you’re searching for procurement jobs near me, the position of a procurement agent is ideal. The job includes:

  • Conducting market analysis, evaluation, and purchase.
  • Making purchases for use in their company’s day-to-day activities or to resell to others.
  • Performing the necessary groundwork and information searching to acquire significant amounts of goods in a cost-effective strategy to meet the company’s financial plan.
  • Issuing procurement requests and negotiating pricing for optimal price.

Distribution Manager

Advanced Positions

A distribution manager plays a great role in the supply chain management of a company. – Jobs in Logistics

As a distribution manager, one will:

  • Actively supervise the storing and (or) distributing activities of the firm.
  • Hire and instruct warehouse staff.
  • Establish guidelines and policies for workplace safety.
  • Allow for a seamless circulation of items inside the business.

Operations Manager

An excellent operations manager should:

  • Oversee the company’s general activities, whether it is private or public.
  • Monitor manufacturing, sales, and delivery.
  • Evaluate operating efficiency.
  • Consider possible expense savings.

Supply Chain Manager

If you’re a supply chain manager, employers will expect you to:

  • Acquire the components and basic materials required to manufacture the firm’s products.
  • Assess providers and comes up with agreements.
  • Monitor stock inventories for cost-efficiency.
  • Negotiate freight and delivery costs with contractual carriers.

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How To Acquire The Positions: Job Requirements And Qualifications

Based on the position you seek within the Supply Chain industry, different qualifications and requirements are essential on your resume.

If you want to work in the Supply Chain industry, the most straightforward approach is to get a bachelor’s degree or a BTEC HNC/HND. Indeed, a diploma in a relevant major will ensure that you do not squander your effort.

How To Acquire The Positions: Job Requirements And Qualifications

It’s a must to have a certification or degree to work in the supply chain industry. – BCS Placement

However, if undergraduate education is out of reach for you, another alternative certification like APICS is preferable. Indeed, there are several excellent supply chain and logistics programs available nowadays.

Some firms provide a postgraduate education strategy if you have already earned your undergraduate degree. These programs might run anywhere from a couple of months to several years. After that, the company will assign you to better job positions. 

Besides the qualifications, you’ll need some helpful abilities and skills. They are:

  • Excellent team leadership.
  • Organizational skills.
  • The ability to work independently.
  • Geographical understanding.
  • Outstanding verbal and non-verbal communication abilities.
  • Meticulousness.
  • Proficiency in charts, databases, and various computer applications.

For better preparation, refer to our manager interview question list, and some applying hints cooperations won’t tell.

How Much Do You Make In A Supply Chain Job?

According to the ASCM 2020 survey, supply chain experts make $50,000 to $158,000 annually, including bonuses. Moreover, the average income growth in 2019 was 4.7%, greater than the national rate of 3.5%, making the median income $82,007.

Employees commencing in the supply chain industry may anticipate earning $60,000 in the first 2 years, more than the national median starter pay of $51,347. This number will grow when you work longer, with the most significant increases following 5 years of employment.

Another factor that affects the wide salary gap is the educational background. Supply chain managers possessing a bachelor’s diploma, for instance, indicated an average compensation of $78,750, which is 24% greater than the national average income. 

How Much Do You Make In A Supply Chain Job?

The salary of supply chain positions is quite tempting. – Logistics Jobs Asia

Acquiring certification also has a favorable effect on earnings. 

For example, according to ASCM, supply chain specialists with only one qualification revealed a 12% greater average compensation than those with no qualifications. Additionally, each new qualification obtained corresponds to a rise in compensation.

Moreover, employees with an APICS certification in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM), Supply Chain Professional (CSCP), or Logistics, Transportation, and Distribution (CLTD) make a better earning than people who are not qualified.

Indeed, people with at least one APICS accreditation made an average salary of 21%, greater than employees who were not qualified. Furthermore, people possessing at least one APICS qualification claimed 18% higher income than those having alternative certificates.

Working Time And Environment Of Supply Chain Jobs

You’ll work nine to five throughout the weekdays most of the time, which is perfect if you want a fixed schedule. Yet, like with other retail employees, it’s no surprise if you have to cover some late and weekend shifts once in a while.

Working Time And Environment Of Supply Chain Jobs

The working hours are similar to other office jobs. – Logistics Jobs Asia

Distribution is a never-sleeping market with numerous firms operating 24/7. Thus, be ready to stay around for all situations, even if you leave work for home.

Regarding your work setting, you’ll most likely work in an office, a warehouse, a distribution center, or a delivery station.

Job Outlook: Is It A Promising Field?

Extremely promising!

According to the Society of Human Resources research, one out of every 3 organizations in the US has vacancies that take 9 – 12 months to fill. 

Another survey claimed that supply chain employees’ need outnumbers the supply by a factor of 6, which is likely to increase to 9 in the following decades.

Job Outlook: Is It A Promising Field?

The future for positions within the industry is so bright. – otlsb

The primary shortfall calls the name of mid-level management positions, particularly in big data reports, financial analysis, and supply chain administration, where the lack is over 54%. Indeed, from 2020 to 2027, people anticipate the worldwide supply chain management market to expand 11.2%, having yearly earnings of $37.4 billion in 2020.

But what’s more tempting is that experts predict this demand to skyrocket in the event of the Covid19. Indeed, many businesses have learned the hard lesson of how crucial it is to have competent employees in the Supply Chain industry. 

Factors that Affect the Supply Chain Industry

Although the supply chain industry is stable, several factors actively impact the industry’s present and upcoming picture.

One of the most significant is the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. Indeed, the aftermath of this pandemic has emphasized the demand to drastically restructure primary segments of the world’s supply chain network.

Moreover, official quarantines and customer behavioral changes led to severe supply chain interruptions in many industries, from medical commodities and medicines to retailing shops and supermarkets.

This global health catastrophe uncovered several supply chain flaws that, if not corrected, can develop a few prospective supply chain bottlenecks.

Factors that Affect the Supply Chain Industry

Several elements are now affecting the industry’s future. – Search Solution Group

Another major element influencing the supply chain industry is the increased utilization of digital information in strategy development and implementation.

This increase in digitized solutions may facilitate faster access to vital supply chain statistics like stock items and sustainability. Also, effective integration of such intelligence might help enhance supply chains by detecting flaws and increasing supply chain effectiveness.

Wrapping Up

That’s everything we have regarding the topic of how to acquire supply chain jobs near me. These positions’ outlook and salaries are indeed incredibly appealing, and they promise excellent career growth; thus, the field is an excellent consideration for senior high-school students and undergraduates. 

However, if the industry is not what you’re looking for, consider other job overviews. Good luck!

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