How To Throw A Super Soft Birthday Party

A really soft birthday party is just what you’d anticipate, a celebration that’s ideal for your dear friend. A Super Soft Birthday Party, full of childlike antics and hijinks. It’s worth an unforgettable memory for the person being honored.

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What Is A Super Soft Birthday Party

Daryl’s Super Soft Birthday Party, Letterkenny’s second episode

“Super Soft Birthday Celebration” (Season 1, Episode 2), in which ‘Darry’ approaches his birthday and his pals give him a conventional birthday party, as he has always had since he was a child. His mother hosted a feminine get-together party back in the day since she “supposedly” wanted a daughter but was trapped with him.

Most Letterkenny fans may recognize a time-honored custom of throwing a Super Soft Birthday Party for a close friend. In fact, virtually everything on this list comes from Katy and Wayne’s yearly birthday celebration for Darry. In the movie, it’s more about Wayne and Katy having fun than celebrating Darry’s birthday (aren’t we all?).

How To Throw A Super Soft Birthday Party
Daryl’s Letterkenny super soft birthday party episode 2 – Source:

You wouldn’t think the toughest guy in town would throw a soft birthday party in this episode. That’s what makes this episode so funny and relatable.

Super Soft Birthday Party is a fantastic episode in the Letterkenny series. How hilarious it may seem, we lowkey want to throw one of these parties for ourselves or friends. Whether it’s for the aesthetic, or you think it’s a great idea to tease one of your tough friends. Here’s what you’ll need for your super soft birthday party.

How To Throw A Super Soft Birthday Party

No matter ABC Party or Soft Birthday, ideas for decorations are the cornerstones.

Keep in mind that, to stay true to the show, you should hold the party outside. Let us guide you through the phases swiftly so you can get started right away.

Make Invitations

It isn’t considered “hip” anymore to make birthday party invitations the way we used to.

It’s best to print it on a piece of cardstock, so the colors look more vivid and durable.

How To Throw A Super Soft Birthday Party
A handmade birthday invitation cards – Source:

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t get to work and design your birthday invitations if you like crafting. To create the best invitation cards, use whatever you like, from bright seed pearls like these to dazzling glitters. Your visitors will appreciate the time, though, and work you put into each invitation.

Decorate A Super Soft Party

To begin, make a birthday sign as they did in the show. It’s pretty simple!

Cut out colorful paper patterns and write “Happy Birthday!” on them using a pencil. Paint the letters with a pink color and use purple paint to outline them.

Ting Ting. A birthday sign is ready.

Decorate A Super Soft Party
A “Happy birthday” banner – A birthday sign  – Source:

After that, you may create the Strip Lights.

It is a must-have for every birthday celebration. You can even make the same brilliant strip lights that they utilized in the show by yourself. Simply arrange red craft paper strips in a specific pattern, and you’ve got a great start on a super soft birthday party décor.

It is a must-have for every birthday celebration
 DIY string light balls  – Source:

Moreover, you may need bouncy houses, plastic drinkware, and a loop straw. Plus, there are Super Soft Birthday Balloons and other trinkets like noisemakers.

Prepare Super Soft Foods

Super soft doesn’t always imply that the meal is physically soft and moist (for example french fries are a good option), although it might if you wanted it to be. On a Super Soft Birthday, french fries are a must-have. Cotton candy and candied bacon should be on the list. Aside from that, cupcakes are the most delicate treat of all birthday party food options, and a cupcake decorating station is a necessity (we insist).

Prepare Super Soft Foods
Super Soft Party Cakes – Source:

Make Super Soft Fruity Drinks

Not the food; the secret to hosting a soft birthday party is to make the proper beverages!

You may prepare any of the following beverages:

  • Love potion Cocktail
  • Lemon Gingerini Detox Drink
  • Purple passion punch cocktail
  • Apricot Toblerone Cocktail
  • Flirtini vodka cocktail
  • Sparkling mango sorbet float

Of course, this list is limited. Hence, you can serve anything that you believe would fit/please your guests.

Don’t forget Gus N’ Bru, Letterkenny’s Finest Whiskey as well. It’s a good way to warm up before a fight, not that we are encouraging one. And it’s even better if you’re having a Super Soft party. It’s best for a pre-fight regimen.

Drinks are vital for parties, but it’s better not to ask your pals what you did yesterday if you’re too tipsy!!

Maybe you’ve done a bunch of wild stuff! It may be embracing and kissing someone, yelling, or dancing in the street or some people even pierce their own ears

Make Super Soft Fruity Drinks
Gus N’ Bru, Letterkenny’s Finest Whiskey – Source:


 A DIY Tiaras for a party  – Source:

The softest birthday item ever is a tiara. For a birthday celebration, you may make these yourself with a narrow plastic band, 24-gauge flowery wire, and tiny pink beads.

You may visit a YouTube channel that instructs how to build a tiara in an hour or less!

Link video: Making Tiaras Part 1: Tiara Band. Make It With Spellbound

DIY A Table Skirt

A table skirt is much simpler to make than you would think. All you’ll need for the tabletop is a white tablecloth and pink fabric for the skirt.

Lorena Scofield of YouTube has a great video for creating a lovely pink table skirt.

Link video:

Tulle Princess Table Skirting – Ballerina Birthday Theme

You can start skirting once you’ve done covering the table’s top by pinning your skirt fabric in any location.

Pin the skirt in place again, leaving a gap of two and a half inches. Return the fabric to its original position by folding and pinning it. Repeat ‘til the skirt is finished!

Get Pink Boas

There is no method to make your own boas, unfortunately.

However, because they are so affordable, there’s no reason to make them yourself.

Get Pink Boas
Daryl with pink boas at his birthday party – Source:

Dress Up A Pinata Horse as A Unicorn

Would you like that to be the softest birthday party ever? – If you wish, you can transform the horse into a unicorn.

Dress Up A Pinata Horse as A Unicorn
 A DIY unicorn for soft birthday party  – Source:

The easiest part is dressing it up — simply braid the horse’s mane like they do in the show.

The transporting part can be challenging and risky. You may have two balloons taped together and reinforce them using paper mache. Once the decoration is complete, you slide string and sweets into its body via side doors. Paint your unicorn and give it a fantastic look after adding the legs, ears, and horns.

Wrapping Up

Everything should be pink, from the cakes to the decorations and party gifts. After all, the celebration needs to be super soft!

Don’t miss the belly slap — it’s a necessity in Canadian culture!

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