Stevie J Net Worth And 14 Surprising Facts About The Musician

That’s safe to say that Stevie J is best known for his appearance on the reality TV show ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’. Nonetheless, don’t let his flamboyant demeanor on VH1 fool you! Before turning into a reality star, Stevie was a key figure in the hip hop industry, standing behind many iconic pieces during the mid-to-late 1990s and into the 2000s. 

Stevie J, Puff Daddy, and a handful of other producers formed the ‘Hitmen’ in his golden era. They left their marks by crafting some of the era’s biggest hits. The Notorious B.I.G, Jay Z, Mariah Carey, Eve, and of course Puffy are among the artists with whom he has collaborated. It’s likely that you have heard his music on the radio or at the club more than once, but you had no idea that Stevie J was involved. 

According to his fellows, aside from his music career and achievements, Stevie J has an incredibly interesting personality. If you are curious about the all-time bad boy, there is no better time to learn more about him than now. 

Sit back, turn up the tunes, and get ready to discover Stevie J net worth and other interesting facts about this infamous producer.  

How Old Is Stevie J?

Stevie J was born on November 2, 1971, in Buffalo, New York, which means he has turned the 50s club. 

Not much is revealed about his childhood. According to interviews, he doesn’t know much about his mother: She left the family when he was eight months old. In 1972, Stevie’s father took him and his brother to Rochester, New York. The musician spent most of his life here, where he later discovered his passion for hip hop and R&B. 

How Much Is Stevie J Net Worth?

Stevie J Net Worth And 14 Surprising Facts About The Musician

How much is Stevie J net worth? – Source: VH1

According to Celebrity Net Worth, in 2021, Stevie J Net Worth is around $5 million. The website lists him as one of the most successful record producers of the mid-to-late 1990s. Most of his fortune comes from record-producing songs. As you look at other facts about his music career, you wouldn’t be surprised: This man really knows how to thrive in the music business. His appearance on reality shows also contributes to Stevie J’s net worth

In addition, Stevie also owns a mansion in Los Angeles, which was featured on the spin-off reality show: “Stevie J& Joseline: Go Hollywood”. As seen on his social media, the record producer also owns a car collection, but information on which cars he owns is not revealed. 

He Was Born With Musical Talents

Well, that’s something we can tell, judging from the fact that he is a familiar face in the hip-hop industry and the man behind many popular hits. Still, you will be surprised at how versatile he is. At a very young age, Stevie started to toy around with the drums in the local church. Later on, he began to practice keyboards, then guitars, and strings. 

Speaking about his talent, the producer believes he inherited the gift from his father, who played in a gospel band. Now, Stevie can write fantastic lyrics, produce top-notch songs for artists such as Puff Daddy or Joseline Hernandez, and he never hesitates to try out a new instrument. Until now, he can play the piano, guitar, violin, saxophone,… There is nothing that can challenge him. 

Stevie J Was One Of The People Behind Mariah Carey’s Hit

In case you don’t know, the producer contributed to Mariah Carey‘s remix of her smash hit, ‘Honey’. For that track, Mariah collaborated with a group of celebs, including Puff Daddy, Q-Tip, and Stevie J. He worked as a behind-the-scene producer for the singer. 

Mariah Carey ‘Bad Boy’ Remix

Turned out, the group really rocked that music video. ‘Honey’ became Mariah’s third single to debut atop Billboard’s Hot 100 and was her twelfth no.1 single at the time. It is worth noting that both Stevie J and Mariah were very young, with Stevie only in his twenties and that early gig was inspiring for him. What a fantastic start! 

Despite His Audacious Look, He Has An Eye And Ear For Talents

When we say Stevie is gifted with musical talents, we also mean that he has the capability to spot others’ potential. This man truly has an eye and an ear for finding and promoting hidden gems in the hip-hop industry. He had worked with Joseline Hernandez before she rose to fame, and he also collaborated with Jazmine Sullivan way before she had her breakthrough. 

In other words, even when Stevie is not your cup of tea, it is undeniable that he knows what he is doing. In the end, we are talking about the guy who worked with Mariah Carey! 

And Yes, He Is Truly A Smart Cookie

And Yes, He Is Truly A Smart Cookie

Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez – Source: HipHollywood

​​At least, that’s what Joseline Hernandez claimed. It was Stevie who helped her rise to fame. When it comes to industry knowledge, he appears to be very knowledgeable. According to Hernandez, Stevie is a real genius. That’s why she wants more chances to work with him. 

Therefore, his supporters can be certain that Stevie J is well-versed in the music scene and knows how to make the most out of it. Good for him, and good for his endeavors!

He Sets His Sights High

Like, so freaking high. In 2008, Stevie was asked about his 5-year plan. What was his response? He saw himself playing in Las Vegas (of course), wowing the audience and having a terrific time. Performing live was at the top of his list, which isn’t surprising given his enthusiasm for music. Stevie compared his goals to that of Frank Sinatra or Sammie Davis: Playing instruments, singing, and performing in front of crowds. Hey, never stop dreaming big.

Something unexpected? His other ambition is to own trendy hotels and resorts in Las Vegas. 

He Is Not Only A Musician But Also An Author 

The all-time bad boy never fails to surprise his fans with his hidden talents. In addition to producing and building a name for himself in the music industry, Stevie J also puts pen to paper. In 2013, he found his inner author and started writing a book titled ‘Taking One For The Team’. 

For Stevie J, it was a chance to reveal the tale of his venture in music, as well as his relationships with other hip-hop artists and music producers. He wanted to bring the hardships, viewpoints, and lifestyles of those on the scene to light. Given how many celebs Stevie J has worked with, I’m sure it is worth a read.

He Lost His Virginity At The Age Of 17

He Lost His Virginity At The Age Of 17 - stevie j net worth

The Buffalo native mentioned losing his virginity in high school – Source: The Boombox

Stevie always looks for some adventures, not only in his career but also in his love life. The producer admitted losing his virginity when he was 17 years old. That’s not the most shocking part: The first person he has done it with was a substitute teacher! Well, we can only hope that it wasn’t during school hours and the said teacher didn’t get fired. 

One thing we know is Stevie has pleasant recollections of the incident. As far as we can tell, he is always a hit with women! 

His Ideal Woman Is Marilyn Monroe 

Well, this headline requires some explanation. In an interview, Stevie J received a question about his romantic fantasy. To be more specific, the question was who would be Stevie J’s dream hookup. His answer was Marilyn Monroe. At least we know that he has good taste because a romantic encounter with her is the dream of everyone.

Aside from the legendary blonde bombshell, the producer also expressed some interest in Dita von Teese (a professional burlesque dancer, in case you have never heard about her). Well, whether it is music or romance, he knows what he wants so well and he is not afraid to express it. 

His Romantic History Is Pretty Chaotic 

How much do you think you know about Stevie J’s previous relationships? Many people see how charming he is from the reality show Love & Hip-hop, but he has been dating and working the scene way before. He has his fair share of romances, some of the ladies you might have heard about, and others may come as a shock. 

His most famous relationship was with Alex Martin, who he dated for six years. And Alex is, guess who, the daughter of Whoopi Goldberg! The couple even got engaged in 2007 but suddenly called it quit before tying the knot. 

Another woman in Stevie J’s romance history was the rapper-turned-actress Eve. She even wrote a song specifically for Stevie J, titled ‘Got A Man’. Because Stevie cheated on Eve with several women, the couple broke up, according to the rap diva herself. 

Stevie J hints at Eve being into women while they were dating

Other celebrities that Stevie J was involved with are DJ Traci Steele, Mimi Faust, and Joseline Hernandez. On MTV show Wild n’ Out, he even claimed to sleep with Mariah Carey not once, but twice! Nevertheless, the only woman Stevie actually married is his long-term friend, Faith Evans. 

He Has 6 Children, But He Still Wants More

As a result of his notorious love history, Stevie J currently has six children with five different women. His first son, Dorian, was welcomed in 1995 with Rhonda Henderson. Stevie Jr is the second son and third child. Sade, Savannah, Eva, and Bonnie Bella are the four gorgeous daughters of the music producer. Stevie J daughter Savannah is a reality star herself as she became a cast member of Growing Up Hip-hop. 

He Has 6 Children, But He Still Wants More - stevie j net worth

Stevie J daughter Savannah – Source: Distractify

Still, he is eager to expand his family. Stevie has never been shy around the idea of pregnancy. He was known to be a good father, too, until his children saw him on Love & Hip-hop. Stevie J’s own daughters were upset with him after seeing his antics on the show. In fact, they even told him not to contact them, but they would call him when they felt like it. These young girls were fed up with the way Stevie J treated women and how he spoke without thinking on the show. That’s totally understandable, given his actions. 

He Files For Divorce From Faith Evans Earlier This November 

He Files For Divorce From Faith Evans Earlier This November  - stevie j net worth

After 3 years, the couple decides to end their marriage – Source: Sam Sylk

Earlier this November, the record producer filed a petition for divorce from his wife, Faith Evans, in the Los Angeles Superior Court. The couple has been together for 3 years. Apparently, this was the result of Faith’s accusation for domestic violence after allegedly attacking Stevie. 

So, though Stevie and Faith denied the rumors about a rocking marriage after one year of being together, they finally decided to split. This will be the first divorce for Stevie and the second for Faith. 

He Always Has Something Up His Sleeve! 

Now you know why Stevie J net worth is so impressive among record producers. With his strange mind and versatility, the Buffalo native is one of those artists from whom we never know what to anticipate. Just when we think we’ve seen it all, he comes out with something even more bizarre. From music to his private life, Stevie simply keeps us guessing, and we have no idea what he will bring next. 

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