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The audience may see that participants in survival shows, such as Survivor, Alone, Man vs. Wild, or Naked and Afraid, fight tremendously. Though these shows are scripted and filmed under expert supervision, they still present deadly situations where ordinary people might struggle to survive. Today, let’s explore Naked and Afraid death. Deadly situations in Naked and Afraid episodes really keep the audience who favors adventurous and risky elements in reality shows at the edge of their seats.

What The Naked And Afraid Show Is About?

Naked and Afraid is one of the most famous American reality series first introduced on the Discovery Channel in 2013. Up to now, Naked and Afraid consists of 12 seasons, and the recent 12th season’s air date is January 31, 2021.

Regarding the show rules, each episode is about two people, one man, and one woman, who have never met each other before. Stranded in the wilderness, they have to fend for themselves during the show duration. Specifically, they have to look for water and food. 

How Dangerous is Naked And Afraid Show?

All the Naked and Afraid contestants have received basic survival training before being eligible for the show. The careful screening process is also strict to ensure that participants meet the producer’s requirements. For example, potential contestants must be US citizens from 18 years old.

Moreover, they mustn’t have any medical conditions because good mental and physical health is necessary to overcome the show’s challenges. And they are not allowed to reveal what goes on during the 21-day struggle for survival to the audience. 

Similar to many American survival shows, Naked and Afraid features some life-threatening accidents and hazard situations. These scenes are a powerful strategy to attract more viewers and ratings. The journey of two contestants might be put their bodies and psyche to the test. The program authenticity creates the feeling as if most of us were having the same thrilling experience as the participants whenever they have a close encounter with dangers. 

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How Much Is The Naked And Afraid Prize?

In general, survival shows often attract many viewers and media attention. Thus, it stands to reason when the winners receive great prizes. For example, the Alone season 5 winner, Lincoln resident Sam Larson received the grand $500,000 award. But for the Naked and Afraid Prize, does the winner receive that whopping prize? 

There are various inquiries regarding what the contestants on Naked and Afraid truly get, even after many seasons. According to the Discovery official principles for throwing Naked and Afraid Season 4, the show members can earn a total of $5,000 for their sweat, blood, and even their life. 

Naked And Afraid Prize

$5,000 is horrendously little for all sweat, blood, and even life! Image: twitter

Many people who have finished a 21-day survival challenge in the wild disclose that besides the prize cash, the valuable prize they get is the achievement of endurance and perseverance.

How Many Naked And Afraid Deaths Are There To Date?

Has anyone died on Naked and Afraid so far? As previously mentioned, survival shows are scripted to some extent; there are no reported cases of Naked and Afraid death to date. However, contestants did have a close brush with life-threatening circumstances. Below are some near-death situations for not only the participants but also the producer. 

45-Year-Old Manu Toigo Suffered Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever

In the first season of Naked and Afraid, a 45-year-old founder of Camp Manu, Manu Toigo, gets bitten by mosquitoes, leading to her serious illness. At first, the unlucky woman says she does not care much about the bite until she returns to Los Angeles. A few days later, she experiences a headache that eventually advances to a fever, and she cannot move. 

The doctor initially says that Manu is anaemic, but everything turns out to be worse. The woman has to go back to the hospital, where she is finally diagnosed with dengue hemorrhagic fever. This worst kind of dengue fever is dangerous because the virus can make the patient’s blood vessels haemorrhage internally.

Fortunately, they managed to get Manu medical assistance just in time, and owing to the doctor’s care (pumping her with plasma and fluids ), she can recover decently. After two weeks in the hospital, she gets back on her feet.

Manu’s Recovery from Dengue Fever. Source: Discovery

Despite this near-death experience, she shares that she won’t trade her experience for the world because it is the most epic experience she has ever have had in her life. 

Honora Bowen Faked Her Death On The Naked And Afraid Show

Another near-death experience of the Naked and Afraid Season participants is of Honora Bowen. Having been left with her partner Matt Strutzel in Brazil’s North Region, she loses consciousness and taps out. However, it turns out later that she is putting on an act. Honora needs to leave the survival show owing to her bladder issue. However, she is ‘goaded’ to carry on by the producer. Therefore, she can do nothing but fake the scenario. 

Honora Bowen Faked Her Death. Source: Discovery

In her blog, Honora explains how she gets herself free from the challenging show. She makes everyone on the set believe that she is on the point of collapse with a catatonic body. Her blood pressure at that time was approximately 40-60, which makes her quite close to being unconscious. Thus, it seems that playing dead comes quite naturally to her.

Honora expressed her regrets for tricking the doctor who checked her vitals. She feels the worst for the poor doctor who couldn’t say her name right since he was such a good, sweet guy. And she truly feels terrible when hearing the fear in his voice that she is going to die. 

The Producer Steve Rankin Was Nearly Killed By A Snake

Costa Rica validates the idea that the most beautiful place on Earth is often full of dangers. Such is the case for Steve Rankin, the Naked and Afraid producer. He gets his foot bitten by a dangerous fer-de-lance snake when he is searching for shooting locations.  

Steve Rankin nearly loses his life to a snake. Source: Discovery

Rankin reminisced that at that time, he “pants like a horse” with his jelly-like knees. Unfortunately, the production team has to carry him off on a stretcher to a helipad and get to the nearest local hospital. Now you can imagine how skin surgeons cut off his rotting flesh. The Naked and Afraid show has briefly mentioned the incident, but it’s an unforgettable experience Rankin may carry for the rest of his life.

Kim Shelton Miraculously Pulled Through From Food Poisoning

Though many dramas of Naked and Afraid surrounding Shane Lewis, it is his partner, Kim Shelton, that has to undergo a tough time. Her luck turns for the worst during the filming in Costa Rica. She caught and cooked a turtle to eat, but unluckily, she begins to experience food poisoning.

Shane Lewis and Kim Shelton in the Costa Rican jungle. Source: Discovery

She is sick for three solid days and sleeps most of the time since she is so weak. It looks like she has to forfeit the challenge, but she gradually recovers on the fourth day. She received an IV from the Naked and Afraid show’s medical team. They give her baby food, bread, and rice to help her, which are never shown to the audience.

Samantha Ohl Had A Close Brush With Death In 2017

Samantha Ohl and her partner Adam Adams are in Croatia’s mountainous areas in season 8. She had a close encounter with death after dealing with extreme hunger and frigid temperatures. They get trapped in a rainstorm. Due to the quickly dropping temperatures, the only way to keep warm is to share body heat. However, Samantha does not want to do so with Adam. As a consequence, her severe ill forces Adam to call a medic. 

Samantha Ohl in the Season 8 episode “Stone Cold. Source: Discovery

The medical team diagnoses that she comes down with stage-two hypothermia. The circumstance becomes increasingly tense when they fear that her organs might stop functioning. Therefore, she is taken to the nearest hospital. Fortunately, she pulls through without any permanent health damage. Samantha says that she still regrets not being able to complete their challenge.

The Final Thought About Naked And Afraid Death

It comes as a surprise to the audience that Naked and Afraid’s survival shows lead to no deaths. However it may look, these shows take careful precautions and have an expert medical team in case of serious accidents. Moreover, despite making the show look as authentic as possible with risky elements, the production staff still help the contestants off-camera. Understandably, any Naked and Afraid death would negatively impact the network and the producers. 

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