The Best Examples of Outstanding Linkedin Profiles

According to Omnicore, by 2020, there are 766 million LinkedIn users, and 95% of recruiters would turn to LinkedIn for perfect candidates. Most of us face trouble designing our own LinkedIn profiles to impress potential employers. Hence, let’s see some profile summary for Linkedin to make your LinkedIn profiles standing out from the crowd.

Why Do You Need To Tailor Your Linkedin Summary?

LinkedIn has gradually become the official social network for professional connections, so it is wise to put some effort into it. Your LinkedIn “About” or “Summary” is one of your most important sections to show the recruiters your personal brand and your professional relationships. The Summary part gives the first impressions about you and decides whether people who read your profile connect with you or not. 

A LinkedIn profile without a “Summary” is like a website without a home page. Your LinkedIn summary will be the most read due to its most prominent position on the screen. You only have two thousand characters to write a summary that shows who you are and what makes you stand out. 

There are many tips to draft a good summary for your LinkedIn profile, one of which is to look through some examples of portfolios with high traffic. After reading these examples, you can consider your target audience and draft your summary. Remember to review if there is anything to tailor and whether it can attract your audience.

Why Do You Need To Tailor Your Linkedin Summary?
LinkedIn is a must-have in your professional life. Image: squarespace

How To Create An Attractive Good Linkedin Profile?

To create a unique LinkedIn profile, you should consider LinkedIn as your ‘live’ resume. It is the start of your personal brand and would be among the top results when people Google you. 

Create An Attractive Profile

Firstly, you need an appropriate profile picture that shows your positive vibe in semi-formal attire with your face looking straight. If you think of using a photo of yourself at a party or with pets, recruiters may not take you seriously. Remember that your headshot is for professional networking and entirely different from other social networks. 

Secondly, draft yourself a catchy profile headline. Your headline should be short and punchy, as it is the one thing you want people to know about you. For example, “Honors graduate seeking Marketing position” could be an effective headline.

Show Your Relevant Experience Smartly 

For your summary, be concise about your experience, qualifications, and career goals. Remember to include keywords that recruiters might look for in your summary. Always explain in more detail the projects and your experience that are most similar to the job you want.

If you are not confident about your work experience and how to put them nicely in summary, don’t overstress. According to LinkedIn, 41% of LinkedIn recruiters consider “volunteer experience” on par with full-time work experience. Therefore, be confident to put your volunteer experience in your LinkedIn profile to show your passions and interests. This might be what makes you stand out.

In addition, you can make your LinkedIn profile different by sharing your multimedia. If you have presentations or documents explaining your previous works, or maybe your portfolio, upload them to your LinkedIn profile. If you are good at writing, use blog posts to talk more about yourself, your skill sets, and your professional goals.

Make A Unique LinkedIn’s URL

With some simple steps in the settings of your LinkedIn profile, you can create a unique URL with your name maybe. By editing your custom URL, you can either put your full name or your expertise. For instance, your LinkedIn profile looks fantastic with a catchy URL such as Such a small yet unique gesture will make you stand out from other candidates. 

Make A Unique LinkedIn’s URL
You can make an outstanding LinkedIn profile. Image: komarketing

Examples Of A Stand-Out LinkedIn Summary

What kind of LinkedIn summary would get you interviews? How to write a good LinkedIn summary for students? Let’s see some good summary examples.

Summary For Social Media Marketing Profile

Looking through good examples of marketing portfolios, you can see that their summary sections are usually short and sharp. They explain the candidate’s qualities and what they will bring to the company very persuasively. Let’s see this example below:

“Social media expert with experience in creating and managing social media strategies and campaigns for multinational retail brands. I have extensive expertise in social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube; I develop social media strategies that successfully increase brand awareness, engage customers, and drive web traffic to enhance conversions. 

In case you want to see my previous campaigns, we can always discuss more over a coffee. I am eager to take up new roles in social media marketing for tech corporations or startups. If you need a strong team-player who knows the ins and outs of social media, email me or leave a direct message on LinkedIn.”

The above example states the experience of the candidate along with the results they achieve in their career. This summary includes good keywords in the social media field such as “social media strategies”, “increase brand awareness”, “drive web traffic,” and ultimately “conversions”.

Summary For Software Developer Profile

Software Developers are generally technical and use fewer fancy words as much as marketers. Their LinkedIn summary would typically be more straightforward, like the example below:

“When I was a teenager, I was that kid who others asked for help with their phones or laptops. I was the go-to guy for fixing any technical problems. Since then, not much has changed. The only difference is that I now have developed innovative software to solve issues for large corporations. 

My recent project involved designing and implementing new software to optimize booking efficiency during holidays. This software contributed to a reduction in costs and a 12% increase in bookings. I manage a small NGO to empower young adults to get involved in technology in my spare time. I train aspiring kids in software development and other technical processes. If you want to collaborate with me, reach me at softwaredeveloper@example.ex.”

Summary For Linkedin Profile For Freshers

For students with less or no full-time work experience, their LinkedIn summary can focus more on their academic background and strengths. The example below is a good one for freshers who have no experience yet:

“I am a mechanical engineering student and due to graduate in the coming months. I am very eager to start challenging roles in the field of mechanical engineering.

During my second year of college, I undertook a six-month placement at an engineering corporation in the town. It was an excellent opportunity to utilize the skills I have gained to tackle real problems in the engineering world. During the placement, I collaborated with my other team members to finish all the assigned tasks, and I am proud of winning the Best Employee of The Month twice. 

My bachelor’s degree has provided me with excellent proficiency in using mechanical engineering methods, software, tools, and techniques. I also have good communication skills thanks to delivering presentations at university. Therefore, I have confidence that I can make an impact on my engineering career. 

If you are looking for a fresh graduate with mechanical engineering and fluid mechanics skills, I am the guy. I am looking forward to hearing about potential career opportunities in the engineering sphere.

Linkedin Summary For A Career Change

For those who want to switch to another career lane, their LinkedIn profiles should emphasize their new skills and state why they want to change. A short and sweet summary such as below would help career changers attract the right recruiters:

“I spent most of my career in retail management. And I learned how I loved helping people find what they needed, and their smiles always made my day. I went to work every day with a heart full of joy from making life a bit easier for my customers. Four years ago, I decided I needed to work on something more significant. Therefore, I started taking my MBA course in the evening while maintaining my work as a retail manager.

Now that I have graduated with distinction and confidence, I look for new challenges as a business development manager for international retail corporations. I firmly believe that my insights in retail management would help me greatly in understanding the consumers. Please don’t hesitate to email me at [enter email] to discuss further.”

The Final Thought

From the above profile summary for Linkedin, it is clear that your LinkedIn summary and profile should genuinely be who you are. It is worth remembering that a well-written summary can get you interviews, but only real skill sets and attitudes will get you jobs. Therefore, take your time to draft a good LinkedIn summary that tells the truth about yourself and your aspirations. Don’t miss out on more job hunting tips and experience in the Job application section.

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