‘Release That Witch’: 3 Viral Revelations About Roland!

Release That Witchis a viral web novel that has several comics and animation adaptations. It is thrilling to join the dramatic journey of Roland Wimbledon with his witch allies to win the Throne of the Kingdom. Fans worldwide are waiting to read new chapters with translation, but many have looked for the ‘Release That Witch’ wiki to learn more about the comic. Who is Nightingale, and how would she help Roland on his journey? Let’s find out!

‘Release That Witch’ Exciting Adventures

The original web novel ‘Release That Witch’ is so famous that the comic soon became a great attraction itself. The story revolves around Chen Yan, a Chinese engineer from the modern-day, and his backward time travel to the medieval age. With his new identity as Roland Wimbledon, Chen Yan struggles to live his new life with many pursuits and ideals.

Roland is the fourth child of Wimbledon III, who regarded him as hopeless. In ‘Release That Witch’, he attempts to turn a backward town into a prosperous city. Roland joins forces with the witches to combine their magical prowess and technological inventions and gain the throne from his siblings. He also has to deal with enemies, including the evil invaders, his siblings, and the fearsome wars throughout the land.

‘Release That Witch’ web novel version has launched almost fifteen hundred chapters, while the comic version now has 324 chapters with translations. In August of 2021, a brand-new trailer announced the anime adaptation of ‘Release That Witch’. According to the ‘Release That Witch’ wiki, there is not yet a particular release date of the anime as it is still in the very early stage of production.

Release That Witch Anime Official trailer: Witches Kingdom. Source: Release That Witch

‘Release That Witch’ Characters

Besides Roland, the main characters in ‘Release That Witch’ are Anna, Barov, Carter Lannis, Tilly Wimbledon, and Nightingale. Each of them plays a vital role in helping Roland win his throne and Kingdom, especially Nightingale. ‘Release That Witch’ Nightingale is the first member of the Witch Cooperation Association who has contacted Roland. Nightingale serves as Roland’s guard, making good use of her assassin skills. She also heads the Graycastle’s Security Bureau.

Due to her unwavering loyalty to Roland, Nightingale would gladly give up her own life to protect him. Nightingale is usually very jealous of the close relationship that Anna and Roland share. Being a very courageous and strong-willed woman, Nightingale sometimes bursts out and takes matters into her own hands. Her weapons of choice are usually the custom-made silver revolvers, which Roland gave her.

The Ultimate Revelation of 'Release That Witch'
Some ‘Release That Witch’ Characters. Image: Release that Witch wiki

According to the ‘Release That Witch’  wiki, Anna Wimbledon, Roland’s wife, is an intelligent Border-Town witch in Neverwinter. She is devoted to researching in the High Energy Lab to create uranium containment cubes. Anna gives all of the royal duties to Roland while she works as the Minister of Industry despite being the queen of Graycastle. She adores her necklace, a tracking sigil, because Roland gave it to her. Anna supports Roland in the plans to improve Border Town and flourish his Kingdom.

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‘Release That Witch’ Review – Spoiler Alerts

You should avoid this part if you’ve not read the comic or seen the anime, as we’ll give nothing but ‘Release That Witch’ spoilers. Apparently, four different paintings in the Divine Land suggest four civilizations in ‘Release That Witch’: humans, demons, the underground, and the Deep Sea Demon. 

However, as the characters discover the ruins of the world, there are possibly two more civilizations (the Radiation Clan and the Silicon-Based Civilization) in ancient times. Understanding these civilizations, you can follow Roland and his allies on the way to discover new technologies to help Border Town. 

In addition, one of Roland’s most outstanding allies is, undoubtedly, Nightingale. She first appears in Chapter 19 of the comic, showing off her immense ability. As a Mistwalker, she can travel spatially and invisibly through physical objects or long distances. Besides, she is also excellent at detecting magic or lies, so she is Roland’s interrogator and personal guard.

The Ultimate Revelation of 'Release That Witch'
Nightingale ‘Release That Witch’. Image: randgarage

There seems to be a secret ‘agreement’ between Anna and Nightingale. When Roland gets trapped in the dream world, many fans suggest that Nightingale might have agreed on some conditions set out by Anna. Overall, Nightingale is the only one capable of protecting Roland from all dangers, and everyone acknowledges that. 

Nightingale’s exceptional skills make her the leader of Roland’s security force. Her best friend is Wendy, the Witch Union Administrator with great wind manipulation power who appears in Chapter 56. She once stands up for Nightingale when Cara threatened to eliminate her. And in return, Nightingale once saves Wendy from Cara’s magic snake. Eventually, Wendy signs a contract with Roland to start practicing magic again.

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Final Words

While many await the new chapters, you can also rely on the ‘Release That Witch’ wiki to obtain exciting facts and clues. Roland’s journey will never cease to lead us from one mystery to another, and that’s why we love to follow him. We are all waiting for the animation to be available. But for now, let’s enjoy the new comic episodes to join Roland and his allies on the dramatic journey.

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