8 Reasons to Get Involved In A Military Career

Entering a military career can be seen as an important decision and a turning point in life, as “The military is not so much a job, it is more of a death sentence.” – Steven Magee. Should I join the military quiz?is a big question that can change your life significantly.

If you are a non-military expert, you will only know and choose between air force vs. army life. The following article will show you that besides these 2 common branches, the military also has several other units that might suit you. 

8 Reasons To Join The Military

Sense Of Pride

Some consider it an honor to sacrifice and fight to protect their homeland. Besides, when wearing your uniform and parading, you receive respect from the citizens for your service. That is the honor that not many professions can gain.

Honor And Benefits For Your Family

A family having a member in the military will receive great honor and respect from society. Additionally, family members may be qualified for TRICARE (the Department of Defense healthcare program, which provides medical and dental care services for qualified uniformed services members and other qualified DOD beneficiaries) depending on the service member’s duty status.

Getting In Shape

If joining the military, you will have to do physical training and workouts daily. This routine will undoubtedly improve your fitness and health, as well as keep you in good shape.

Thorough Medical Care

Getting In Shape - 8 Reasons to Get Involved In A Military Career

Physical training and workouts in the military will keep you in good shape – Source: bodybuilding.com

After joining the military, you will have the opportunity to receive comprehensive health care from qualified and conscientious nurses in medical facilities and living quarters.

Advantages When Applying For A Job Later

Having military experience on your resume will be a massive plus in the eyes of recruiters. Therefore, a soldier who wants to apply for another job will have a higher chance of getting it.

Additionally, the skills and fitness gained through the military operation will help you have an advantage when applying for several jobs such as fitness coach, physical education or defense education teacher, security guard, etc.

Earlier Retirement

If you serve at least 20 years, you are eligible for retirement no matter which branch you have worked in. Especially for those who enroll in the military as soon as they reach the eligible age, they can retire at around 40. That is plenty of time to pursue a second career, start a business, focus on caring for family, or simply relax.

Earlier Retirement

Early retirement is the time to pursue a second career, start a business, focus on caring for family, or simply relax – Source: www.militaryfamily.org


The US military has international bases such as Italy, Poland, and Germany or even ones near tourist sites such as Hawaii, which means that a soldier will travel widely. Traveling is also a way to have unforgettable memories and experiences with peers in the same unit.

Other Benefits

Those gains include retirement through TSP, VA Home Loan, SGLI, and GI Bill.

Thrift Savings Plan, or TSP in short, is a retirement savings plan for federal employees and members of the military. By engaging in the TSP, a soldier will save a portion of their income for retirement, receive matching military unit contributions, and reduce their current taxes.

The VA loan is a $0 down mortgage option available to Veterans, Service Members, and select military spouses. This loan makes them become homeowners by offering benefits related to home loans and other housing-related programs for them to build, buy or repair houses.

Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (SGLI) is a VA program that provides low-cost group life insurance to all military members. This program’s benefits include coverage up to the top limit of $400,000 with $50,000 increments and 120 days of free coverage from the day you left the military.

The Forever GI Bill allows military veterans to pursue educational life opportunities. Specifically, it builds hospitals, provides low-interest mortgages and stipends to cover tuition and costs for veterans attending college or trade schools.

Additionally, this career gives you 30 days of paid vacation annually.

Considerations That You Should Take Into Before Joining The Military – “Should I Join The Military Quiz?”

Although joining the military renders many great benefits, there are some matters you should take into accounts before joining this career. So, what’s easy to get into and hard to get out of?

Are You Willing To Make The Commitment?​ 

The idea of the military firstly attracts many people, but some later regret joining. Before deciding “Should I join the military quiz?”, think carefully about what you will have to go through and commit by searching for information on the Internet or asking someone you know how life as a soldier is, if possible. Make sure you collect essential insights and will not regret the commitment you will make. Once you have enlisted, you are under contract with the US government, and deserting is nearly impossible.

Are You Willing To Make The Commitment? - 8 Reasons to Get Involved In A Military Career

Think carefully when facing the question “Should I join the military quiz?” – Source: military.com

The Pros And Cons Of Each Military Branches

Each branch of the military has different characteristics, depending on its mission and features. In the next part of our article, we will introduce the top branches of the military.

“Should I Join The Military Quiz”? – Top Branches Of The Military

The Army

This military unit is the oldest military branch and is considered the main ground-force of the military. Its primary mission is protecting the US with the support of weapons and combat vehicles such as armor, artillery, helicopters, etc.

The Army - Should I Join The Military Quiz

U.S. soldiers with the 2nd Cavalry Regiment march near Vilseck, Germany – Source: Pablo N. Piedra/U.S. Army

The Army is suitable for those who like traveling, as the Army has many bases worldwide. Besides world travel, this brand offers many job opportunities and promotions for those deciding to pursue a long-life military career.

Here is more information on the US military’s worldwide bases:

However, if you prefer working indoors, this branch is not for you because army soldiers have to spend a lot of time outdoors. Working in the Army also means that your workplace will not be near the sea, or even it is a deserted land. These harsh terrains and conditions present distinct difficulties and inconveniences for an army soldier that require flexible adaptation.

The Air Force

In contrast with the Army, this is the youngest military service. Its purpose is to support Army ground forces through the exploitation of air and space.

The Air Force - "should i join the military quiz?"

Two U.S. Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcons conduct armed aerial patrols in Somalia – Source: Taylor Harrison.

The Air Force is perfect for those who love technology and want to use the most advanced equipment. It also offers the best facilities in all of the other branches of service.

Here is an inspirational video for those who want to follow the Air Force unit:

The Navy

The mission of the Navy is to protect and maintain freedom of the seas.

If you love the ocean and sea, this military branch is definitely for you.

But if you are vulnerable to seasickness, bypass this military branch. Another drawback is having to be away from your home and your family for long periods.

The Navy

The mission of the Navy is to protect and maintain freedom of the seas – Source: military.com

The Marines

The Marines require the highest level of physical fitness as it owns one of the severest boot camps of all the branches. Its primary mission is to assault, capture, and control beachheads, then create a route to attack the enemy from different directions. 

Take those characteristics into account before joining this harsh military branch. But if you like working both land and sea, consider the Marines as a compatible option.

The Marines - "should i join the military quiz"

The Marines require the highest level of physical fitness – Source: nationalinterest.org

The Coast Guard

The Coast Guard is a maritime, military, multi-mission service unique among the US military branches with the primary specialty in naval law enforcement. This military branch is also considered one of the most prestigious military jobs with the mission of rescuing swimmers. 

If you want to pursue a career in law enforcement and security, this job will completely fit you. 

However, any criminal record or poor credit history can be a barrier disqualifying you from this branch. 

The Coast Guard - "should i join the military quiz?"

If you want to pursue a career in law enforcement and security, this job will completely fit you – Source: gocoastguard.com

Key Takeaways For “Should I Join The Military Quiz?”

Wearing a military uniform is considered a significant turning point in life because you will have to perform very sacred tasks and get the deserved benefits.

Hope that the above article will help you answer the question “Should I join the military quiz?” by evaluating this career and selecting the most appropriate branch if you decide to become a soldier. Good luck with your career decision!

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