Prepare 10 Public Relation Interview Questions For An Advantage

Public Relations (PR) is a dynamic and relatively growing industry in recent years. Therefore, the competition for a position in PR companies is becoming more fierce and competitive. Learning about asked public relation interview questions and having good preparation for interviews will be a great advantage. 

Not only that, understanding what employers often require candidates will help students interested in PR see a bigger picture of what you need to prepare for the future job. Hit the road with Jobandedu.

Frequently Asked Public Relation Interview Questions

Frequently Asked Public Relation Interview Questions
Frequently asked public relation interview questions (Source:

The preparation for these questions depends on whether you are interviewing at a conventional PR agency or digital PR:

  • If you are going to be interviewed by a traditional PR company, focus on questions about your writing skills, the PR campaigns you had run in the past, or even your perspective on the PR industry’s position in the future.
  • Suppose you are going to be interviewed in a digital PR position. In that case, you will often be asked questions regarding your ability to manage social networks, online communities, communicate with companies and consumers through this social networking site.

In addition, the interviewer will also be interested in how you plan and implement an effective PR campaign.

General Asked Personal Questions

You can refer to the video below to better understand the basic question content and how to answer them in each interview.

Public Relations Interview Questions and Answers – For Freshers and Experienced Candidates.

In the PR industry, you will always encounter these questions at an interview for any job. Their primary purpose is to help interviewers better understand your experience, personality, skills, and whether you fit into the company’s culture.

Why Do You Like PR?

The primary purpose of this question is to gauge your interest in the profession. Be honest about what attracts you to this position. The best answer should link your passion for PR with the company’s mission. In other words, a company wants candidates who share its corporate philosophy and culture.

What Is Your Ideal Working Environment?

Here, the employer wants to know if you are suitable for their work environment. This is where you need to do detailed research on the company. If the company you are being interviewed for has tremendous work pressure, you should focus on details that prove you can work well in a high-intensity environment, and you are the type of person who can handle heavy workloads.

Why Should We Hire You?

Remember that companies hire employees to help them solve problems. Therefore, when you answer this question, the goal is to show them you are the best candidate, the best person who can solve their problems. For instance, when you apply for a PR strategist position, you need to focus on talking about your work experience in the same position and outstanding achievements to show yourself as the most suitable person for the company. And at the same time, you should show them that you are qualified and fit the company’s culture.

Before the interview, please check once again the requirements that the employer has set out. You rearrange the qualifications and experiences that match those requirements to show your capability to solve the company’s problems. A small tip is to focus on strengths that match the job requirements and use them as the core of the interview. 

For example, apply for a Content Strategist position. You should try to impress the interviewer by showing how you dig deep to understand the target audience, figure out the most appropriate content channels. That may set you apart from other candidates.

Which Of The Following Is Not A Public Relations Tool?

Many people do not understand and distinguish between PR tools and other terms in the marketing industry. Here are some terms that are easily confused with PR tools that you should pay attention to.

  • PR plan: This is a master plan with specific goals for each campaign.
  • Advertisement: Advertising is a brand’s direct method to approach customers. So it is not ranked in the field of PR.
  • Product strategy: This is an inevitable part of marketing. However, it is also not one of the vital PR tools.

Questions About Traditional PR

Questions About Traditional PR
Why should we hire you? – Source:

When recruiting for a conventional PR firm, the interviewer will test your practical knowledge of the PR industry, including communication technology, media structure, and client relationships. You must show the interviewing company that your PR and communication knowledge will be a great asset to help the company in the future.

When Responding To The Media And The Press, Which Questions Do You Find Most Challenging To Answer?

This question will be about your ability to think independently. If you don’t find any questions too difficult to answer, the interviewer will feel bragging. Have a good strategy in this question: Don’t mention problems that only you may frequently encounter in this role (An answer sample: “I find questions aimed at lowering the reputation of our company are always difficult to answer”)

What Are Your Strengths In PR?

There are many PR responsibilities: from managing media campaigns, promoting popularity, and spreading celebrities’ coverage to managing media crises. So it makes perfect sense if you focus on proofs for your strengths in these areas. Then mention the kind of PR you have the most experience with and show them how your experience is related to the job requirements.

Questions About Digital PR

When interviewing for the Digital PR position, questions will help the interviewer explore your understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), content creation, social media channels, customer engagement, media crisis management, and information flow.

How Did You Use Social Media?

The best answer is to give them a concrete example of how you did in the past. Remember, numbers are the most effective way for employers to see your performance. Example: If you need to increase followers, show them the number of followers before and after that process.

What is Your Favorite Social Network?

What is Your Favorite Social Network? - public relation interview questions
Thanks for the Internet, PR has gained more successes and achievements. Source: mcm

There will be no wrong answer to this question. Bear in mind that the best way is to avoid mentioning the weakness of the social media platform. Don’t answer the problem personally, but instead show them the platform’s benefit to your customers.

Relate To A Media Crisis You Experienced. How Did You Solve It?

Briefly describe the situation you have encountered. Then, focus on how you’ve dealt with it. Finally, talk about the results you achieved and what you learned from that experience. This answer will give your answers more coherence and help employers fully understand how you approached the problem.

What Is The Key Role Of PR Practitioners?

What Is The Key Role Of PR Practitioners? - public relation interview questions
PR aims to create a positive relationship between a business and its target audience. Source: retailbound

Public relations aim to create a positive relationship between a business and its target audience. By outlining their organization’s goals, strategies, and processes, public relations professionals help organizations gain public acceptance. They’re still in charge of enhancing and preserving a positive company’s image to the public eye. 

In addition, practitioners play a key role in developing the global PR domain. To achieve shared meanings in a global public relations campaign, practitioners need to accumulate these vital skills:

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills 
  • IT expertise
  • Presentation skills
  • Initiative to improve presentation skills
  • Ability to efficiently prioritize and schedule
  • Awareness of various media agendas
  • Creativity

Conclusion For Public Relation Interview Questions

Of course, only answering these questions is not enough to get hired for a PR position. You will probably go through questions about your personality. Hopefully, the above-asked public relations interview questions help you understand what employers will look for PR positions, thus allowing you to be better prepared for a successful interview after the job application step.


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