SteveWillDoIt Shirts And More Items You Can Get To Support The Social Media Influencer

Nowadays, getting famous as a social media influencer is easy – all you need is internet access, a phone, laptop, social media, and you can post content like your life depends on it. Having the privilege not to have to juggle several jobs to make ends meet so you can focus on your content-making would also help. Your photos and videos don’t even have to have a purpose besides being entertaining; you just need to be out there, and voila: you’re an influencer. So, it’s no surprise why SteveWillDoIt shirts are selling like crazy even if the person behind it, Steve DeLeonardis, is mainly known for only doing the most outrageous stunts on his channels.

It’s a dystopian world that we live in, after all, so if that first paragraph was weird for you, then you should know it gets weirder. It will make anyone in their right minds shake their heads and do a facepalm while asking themselves if this is a fever dream because the reality couldn’t be this shockingly out there yet.

So, if you’re ready to learn more about SteveWillDoIt, why his channel is named that way, and the things he’s actually done, then please keep scrolling. And if you’re a fan, we also have some SteveWillDoIt shirts and items that you could spend your money on and egg Steve to keep doing it, whatever “it” is.

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Who Is SteveWillDoIt?

SteveWillDoIt is an Instagram celebrity and social media influencer, which is a real job in today’s world, whether you like it or not. He is well-known for his Instagram and YouTube videos, where he performs outrageous stunts and challenges. These acts include eating 15 burgers in a row, downing an entire bottle of vodka in a short period of time, doing a chain-smoking challenge, eating a humongous pizza in half an hour, and more. Yup, he’s done all of these things, so you can only imagine how his liver and lungs look like now, but, damn, at least he’s got some content for his followers to watch.

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More About SteveWillDoIt

Steve was born on August 26, 1998, in Florida. He is in a much-followed relationship with another Instagram personality named Celina Smith. Steve’s Instagram account boasts the title “Healthiest man alive!” for his bio, which we can only assume is him being sarcastic because no one who has done any of the challenges we just mentioned would be remotely healthy at all. At least, he has some sense of humor – you got to give him that. He has over 3.4 million followers who love supporting and seeing his privileged life to buy a Lamborghini while drunk.

Let’s Go Deeper Into The SteveWillDoIt Rabbit Hole

The NELK Boys, and SteveWillDoIt. - stevewilldoit shirts
The NELK Boys, with SteveWillDoIt. Source:

SteveWillDoIt is a member of a group of NELK Boys, a group of guys doing the same thing on their social media channels. Besides SteveWillDoIt’s challenges, he’s also done a lot of prank videos that fuel the fire of his influencer career. Some of the many pranks they did were putting laxatives on their friend’s workout drink and smoking a bong with his friends during a classroom lesson. But at least, they stated in some of their videos that they’re donating the money they raise to a good cause, like breast cancer awareness. Does that make up for the fact that they have inconvenienced their peers and teachers? You can be the judge of that.

Knowing that NELK has more purpose than SteveWillDoIt’s account changes things up a bit. Still, these stunts and pranks are so normalized in the NELK Boys’ lives that it seems there’s nothing that they will not do, even if they make everyone else around them uncomfortable or feel disrespected. To make things more dystopian, their channels have amassed an enormous following that they needed to turn them into a firm they call Full Send Entertainment. So, yes, it looks like whether he’s drunk or armed and hammered, Steve will do it!

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What Will You Do For Steve?

So, since Steve has been doing many things for us, what will you do for him in return? You can get some SteveWillDoIt shirts and NELK products to keep the money in their bank accounts coming in. So, if you want to see them doing more outrageous stunts and pranks than they have done and you want to test their limits, here are some products you can buy to do just that:

Happy Dad T-Shirt

NELK’s Kyle Forgeard and SteveWillDoIt have revealed that they have a proper business this time with the beverage brand they call “Happy Dad.” Whatever the reason behind them naming the brand that way, they didn’t explain. It’s like the rationale behind their stunts and pranks – it’s probably non-existent, but you’re still consuming it, possibly for the same reason. So, get their Happy Dad shirt to show just how much you love the non-existent reason behind everything they’ve done in their social media career.

SteveWillDoIt Shirt

Of course, just as we promised, here is a shirt that will let you attest to your devotion for videos that cross the fine line between fun content to outrageously nonsensical pranks and challenges. The shirt says, “Back to back felon of the year! Steve will do it,” with two of his photos printed on the front. Why do you need this shirt? Well, for the same reason, you subscribe and enjoy Steve’s channel and content, of course.

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SteveWillDoIt Popeye Shirt

I’m not really sure what Popeye is doing on a SteveWillDo it shirt, but at this point of this article, I’ve lost reasons to look for any logic as to why Steve does the things he does. But this is a cool-looking shirt that has an excellent fit, and it can be a funny gift to your family – at least, that’s what the product information says.

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SteveWillDoIt Craziest Moments | (NELK) | Compilation

What Else Will Steve Do In The Future?

More than three million people support SteveWillDoIt, so finding someone with the same twisted mind who enjoys his content shouldn’t be difficult, especially if you wear a SteveWillDoIt shirt in public. Show you can be fun and dystopian at the same time with these products. 
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