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For many years, “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” has been a mainstay on network television. Hosted by comedian Aisha Tyler, it features comedians who put their improv abilities to the test in hysterical performances. The show brought the fun of improvisational comedy to countless audiences across the U.S while providing opportunities for aspiring comics to really shine. 

“Whose Line” is also the launching pad for one of the most well-known entertainers, Ryan Stiles. Thanks to his quirkiness and talents, the 39-year-old comedian had garnered a whole new fanbase for himself since his first appearance on the show. Now, even though Stiles has joined the 60s club, his list of contributions to the world of comedy is still ongoing. 

So, if you find yourself laughing your head off at his performances, we have some interesting revelations for you! Read on to find out about Ryan Stiles’ net worth, personal life, and lesser-known facts. You will then realize it is not wrong to adore this man! 

He Was Born In Seattle 

In case you didn’t know, the 62-year-old comedian is a proud Washington native. His birth name is Ryan Lee Stiles, and the star was born on April 22, 1959, in Seattle.

However, his parents are both Canadians. Whenever I read about a Canadian-related celebrity, I would see a similar pattern: They all move to the U.S to pursue their careers, and sometimes permanently. For Ryan Stiles, though, he walked the opposite path. At the age of ten, his family moved to Vancouver, Canada. In this new town, Stiles found his passion for comedy and therefore came to a decision that would change his life forever. 

The Comedian Dropped Out Of School When He Was 17 

Ryan Stiles Dropped Out Of School To Pursue His Career
Ryan Stiles Left School When He Was Only 17 – Source: Net Worth Height Salary 

When Ryan Stiles turned 11, just like other kids, he enrolled in R.C Palmer Junior Secondary School and Richmond Senior Secondary. However, although his academic performance was decent, the boy soon realized that school wasn’t for him. 

Eventually, Stiles decided to leave school when he was 17 to pursue his dream of becoming a comedian, much to his parents’ anger. The comedian never graduated and never went back to get his GED. 

Looking at his career now, we could say he has nothing to regret. According to Stiles, though, the fact that he never finished school makes it harder for him to teach his children about the importance of education. 

He Used To Perform In Strip Clubs

The road to fame was not full of roses, at least for Ryan Stiles. Just like most comedy actors, Stiles kickstarted his career by doing stand-up. However, finding a show wasn’t easy for the young, inexperienced boy, especially when he had to support himself. He even used a fake ID to perform in local strip clubs. 

Slowly, Ryan Stiles’ persistence paid off: More people began to realize his talent. The youngsters started to receive invitations from comedy clubs around his hometown. A few years later, he became the head writer for a show called The Don Harmon Show and later joined the well-known Second City comedy troupe. The troupe was home to many renowned comedians, such as Martin Short, John Candy, and Eugene Levy, to name a few. 

He Appeared In Both The U.S And U.K Versions Of “Whose Line” 

If you can only write a two-page essay about Ryan Stiles’ career, “Whose Lines” would easily fill one full page, or even one and a half. WLIIA started out as an English BBC radio show. It was adapted for television just a year later after receiving positive feedback from audiences,. 

The show’s producers sought a performer in the British Isle and also from North America. Coincidentally, Stiles was a rising name at the time thanks to his stand-up tour and works as a scriptwriter. Eventually, he was selected as a recurring player and appeared in over seventy episodes of WLIIA throughout ten years. 

“Whose Line Is It Anyway?” – The Best Of Ryan Stiles

From that point on, the comedian appeared in more than 70 episodes of WLIIA throughout its ten-year run. After the British edition wrapped up, Drew Casey – Stiles’ partner on the show – discussed with ABC about adapting an American version. The executives liked the concept and this new version started airing in the United States in 1998. Stiles then ruled the airwaves for 9 years, delivering laughter to the US audiences in hundreds of episodes.

‘Two And A Half Men’ And ‘The Drew Carey Show’ Took His Career To The Next Level

Thanks to the success of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”, Stiles’ fame skyrocketed. He began to receive roles in TV dramas and sitcoms, with the first one being Dominic “Mailman” Farnham in “Hot Shot!”. Three years later, he got himself another prominent TV role. The comedian portrayed Lewis Kiniski on the famous sitcom The Drew Casey Show and was featured on ABC’s hit for more than 200 episodes. 

The star subsequently starred in Dharma & Greg before capturing the hearts of viewers with his excellent performance as Dr.Herb Melnick in the multi-award-winning series, “Two And A Half Man”. He was the face of the show for 11 years, from 2004 to 2015. 

Ryan Stiles Starred As Herb Melnick
Herb Two And A Half Men – Source: Two And A Half Men Wiki 

Although not critically acclaimed, this CBS sitcom was a commercial success. At its peak in 2012, TAHM gained around $3.4 million per episode, receiving 46 Primetime Emmy Award nominations, 2 Golden Globe Award nominations, and a People’s Choice Award for Favorite TV comedy. 

Other Ryan Stiles’ TV shows include “Reno 911” (2008), American Housewives (2019), and “Young Seldon” (2020). As a voice actor, he has lent his voice to some animations, including “Astro Boy” (2009) and “Spooky Buddy” (2011). 

How Much Is Ryan Stiles Net Worth?

With his many contributions to the entertainment industry, Ryan Stiles’ net worth is an intriguing topic. According to trusted sources, by 2022, the star has gained a net worth of $8 million. 

As you can guess, Ryan Stiles’ net worth mostly came from his appearances in films and TV series. He also gained a considerable amount from commercials, including Nike, KFC, Kwik Save, Pizza Hut, and many more. 

Recently, the comedian doesn’t star in TV dramas as much as he did, but it doesn’t mean his wealth has stopped growing. He also proves his talent in production and directing and is working on some projects, so don’t be surprised to see Ryan Stiles’ net worth grow into a whopping amount shortly! 

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Believe It Or Not, He Has Been Marriage For Ages! 

Looking at Stiles, it is easy to think that he is a man of career. After knowing that he is not only successful in his work but also in love as well, you will admire him even more! 

The comedian met his girlfriend, Patricia McDonald, in 1981 when she was working as a waitress at Punchlines, the comedy club Stiles co-founded. The lovely couple dated for more than 7 years before officially tying the knot in 1988. As of 2022, they have been together for more than 3 decades –  something you don’t always see in Hollywood! 

Ryan Stiles and Patricia McDonald shared 3 children, 2 girls and a boy. Though getting married to a celebrity, Patricia managed to lead a quiet life. Just like Sophia Eva Pietra Meloni, the kids were kept outside of the spotlight, but we can see how happy Stiles is as a dad! 

Ryan Stiles And Kevin Stiles
Ryan Stiles And His Son – Source: Flickr

The Bottom Line

Annnnd that’s everything you need to know about one of Hollywood’s most prominent comedians, from Ryan Stiles’ net worth to his family. Throughout his 40-year-long career, the star has served many actors and actresses. His hilarious improvisational skill and innovative comedy style in “Whose Line” are still setting standards for up-and-coming comedians. 

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