Scorpio And Taurus Friendship: An Unbreakable Loyalty

“You WON’T believe what happened today at Balthazar! It sounds stupid I know, but now I realize he is the one! Thanks for encouraging me xxoo”

Two years after sending me this message, my best friend Tara is now preparing for a grand wedding with Ralph – the man she said to be “the one”. When she told me about the proposal, I couldn’t believe how fast time flies. 

Tara and Ralph matched on both Tinder and OkCupid within 24 hours, and he insisted that they were clearly meant to be. After many unsuccessful dates, my friend didn’t have the same confidence. She even canceled on the poor guy twice until I told her to just go. “I wouldn’t want to see you again after being called off twice, Tara. He either really has a thing for you or is way too desperate”, I said. 

She owes that to me as the two became the most devoted couples I’ve ever seen. No one can be so patient with Tara as Ralph, and she is the only one who understands his sensitive nature behind the tough look. They make a golden example of how a relationship between Scorpio and Taurus would work out at its best. 

Being two opposite signs, Scorpio and Taurus can be a challenging duo. Still, just like all the zodiac pairings, no couple is doomed to fail. In this article, we will dive into the potential of a Scorpio and Taurus friendship. Let’s see how these two dominant personalities get along with Jobandedu

About Scorpio: The Shadow Shaman

Scorpio is the second Water sign of the zodiac, making them extremely sensitive and driven by emotions. However, unlike their Cancer counterpart, these individuals tend to be more mature and suppressed. Afraid to be hurt, Scorpions are highly protective of themselves and their private life. That’s why they often appear unpredictable and mysterious to others. 

Due to their pessimistic nature, people born under this sign choose to isolate themselves, which makes them difficult to come close. Even if you manage to approach them, you will just find a vast abyss of infinite complexity. While trying their best not to reveal much about themselves, Scorpions will constantly scan and read you. They would rather be the ones asking questions instead of the otherwise. 

The only thing you know is, that if Scorpions want to learn more about you, they are into you. Period. 

Scorpio And Taurus Friendship: An Unbreakable Loyalty
Scorpions are mysterious and hard to get, especially Pluto in Scorpio woman – Source: Unsplash

Under the cool and calm wrap, though, you can bet there’s something juicy going on. Being ruled by Pluto, there is nothing this sign enjoys more than the outlier of human experience. Extremes, challenges, and darkness are their reasons to live. You can think of Scorpions like those Hollywood bad boys: They are dangerous yet very charming, and even though they can drag you into trouble, you can’t help but be drawn to them. 

Scorpio is the fixed sign among Water zodiacs, which makes them persistent, relentless, and dedicated. The same goes for their relationships. If a Scorpion feels comfortable around you, you get yourself a fiercely loyal friend and a dedicated protector. Be careful not to make them feel betrayed, though. You can’t imagine how scary they can be once their restrained feelings burst out. 

About Taurus: The Sensual One 

Being an Earth sign, Taurus views things from a grounded and practical perspective. To them, everything is linked to the materialistic world. 

Taureans are very committed individuals who are willing to put enormous time and effort into achieving their goals. When facing a situation, they analyze all the factors carefully to understand how things operate. This process takes a while, so sometimes, people label them as lazy. However, their conclusions are thorough and rock solid. 

This applies to every aspect of their life, from career to friendship and romance. They are the kind of friends that will listen to your problem for four hours without a single complaint and make sure to help you find the best solution. 

About Taurus: The Sensual One
Taureans make reliable and loyal friends – Source: Unsplash

Just like Scorpio, Taurus belongs to the fixed modality, which makes them prone to changes. They value stability and reliability over anything, so when you are with a Taurean, you can expect 100 percent loyalty. It might take a while for them to open up, but once they choose you, they will choose you for life. This might serve as the bedrock for a Scorpio and Taurus friendship

Under their tough surface lies an artistic soul, that’s what people don’t know about Taureans. Like their celestial animal, they love chilling out in a serene environment, surrounded by soothing aromas and exquisite flavors. The Venusian influence also makes this Earth sign one of the most delicate and sensual zodiacs. They will not only make dedicated employees but also fun-loving and dependable partners. 

Scorpio And Taurus Compatibility 

Scorpio And Taurus Compatibility
Will a Scorpio and Taurus friendship work? – Source: Unsplash

Why Taurus and Scorpio attract? As Tara said, when the bull and scorpion meet for the first time, they will feel like soulmates for life. Taurus’ hidden artist will be drawn to Scorpio’s enigmatic sensual allure. Meanwhile, Scorpio will be captivated by the bull’s honesty and ability to meet its piercing gaze without backing down. 

Once the initial heat cools off, though, do these notoriously stubborn signs have what it takes to make a Scorpio and Taurus friendship last? 


With Scorpio being a water sign and Taurus being an earth sign, their core values can complement each other or clash fiercely, depending on their approach. Scorpions treasure their feelings more than anything else. Taureans, on the other hand, prioritize facts and logic. 

When they reach a compromise, Scorpio can help their partners to loosen up and be more comfortable with their emotions, while Taurus will sort out and balance Scorpio’s overwhelming feelings. Since they are both fixed signs, this can be challenging. If they let their stubbornness take over, you can expect a lot of drama regarding material and emotional values. 

Additionally, Scorpions are always down to new experiences and excitement. They handle changes better than Taurus, who considers changes to be a threat. When one partner values flexibility and the other is up for stability, it will take a lot of work to find harmony. 

Still, these two do share some sparks. Scorpio and Taurus seek honesty and loyalty in people around and in each other. Also, the Water and Earth duo both find pleasure in enjoying the finer things in life. Scorpio won’t find Taurus’ materialism weird or annoying, and Taurus can catch up with Scorpio’s expensive taste. 

Communication & Intellect 

As mentioned, Scorpio and Taurus view things from different perspectives. Being on opposite ends of the celestial wheel, they are as contrasting as they can be. For two open-minded signs, like Virgo and Pisces, things can get exciting since they will have a lot to discuss with each other. However, we are talking about Scorpio and Taurus, and disagreements can be a roadblock for these two. 

Communication can be difficult as both Taurus and Scorpio are very prideful. Scorpio tends to act like a “know it all” in a relationship. When they show that side, Taurus will get very defensive. 

“At some point, their connection might feel like a battle of who can get the other crack first”, says Dr. Veroshk William, certified astrologer and spiritual advisor, “This happens because they are both stubborn, difficult, and unwilling to show contrition or simply say ‘I’m sorry.’” 

When tension arises, Taureans, with their inborn patience, should be the ones to step back. If they respond with kindness, their Scorpion partners will be open to deeper communication. As long as they don’t trigger each other’s ego, the bull and the scorpion will eventually find a way to get along. 


Emotional connection is a huge plus for this pair. Scorpions rarely trust anyone but themselves. When they are in a Scorpio and Taurus friendship, however, the bull will help them build a sense of security.

At the early stage, a Taurus partner can be a bit closed up and quiet, which wakes the suspicious nature of Scorpio. As their bond develops, though, the water sign will soon realize no one can be as faithful and honest as Taurus. Taurus’ steady approach and unshakable loyalty will break Scorpio’s armor, helping the arachnid releases their bottled-up feelings. 

In addition, since both signs are possessive in nature, they can sympathize with each other. They understand how it is to feel insecure and will try their best to let their partners know that they hold special places. Taurus soothes Scorpio’s obsessions, and Scorpio reigns Taurus’s need to control. 

Scorpio And Taurus Friendship 

Scorpio And Taurus Friendship
Scorpio and Taurus friendship – Source: Unsplash

A Scorpio and Taurus friendship will most likely start with these two sharing their favorite brands. Both of them have expensive tastes and simply want the best things in life. Unlike other Earth signs, Taureans know more than just working. They will amaze their Scorpion friends with the best dining in town or luxurious spa treatments, which Scorpions never think their earnest friends can enjoy. 

As friends, their values have less room to clash. Taurus can bring a sense of tranquility to Scorpio’s life. They help the arachnid see beyond anger and view things more rationally. Every time Scorpions lose their minds, they will turn to their friends for help. 

So what can Scorpions bring to the table? Don’t forget that it takes Taurus a while to evaluate matters. As a result, they frequently get the short end of the stick. This is when they need the help of Scorpions. The water sign is fiercely protective of the people they cherish. A Scorpio buddy will step in and make things right for Taurus. 

Of course, tensions might arise at times. However, both Scorpio and Taurus are excessively loyal. Even when things between them are not going well, they would still stay on each other’s side. Scorpio and Taurus friendship can evolve into something more special in the long haul since there is a strong sensual attraction between these two. 

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Scorpio And Taurus In Love 

Scorpio And Taurus In Love
Scorpio and Taurus will make an intense couple – Source: Unsplash

So, what if these two opposing signs are in a romantic relationship? As mentioned earlier, both of them are relentless. They both love hard, have their priorities straight, and neither will back down from a fight. In other words, when everything goes well, their relationship is simply wonderful. If anything goes wrong, though, it goes wrong big time.

The sexual chemistry between Taurus and Scorpio is incredible. In fact, their romance will almost certainly be built on a strong sexual connection. According to astrologer Arriana Fox, this duo can be very dynamic in the bedroom, kitchen, or wherever they want to hook up. Physical intimacy is not an issue since both partners know how to express their sensual sides. Taurus, ruled by Venus, will appreciate having a partner who is so attentive and focused on their pleasure. Scorpios can unwind and enjoy being with someone who isn’t frightened of their intensity.

But, amazing physical chemistry is not enough to keep a relationship together in the long term. On the bright side, both Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs who are committed to their partners, so infidelity shouldn’t be a problem in this relationship. Additionally, because they are both protective and possessive, neither will feel suffocated nor turned off by it. 

Although Taurus and Scorpio value loyalty, their love languages are different. That’s the downside of this relationship. Taureans have no problem expressing their affection outwardly, using both words and actions. Meanwhile, Scorpions are more subtle. Their emotional insecurity restrains them from being too open with their feelings, so they sometimes appear unavailable and distant. Once tension arises, it will be hard to put out since both parties are stubborn and prideful. 

Scorpio And Taurus Friendship – A Takeaway

Overall, the bond between Taurus and Scorpio can be a constant emotional and intellectual struggle. However, after two years of being in love with Ralph, my friend Tara pointed out that the key to a good long-term relationship is balance. After all, they have an unbreakable loyalty as a bedrock, so what matters is to find a mutual understanding. 

Both Scorpio and Taurus need to realize that compromise doesn’t always mean defeat. If they learn to relinquish control once in a while, they can transform their relationship into an everlasting, passionate, and fulfilling one with each other. 

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