You’ve Probably Never Seen Ruby Rose’s Long Hair Before, But Here Are Some Jaw-Dropping Photos Of Her With Long Mane

In today’s generation, more people realize that gender is a social construct, allowing more people not to conform to society’s expectations of masculinity and femininity. More men like Harry Styles grow their hair and wear clothes that many consider feminine. Many women are also defying society’s expectations by appearing more androgynous with short and shaved hair. This reason is why photos of Ruby Rose’s long hair are rare as the model, actress, and TV personality has stayed true to the hairstyle that the world has known her for. But that doesn’t mean she’s never had long hair or that photos of her with long hair are non-existent.

Yes, it might be a bit surprising to know that one of our favorite androgynous queens has worn her hair long before. Of course, she is still as gorgeous and edgy with short hair, but you have to see her with long hair. Don’t worry; we did the searching for you, and all you have to do is scroll down to see these jaw-dropping photos of Ruby Rose’s long hair and to learn more about her life and career. Let’s go!

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The Reddest Red Of Them All: More About Ruby Rose

Early Life – Being An Artist Runs In Her Family

If you’re a fan of Ruby Rose, you should know that her name – while it sounds like a beautiful screen name – is her actual name, but he complete name is Ruby Rose Langenheim. On March 20, 1986, she was born to her single mother, Katia Langenheim, an artist, and someone Rose considers one of her biggest inspirations and role models. If her artistic single mother already impressed you, you should know that Rose’s great-grandparents include the German movie actress Ellen Bang and the only surviving Australian Soldier from the Gallipoli campaign Alec Campbell. Her godfather, Lionel Rose, is also a legendary public figure as he is an Indigenous Australian boxer.

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Ruby Rose moved around her home country a lot as a kid. She has spent some time living in rural Victoria, Tasmania, and Surfers Paradise before finally settling in Melbourne. Rose went to University High School and Footscray City College as a teenager, where she faced bullying for being a lesbian. These events pushed her to the brink of her sanity. She felt depressed, suicidal, and eventually had PTSD. During this time, she sought professional help, which made things better.

Ruby Rose with her good-looking hair.
Ruby Rose, looking almost unrecognizable with her colorful glamorous hair. Source:

Boy, aren’t we all happy that Ruby Rose has gotten the help she needed? Now, we have more people like her to represent her spectrum in the LGBTQ+ community, especially as she is pretty visible in the industry with her prolific career that started in 2002.

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Career – She’s Everywhere On TV And Films

Ruby Rose’s modeling career officially started when she came in second place for the Australian magazine Girlfriend model search in 2002. Since then, she has modeled and collaborated with many big brands like Milk and Honey, Faircloth Lane, Vogue Australia, InStyle Magazine, Marie Claire, Maxim, Nylon, Cosmopolitan, JAG, Georg Jensen, Maybelline, Nike, Urban Decay Cosmetics, Swarovski, and more. She also became an MTV Australia VJ and TV presenter in 2007, which won her ASTRA Award for favorite female personality in 2009.

Of course, with Ruby Rose’s talents and growing fan base, it was only a matter of time before she crossed over into acting with her first acting role in the Australian comedy film Suite for Fleur. After some minor roles in TV shows and films, like Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation, and Around the Block, she finally landed more prominent movie roles and recurring TV show roles. 

Her first big break came when she got the part of Stella Carlin in Orange Is the New Black. Soon after, she bagged roles in Dark Matter, XXX: Return of Xander Cage, John Wick: Chapter 2, Pitch Perfect 3, The Meg, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, and the titular character in Batwoman, making her the first openly lesbian lead superhero on TV.

Besides being a model, VJ, and actress, let’s not forget that Ruby Rose can sing as she has proven in Pitch Perfect 3. She and Gary Go worked on their first single, Guilty Pleasure, which they released in February 2012. Additionally, she has tried her hands in directing with her short film Break Free and The Veronicas’ single On Your Side in November 2016. She is also an activist and has supported organizations like PETA and other causes relating to youth mental health, anti-bullying, and more. 

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Break Free – Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose’s Long Hair: Check How She Looks With It And Get The Look

There is no denying that Ruby Rose’s short hair is her signature look as it shows off her perfectly-chiseled bone structure, piercing blue eyes, and magnetic smile. But Ruby Rose’s long hair is something you have to see as it proves just how gorgeous she is. It’s like she can pull off any hairstyle. If you’re curious how she looks like with long hair and how you can also rock the same look, here are some photos and some tips on how you can achieve each:

Ruby Rose With Long Hair And Bangs

Ruby Rose, sporting long hair with bangs.
She looks enticing with bangs. Source: https://hips.hearstapps

This look on Ruby Rose might surprise you as she looks completely different – it’s like she’s an entirely new person, but in a good way, of course. The bangs and the completely straight hair give her a different appeal and give her a “more feminine look” – excuse us for our lack of a better term. If you decide to get this look, you can tell your hairdresser to give you some straight bangs hairstyle a la Zooey Deschanel. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, though, you can get your thinning scissors and cut your hair, but you have to make sure you do it while your hair is dry because you wouldn’t want to cut your bangs too short as the hair looks longer when wet.

Ruby Rose With Long, Blonde Hair

In the short film that Ruby Rose produced and starred in, she explores the boundaries of gender roles in the hopes of breaking free from them. While she is wearing a blonde wig, you can tell that she will look like a total bombshell if she decides to let her hair grow. There are many options on achieving Ruby Rose’s long hair, but the blonde version, as you only need to get a hair bleach and dye, or just put on a blonde wig, so you don’t need to damage your hair. Of course, going to your hairdresser and telling them to turn you into a blond bombshell also works and saves time.

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Ruby Rose With Curly And Dyed Hair

Ruby Rose on "Pitch Perfect 3" and Playing a "Mean Girl" | Teen Vogue
Ruby Rose, with three different looks. Source: https://assets.teenvogue

Of course, Ruby Rose’s shaved head and short hair would always be the look we fell in love with as she owned that look, but you can’t deny that she is like a chameleon, and she owns every hairstyle she’s ever had. In this photo, you can see her long hair to short hair transformation that’s enough to make your haws drop. If you want to achieve two of the looks in this photo, getting a hair curler would work. And if you’re going to get the braided hair with green dye, getting your hair dyed is one way to get the look, but using hair chalk for a faster and temporary form of dyeing your hair would also work.

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Shine Bright Like A Ruby

Without a doubt, Ruby Rose’s long hair looks fantastic, but it’s looking like we wouldn’t be seeing her rock this hairstyle any time soon as she has been on a short hair don’t care phase for the longest time. To be honest, we don’t mind, as it adds to her gender-fluid appeal that she has unapologetically loved showing the world. We all need her brand of sexuality to be in the mainstream scene, and there’s no doubt that her LGBTQ+ fans love the representation.

If you’re curious what Ruby Rose has been up to lately, she’s pretty active on her Instagram, where she posts about her dogs, memes, travels, and recent projects – yes, it looks like she’s still active in her career. Well, let’s all hope her new roles in the recently announced films 1Up and The Legitimate Wise Guy will come out soon, as the world needs more of her on TV and the big screen.

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