Project Manager Jobs Near Me 101 – A Quickly Expanding Occupation

Do you intend to pursue and look for Project Manager jobs near me? Are you wondering how to become an excellent project manager? So, what are the difficulties that project managers face in their careers?

The following career-advice article, “Project manager jobs near me 101”, will assist you in better comprehending the above questions.

Who Is The Project Manager? What Are Their Duties And Responsibilities?

Project managers are in charge of planning, monitoring progress, and overseeing all company projects to ensure that they are finished on schedule. They also weigh project finances, plan a budget, and keep stakeholders informed about the project’s overall progress.

First of all, know more about a day in the life of a Project Manager here:

All of this work should be carried out following the company’s objectives and vision. As a result, to make informed decisions and plans, the project manager must also clearly view the company’s or business’s targets and strategies. Project manager positions can be found in various areas, including construction, HR, marketing, and IT projects.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Determine and describe the project’s scope and goals.
  • Predict the resources required to achieve goals and execute them efficiently.
  • Prepare a budget and resources required if needed.
  • Adjust project expenses to stay within budget.
  • Create a comprehensive project schedule.
  • Provide regular updates to different stakeholders on the project’s plan, revisions, and progress.
  • Assign tasks to contractors and suppliers.
  • Keep an eye on things and make changes as needed.
  • Define areas for improvement, assess the project’s success.
Who Is The Project Manager? What Are Their Duties And Responsibilities?
Who is a Project manager? Source: cdn.iconicjob

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Project Manager Jobs’ Outlook

Project Manager Jobs’ Outlook
How about the project manager jobs’ outlook? Source: dailyscrawl

Bright Prospect For Project Management Jobs

It is no exaggeration to state that this profession’s prospects are inviting. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), management analysts’ job demand is expected to increase by 14% by 2028. This is far higher than the overall rate of growth in other occupations in the United States. 

Meanwhile, entry-level construction management jobs are expected to rise by 8% between 2019 and 2029 (BLS), far faster than the average for all occupations, too. Those with a bachelor’s degree in construction management, construction science, or civil engineering, as well as construction experience, should have the best chances of landing this kind of job.


As more organizations search for ways to improve productivity and lower project expenses, the demand for project management and consulting services will grow significantly. In today’s highly competitive job markets, businesses will try to optimize their capital as efficiently and economically as possible.

Furthermore, as the US population is aging, the market for management analysts in the healthcare sector is expected to skyrocket, not just to support healthcare policy but also to deal with the legal climate in healthcare insurance.

COVID-19 is increasingly asserting the relevance of the Information Technology infrastructure. Fast growth in e-commerce and Internet connectivity necessitates a significant human resource to handle projects’ IT infrastructure, product development, and secure system.

Possible Project Management Jobs

Possible Project Management Jobs
How many domains can a project manager be in charge of? Source: miro.medium

According to PMI (Private Medical Insurance), people who choose to work in project management also have many options because their expertise can be applied to a variety of departments and domains. Project management roles are usually needed in the following areas:

  • Construction and Manufacturing
  • Publishing and Information Services
  • Insurance and Finance
  • Professional Services and Management
  • Utilities
  • Oil and Gas

How Much Would A Project Manager Earn On Average?

In the U.S, experienced project managers earn an average salary of $ 116,000 per year (ranging from $ 93,000 to $ 140,000). Project managers are paid well in the following industries: 

How Much Would A Project Manager Earn On Average?
How much experienced project managers could earn each year? Source: japan-itworks
  • Technical, professional, and scientific services
  • Management of enterprises and companies
  • Insurance and Finance
  • Government reports that some of the US highest-paid companies for project manager jobs are:

  • Amazon: $91,000
  • Sprint Nextel: $70,000
  • Dell: $97,000
  • Hewlett Packard: $79,000
  • Microsoft: $96,000
  • JP Morgan Chase: $110,000
  • Citibank: $106,000
  • Cisco Systems: $112,000

The following are some of the most sought-after skills in this area, as well as their corresponding salaries:

  • Project management: $84,100
  • Program management: $87,000
  • Process improvement: $81,400
  • Customer relationship management: $76,600
  • Budget management: $86,200

Payment of a project manager by experience level:

  • Zero-to-one year of experience: $58,900
  • One-to-four years of experience: $67,100
  • Five-to-nine years of experience: $81,800
  • 10-to-19 years of experience: $97,800
  • More than 20 years of experience: $113,000

Payment of a project manager by location can be higher or lower by:

  • San Francisco: +8%
  • Washington DC: +7%
  • Chicago: +6%
  • Atlanta: +3%
  • Seattle: 0%
  • New York City: 0%
  • Boston: -12% notes you can enjoy the following salary increases with these credentials:

  • PgMP: +24.74%
  • PMP certification: +18.82%
  • PMI-ACP: +24.7%
  • Certified Scrum Master: +17.88%
  • PMP: +8.93%

Top companies with the best welfare and payment for project managers consists of:

  • Worley: $153,000
  • General Dynamics: $129,700
  • Ericsson: $128,700
  • Apple: $127,500
  • Jacobs: $124,000

Highest-paying cities in the United States for project managers are:

  • Washington DC: $100,400
  • Los Angeles: $100,200
  • Houston: $95,900
  • Charlotte: $92,900
  • Atlanta: $89,777
  • Chicago: $87,900
  • New York City: $84,700
  • Denver: $84,300

Let’s check out the Project managers’ average salary summary by State in the United States in this table below:

StateHourly WageAnnual Salary
New York – Project Manager$40.96$85,190
Massachusetts – Project Manager$40.66$84,577
New Hampshire – Project Manager$39.68$82,525
Maryland – Project Manager$37.74$78,500
Hawaii – Project Manager$37.56$78,131
Connecticut – Project Manager$37.45$77,905
Alaska – Project Manager$37.45$77,900
Montana – Project Manager$37.45$77,900
North Dakota – Project Manager$37.45$77,900
Wyoming – Project Manager$37.45$77,900
Nevada – Project Manager$37.45$77,900
Idaho – Project Manager$37.45$77,900
Vermont – Project Manager$37.35$77,693
Nebraska – Project Manager$37.28$77,542
Washington – Project Manager$37.26$77,496
Rhode Island – Project Manager$36.87$76,697
California – Project Manager$36.85$76,653
Virginia – Project Manager$36.67$76,274
Arizona – Project Manager$36.28$75,459
New Jersey – Project Manager$36.05$74,975
Colorado – Project Manager$35.57$73,987
West Virginia – Project Manager$35.55$73,944
Minnesota – Project Manager$35.41$73,655
Pennsylvania – Project Manager$35.41$73,650
South Dakota – Project Manager$35.40$73,623
South Carolina – Project Manager$35.34$73,515
Tennessee – Project Manager$35.21$73,229
Delaware – Project Manager$35.19$73,196
Oregon – Project Manager$35.16$73,127
Utah – Project Manager$34.91$72,615
Ohio – Project Manager$34.84$72,475
Kentucky – Project Manager$34.80$72,393
Indiana – Project Manager$34.61$71,980
Oklahoma – Project Manager$34.52$71,803
Louisiana – Project Manager$34.42$71,594
Wisconsin – Project Manager$34.36$71,470
Kansas – Project Manager$34.25$71,248
Maine – Project Manager$34.22$71,181
Iowa – Project Manager$34.14$71,018
Texas – Project Manager$33.57$69,830
Georgia – Project Manager$33.45$69,580
Arkansas – Project Manager$33.33$69,317
New Mexico – Project Manager$33.14$68,924
Alabama – Project Manager$32.89$68,411
Michigan – Project Manager$32.85$68,336
Illinois – Project Manager$32.75$68,121
Mississippi – Project Manager$32.38$67,351
Missouri – Project Manager$32.05$66,666
Florida – Project Manager$31.57$65,666
North Carolina – Project Manager$28.71$59,721
Source:, January 2020

Project Manager Jobs – Hiring Requirements And Qualifications

These are several essential requirements a project manager should have:

  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science, business administration, or a similar field is required.
  • Project management and associated experience of 5-8 years.
  • Certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP) or Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM).
  • Strong experience with project management software tools, methodologies, and best practices.
  • Proven ability to solve problems creatively.
  • Excellent analytical skills and keep an eye on the entire project’s portfolios.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Proven ability to complete projects within the scope, budget, and timeframe specified.

Should You Pursue A Project Management Degree?

A PMI degree is typically your top priority if you are interested in a project manager role. Although education and work experience will differ from company to company, most big businesses will need PMI. A project management degree (often included in a business administration program) will provide comprehensive training in workflow, problem-solving techniques, management strategy, resource management, budgeting, and other skills.

Today, the two most popular project management certifications are: 

  1. The Project Management Professional (PMP). 
  2. Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM). 

Both certificates are issued by the Project Management Institute (PMI). However, bear in mind that the CAPM certificate does not require the candidate to have project management experience. In contrast, the PMP certificate requires the candidate at least 4,500 hours of experience.

It would help if you had at least 1,500 hours of work experience (about ten months in a full-time job) and a high school or college diploma to qualify for the CAPM certificate. 

Two ways to be eligible for PMP: 

  1. A four-year degree, a minimum of 4,500 hours of work experience (approximately two and a half years for a full-time job), plus mandatory university/college education for project management; 
  2. A high school diploma, 7,500 hours of experience (approximately four years in a full-time job), plus compulsory educational training. 

Note that both of these methods require 35 hours of PMP learning.

How To Become The Project Manager? How Is The Project Management Career Path?

How To Become The Project Manager? How Is The Project Management Career Path?
Do you desire to become a project manager? Source:

Project management is best suited to individuals who have strong teamwork, organizational, and leading skills. This is one of the most exciting career paths available. However, if you want to advance in this sector, you might as well gain more experience and work your way up step-by-step from project coordinator to the senior project manager:

First, Get Started With Project Coordinator Position

A project manager’s first move is to work in this entry-level administrative role. They will be familiar with paperwork management, meeting arrangement, project progress, and budget monitoring project progress.

Project Management Career – Is it Right For Me?

Secondly, Project Scheduler

Following that, you could be promoted to a role where you create, update, and coordinate the project schedule. These project management platforms (project scheduler position) are often used to allocate and monitor resources to keep projects on track.

Assistant Project Manager

When you work as an assistant project manager, you’ll be closer to your goal of becoming a project manager. These assistants will collaborate with managers to define consumer expectations, set a budget, manage resources, and prepare a potential strategic project.

Next, Turning Into A Project Manager

In reality, an outstanding project management assistant will advance to project manager. They are leaders in planning, organizing, implementing, monitoring, directing, and reporting on information, progress, and costs of projects to clients or stakeholders, ensuring that projects meet the stated goals within constraints of time, budget, and scope.

Final Goal, Senior Project Manager

When a company trusts you enough to promote you to senior manager, it means your company appreciates your experience and contribution. Now is the time to take on many more significant, more complex projects or manage the company’s entire portfolio of projects.

How about a TPM  – technical program manager career path? Different from project manager’s career path, before becoming a TPM, one may have held the following positions:

  • Product manager
  • Software or hardware engineer
  • Engineering manager
  • Business analyst

How To Advance Your Project Management Career?

All in all, once you have reached the rank of senior project manager, it’s not hard to continue expanding into other fields, such as senior projects or senior executive management. 

All in the above article of Jobandedu is included solely for informational purposes. The project manager roles would be slightly different in each organization. Read the general qualifications and hiring requirements that we have given prior to applying for the “Project Manager jobs near me.”


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