Fans Have Been Anxiously Waiting For Snow White With The Red Hair’s Season 3 – Here’s Everything We Know, So Far

Since the 90s, anime has grown worldwide as more people outside Japan started discovering the pop culture phenomenon. Of course, back then, watching them – or just about any series – was different as streaming sites like Netflix aren’t available yet. You have to wait for one whole week before you can watch the next episodes, and there was no such thing as binge-watching. Now, the problem is binge-watching an anime and having to wait for years for the next season as you can finish the entire season in one sitting. Such is the case with Snow White with the Red Hair’s season 3 that many fans have been waiting for more than five years.

Many fans have developed a strong emotional connection to the show because of the anime’s story, world-building, and character arcs. Many of the anime’s fans have been waiting for any news or updates from the anime’s creators when they should expect Snow White with the Red Hair’s season 3. If you are one of the series’ die-hard fans, we want to give you some updates we could find about one of the most popular Shoujo anime series to date.

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But First, Let’s Talk A Bit About Snow White With The Red Hair!

It’s obvious that the title of the anime and the manga is a reference to the Grimm brothers’ fairy tale, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Of course, the title helped make Snow White with the Red Hair become so popular today. However, besides the title, there are no other similarities between the fairy tale, manga, and anime. So, what makes anime so popular?

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The Story Is About A Girl Named Shirayuki Who Has Red Hair, Of Course!

Shirayuki is a girl born with unusual red hair, which is not difficult to guess as the English title suggests it to be the case. She meets Prince Raji, a prince who falls in love with her but decides to make her his concubine, which doesn’t sit well with her. Shirayuki decides to escape to a nearby nation through a dense forest where she meets a boy named Zen who helps her. So far, that’s how the story goes with some allusions to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as Zen gets poisoned by an apple meant to be for Shirayuki.

Snow White with the Red Hair, or Akagami no Shirayuki-hime in Japanese, is a romantic fantasy story. The manga was written and illustrated by Sorata Akizuki, and the first episode of the anime began airing in 2015. Fans of the manga fell in love with the anime right away, which caused the second season to be available soon after the first wrapped up. But how many seasons of Snow White with the Red Hair are there now? So far, there have only been two.

Snow White with the Red Hair’s second season launched a year later, with the last episode airing on March 28, 2016. Since then, many fans have been doing everything they can in forums, on their social media, and other channels to campaign for the new season, but to no avail. So, what’s causing the delays in Snow White with the Red Hair’s season 3?

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We Can Only Speculate About Season 3’s Delay

Most of the time, there would be two major reasons for an anime to be canceled or delayed, and it mostly has to do with the earnings against the production costs. Bones Studio, the studio that created the anime, has invested an average of $2 million in the anime, and many are speculating that the show didn’t make that much to do a break-even. Many fans are saying that this could not be the reason as the second season was well-received, but no one would know the exact financial details of the show. 

Another plausible explanation for the delay in releasing Snow White with the Red Hair’s season 3 is that Bones Studio is busy with their other anime shows. As of now, the company is also working on My Hero Academia’s season 4, Mob Psycho 100’ season 3, and Bungo Stray Dogs’ season 3.

Of course, the Covid-19 pandemic is another factor that should be in the equation as it has caused delays in many films and series. But then again, this is another speculation as the studio has not confirmed anything yet, which sucks because the wait has been too long.

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Possible Turn Of Events For Snow White With The Red Hair’s Season 3 

Even if any official updates about Snow White with the Red Hair’s season 3 are non-existent, it shouldn’t be difficult to expect it to expand Zen and Shirayuki’s love story. The two main characters were well-loved, and their story had a cliffhanger ending in season, so it should only be right for their story to have some sort of conclusion. 

If Snow White with the Red Hair’s season 3 will continue being faithful to the manga, we can expect to have Shirayuki visit the Kingdom of Clarines in the northern realm. The magical herbs play a vital role in the story, so we might see Shirayuki working alongside Ryuu to explore and develop new herbs.

Snow White with the Red Hair’s season 3 might also introduce new characters like Prince Izana, who is hiding in the Lilias Pavillion, all this time. Of course, we would also need to know any updates about Zen’s Snow White with the Red Hair’s character. These are the possible storylines that the third season would possibly explore until it leads the story – hopefully – to season 4.

Snow White With Red Hair Season 3: Release Schedule And Latest News And Updates 2021

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Give Us Season Snow White With The Red Hair’s Season 3

Unfortunately, 2022 isn’t looking promising for many fans to get Snow White with the Red Hair’s season 3, but it doesn’t mean it will not happen. For all we know, Bones Studio would be dropping the first episode of the new season later this year or early next year. So, until then, we can keep being hopeful with our fingers crossed.

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