About Robert Iler’s Net Worth And His Disappearance From The Spotlight

Have you ever wondered how much Robert Iler’s net worth is? 

You may not believe it, but more than a decade has passed since the last episode of The Sopranos. Still adored by movieholics today, this renowned mafia drama is undoubtedly one of HBO’s major successes. After its six-season run, all the cast members managed to make names for themselves in the movie industry – although many have been typecast as mafioso, cops, tough men, and manipulative molls. 

Well, all of them… except for one. Unlike the others, post-Sopranos life has been quiet for Tony Soprano’s little son. Yes, we are talking about Robert Iler, who spent all of his teen years portraying A.J. Despite being a household name at the age of 12, the actor decided to leave his acting career behind and walked away from the limelight. 

Iler’s abrupt turn, of course, is a shame for many fans, especially 90s kids who have grown up with the series. In case you are wondering where he is now and how much is Rober Iler’s net worth, let us spill the tea for you! 

What Has Robert Iler Been Doing Since The Sopranos Ended? 

Of course, Robert Iler didn’t gain as much recognition as his “father” – the late, great James Gandolfini. Nevertheless, his inborn talent is undeniable. Though doesn’t belong to an acting family, the young boy got himself his first film credit at the ripe old age of 11 and was cast in the role of A.J.Soprano just one year later. 

That role forever changed his life, but it seemed that the acting bug never really bit the brilliant child. Iler became dispassionate about acting once The Sopranos stopped airing and struggled to distance himself from the entertainment industry as much as he possibly could. Life hasn’t been so easy with him since, but don’t worry: The one-time star didn’t go down the gloomy bad boy path that had brought so many child actors to their demise. 

He Did One Show – But Maybe You Forget About It 

“After Sopranos, I told my manager I wanted six months off to go play poker and hang out with my friends and just do whatever”, the NYC native recalled. That time off, however, did not get Iler excited to begin work on a new project. 

His position on acting remained unchanged until he received a call for jury duty. “I didn’t want to do jury duty… so, to get out of jury duty, I did one episode of Law and Order”, said the youngster. 

Are you surprised? Well, not so many people remember that Robert Iler appeared as a guest star in the episode “Mean” of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”. He played Troy Linski, a troubled teenager who tried to protect his little sis from bullies. 

Robert Iler As Troy Linski
Robert Iler In Law & Order – Source: Law And Order Wiki

While many young stars manage to prove their potential with guest roles, such as Demi Lovato in Grey’s Anatomy, Robert Iler’s portrayal was just unmemorable. Considering that he took the role just to escape jury duty, we could see that coming. 

And Guess What? Iler Became A Professional Poker Player! 

If he wasn’t acting, what did he do after The Sopranos? Ironically, the former star of a gangster series found a home at the poker tables of Sin City. While Iler – who likely amassed a sizable fortune from his time on The Sopranos – never called himself a professional poker player, we could see how enthusiastic he is about it. 

“You go play poker and there are no rules,” the star told US Poker. “You can come whenever you want, sit wherever you want, play whatever game you want, and leave whenever you want. Since I’d been acting since I was six years old, I think that’s what was so attractive to me about poker.”

Iler Became A Professional Poker Player
After The Sopranos, Iler Found His Passion In Poker – Source: US Poker

With that being said, he jumped between the World Series of Poker and the odd illegal, underground poker game. It is safe to say most of Robert Iler’s net worth came from poker. According to the NYC native, he would love to play for the rest of his life, but the circumstance didn’t allow it: The life of a gambler was filled with partying, sex, and drugs, and so he decided to change. 

In 2013, the former actor finally got sober. Although he hadn’t been drunk in more than seven years, Iler was taking Xanax every day. He needed to seek professional help to come off it, but eventually, it paid off. 

He (Almost) Appeared In A Mars Callahan’s Drama Series

From that point on, Robert Iler’s career as a poker player has been slowing down. Nonetheless, his love for the game was what brought him back into the public eye. In 2017, fans got to see Iler again when he made an appearance in a teaser for Mars Callahan’s drama series 4 Kings. Unsurprisingly, the show surrounds four poker-obsessed, inspiring movers as they attempt to carve out a niche for themselves in Las Vegas. 

“4 Kings” Teaser

Unfortunately, it’s been years since the teaser was released and 4 Kings still struggles to find its home. On IMDb, the show’s status is still “post-production”, but there is no other information at this point. 

He Hosts A Podcast With His Sopranos Sister

Robert Iler And His Sopranos Sister
Robert Iler And Jamie-Lynn Sigler – Source: The Independent

After winning the battle with addiction issues, in 2020, Robert Iler got a pleasant surprise for fans: He reunited with his Sopranos sister Jamie-Lynn Sigler for a weekly podcast they created together. The duo came up with this idea while they were hanging out after the show’s 20th-anniversary celebration. 

“Seeing all those people, all we would do is laugh,” said Iler, “It was me and Jamie sitting around in the hotel for the anniversary in pajamas. We’ve been best friends for 20 years.”

That’s why they named their podcast “Pajamas Pants”. Iler and Sigler also received help from famous Youtuber Kassem G. The podcast is wide-ranging and all the hosts are open to talking about their daily lives or any hot topic. Robert Iler even revealed details on his journey to sobriety and his last drug binge. If you want to know more about Iler’s life post-The Sopranos, you can check out Pajama Pants here

He Never Watched The Sopranos Again 

Robert Iler made no secret that he has never sat down and watched all six seasons of the series. The NYC native shared the heartbreaking reason in one of his podcast episodes. 

“I think at this point watching 83 hours, or whatever it is, of James [Gandolfini] would just be really rough,” Robert Iler explained. Back in the old days, the two were extremely close. According to Iler, James Gandolfini was like a father to him. Following the tragic death of Gandolfini in 2013, seeing him on the screen is just unbearable for the 36-year-old.

According To Iler, James Gandolfini Was His Father Figure - robert iler net worth
James Gandolfini And Robert Iler Shared A Strong Bond – Source: The Independent

“The idea of watching it definitely doesn’t bring joy to mind.”, the one-time star added. 

He Is In A Relationship! 

It is true that Robert Iler has gone through some ups and downs. By now, fortunately, things have turned out well for him. Not just his career, but romance as well. In June 2021, Robert Iler was invited to the podcast Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend. He then revealed that he is in a relationship – “I met somebody and it’s been good”

Before that, though, the former actor spent quite some time wandering on dating apps. Turned out, not everyone believed who he claimed to be.  “I’ve also had people write on there, ‘You’re such a loser! You’re using A.J. from The Sopranos’ pictures,’” he chuckled. “Like, people who will think it’s not me. Girls have gotten really angry.”

How Much Is Robert Iler’s Net Worth Now? 

So, after many twists and turns in the career path, how much is Rober Iler’s net worth now? The answer will blow you away! 

How Much Did Robert Iler Make? - robert iler net worth
How Much Is Robert Iler’s Net Worth? – Source: The Hollywood Reporter

As shown on Celebrity Net Worth, the former actor has amassed a fortune of $10 million. Most of his wealth came from The Sopranos: He earned $10,000 per episode in the first season, $85,000 per episode in the middle of the shows, and $150,000 per episode from two final seasons. What a whopping amount for a child star!

But, of course, since he pretty much retired after The Sopranos went off the air, Robert Iler’s net worth remains the lowest among the main cast. His fortune is tied with Tony Silico’s net worth, who only joined the show from the sixth season. Meanwhile, the 89-year-old Uncle Junior seems to outrun the youngsters when it comes to wealth: As of 2021, Dominic Chianese’s net worth is $15 million. He even gained for himself the Ellis Island Medal Of Honor. 

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Will We See Robert Iler On Screen Again? 

Now that Robert Iler’s net worth is revealed, the only question left is whether we will see him on screen again. 

Well… it’s hard to say. The fact that our A.J. launched the podcast with Jamie Lynn-Sigler and how he always talked about his memories with The Sopranos so fondly do give us some hope. Maybe we will see him in another project in the future, but until then, it seems the best place to catch Iler on the screen is via reruns of The Sopranos – and maybe you will see his stone-faced mug at this year’s World of Series Poker. 

In any case, let’s wish him the best of success in whatever he chooses.

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