Rupi Kaur Love Poem And Their Marvelous Meaning

Love has always been a great inspiration to humanity. We make stories, movies, songs praising love. We have countless poems about love, yet no two are the same. That is because each poet has their unique style, view, and experiences. 

A poet that has successfully written about love is Rupi Kaur, one of the most famous poets of this century. Her poems are so unique, beautiful; and are beloved by millions all over the world. You must have heard of her name before. We’re going to introduce some of her Milk and Honey book poems so let’s check them out.

About Rupi Kaur

Rupi Kaur was born in 1992 in India. At the age of 4, she moved to Canada with her family to avoid the persecution of Sikhs. 

Kaur studied at the University of Waterloo and earned a degree in rhetoric and professional writing. Even though her family expected her to be a lawyer, she followed her passion for performing poetry instead. Kaur first rose to fame was on Instagram as a young and controversial voice of feminism. Her posts were not only captivating by beautiful poetry but also by the expressive and creative drawing incorporated, she’s like a poetry genius, a poetic Neil Degrasse Tyson

Now her account has millions of followers. Even Rolling Stones calls her the “Queen of the Instapoets.”  By far, Rupi Kaur has published three books, sold millions of copies, and topped the New York Times’s best-seller list twice. She also had tours that attract thousands of people all around the world wanting to see her live.

Rupi Kaur Love Poem And Their Marvelous Meaning

Rupi Kaur’s style of poetry is simplistic but carries deep and inspiring meaning. She writes about topics like love, self-love, femininity, trauma, healing, and migration in a way that even those who are not skillful with the language can understand. Some praise her as the poet of the century, and some said she is too overrated. Controversial as she has been, her poetry has spoken out difficult emotions that a lot feels but struggle to bring into word.

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Rupi Kaur Love Poems

As mentioned before, Rupi Kaur touches on different aspects such as love, femininity, trauma, healing, and migration. Even though they all show her style and characteristics, each has its unique beauty. Her love poems express love in a complex, rich way. Through her words, love is both gentle and bold. It can be simple yet delicate. It can be as sweet as honey, and at the same time, as hot as ranging fire.

We collected ten of Rupi Kaur’s love poems from her first and most famous book, Milk And Honey. You can find all of those on her Instagram page. If you want to read other Milk and Honey book poems, then please buy a copy. That is to support the author and respect her hard work too. All Milk and Honey book poems are excellent, so we highly recommend you buy her book.

  1. “i know i

should crumble

for better reasons

but have you seen

that boy he brings 

the sun to its 

knees every


Rupi Kaur Love Poems
Source: Rupi Kaur official Instagram account

As you can see here, Rupi Kaur writes in all lower case letters and has no punctuation. She has claimed that the style reflects her opinion on equality. It is a part of her signature writing style that you will continue to see in her other works. Kaur also has such a delicate way to bring such a magnificent image to the mind of readers with only simple words. She praises her love using no adjective but by giving meaning to an everyday natural phenomenon, the sunset. It shows not only his surreal beauty but also the passionate love that she gives to him.

These two following Rupi Kaur love poems also illustrate how grand and majestic love can be.

“your name is 

the strongest

positive and negative

connotation in any language 

it either lights me up or

leaves me aching for days”

Rupi Kaur love poems also illustrate how grand and majestic love can be.
Source: Rupi Kaur official Instagram account
  1. “i do not want to have you

to fill the empty parts of me

I want to be full of my own

and i want to be so complete

I could light a whole city

and then

i want to have you

cause the two of us combined

could set it on fire”

I do not want to have you 
to fill the empty parts of me
Source: Rupi Kaur official Instagram account

Kaur chose to compare love with a powerful source of light. It’s a light that shines within her and also lights up her surroundings. In her poems, you can see that both must be equal for their relation to be healthy and stable. They have to love themselves enough before forming a romantic bond with the other. Only from that can their love grow stronger with time.

Kaur also talks about the healing power of love.

  1. “on days 

like this 

I need you to 

run your fingers 

through my hair 

and speaks softly.


In this poem, Kaur describes love with gentle actions showing how supportive one is to the other. Love is about caring and sharing. Isn’t it the most comforting thing in the world to have the one you love comfort you when you’re having a rough day?

Love in Kaur’s poems is sweet, sacred, and always so sincere.

  1. “I’d be lying if i said 

you made me speechless

the truth is you make my

tongue so weak it forgets

what language to speak in.”

I’d be lying if i said
you make me speechless
Source: Rupi Kaur official Instagram account
  1. “you’ve touched me

without even 

touching me.”

You've touched me
without even touching me
  1. “you might not have been my first love 

but you were the love that made

all the other loves


you might not have been my first love 
but you were the love that made
all the other loves
Source: Rupi Kaur official Instagram account

It’s so straightforward the way Kaur expresses love. There’s no hiding or over-romanticizing. Still, love in her words is sincere and beautiful. Those words are as if they came straight from the heart of a loving soul.

  1. “the very thought of you

has my legs spread apart

like an easel with canvas 

begging for art.”

the very thought of you
has my legs spread apart
Source: Rupi Kaur official Instagram account

This love poem is romantic and quite sensual. Kaur is honest and bold to speak about the physical side of love. She stayed true with the nature of it yet can deliver it so beautifully and poetically. There’s nothing dirty, nothing to be ashamed of about it. As she calls it herself, it’s “art.”

Here are two following poems of Kaur that also indicate the physical side of love.

  1. “you wrap your fingers

around my hair

and pull


is how you make music 

out of me

rupi kaur love poems
Source: Rupi Kaur official Instagram account
  1. “you move my hand

between my legs

and whisper

make those pretty little fingers 

dance for me

-solo performance”

the best Rupi Kaur love poems of all time

Kaur again compares the act of getting intimate with a form of art. To her, it is like painting, dancing, and making music. It’s romantic, poetic, passionate, and graceful. The poems tell stories of how two people that love each other so much can make art to celebrate their love. With only simple words, her poems have elegantly brought out the aesthetic beauty of love.


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Reading poems is a great way to relax and reconnect with your inner self. And finding a poem that you love is like finding a soul mate. We hope you’ll be able to find more beautiful works of art and nourish your soul with the delicate beauty of poetry with our recommendations.

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