Best Poldark Episodes – Most Love Poldark Season 5 Episode 8

Returning from war to rebuild his whole life, Ross Poldark found not only a new business venture but a new love. While some audiences love Poldark Season 2 Episode 8, many others prefer Poldark Season 5 Episode 8. In their eyes, this episode seems to be the best part of the series so far.  But is it the truth?

What Do We Know About the Poldark Series? 

Poldark’s Story In The Show

Started airing in 2015, Poldark is one of the most popular British drama TV series. Poldark’s plot originates from the novels by Winston Graham with the same name. Since the start, Aidan Turner has been the lead actor, whose performance wins viewers’ hearts. Poldark tells the story about life in Cornwall following the American War of Independence.

Best Poldark Episodes Throughout 5 Seasons

George Warleggan – the villain of the series. Image:

In the beginning, Poldark was only available on BBC One in the UK. But soon, the series aired on PBS in the United States in the same year of 2015. The series is about Captain Ross Vennor Poldark. After three years in the war, he returns to Cornwall to discover that his father has passed away. Moreover, his estate is in a terrible state, and the family is in debt. But the worst news of all is that his love – Elizabeth – is already engaged to his cousin – Francis. 

It may seem that Poldark has lost all hopes to rebuild his life, but that’s just when he meets Demelza Carne. They meet at Truro market, where Poldark hires her to be a scullery maid. Four years go by, and the two fall in love and get married. Throughout the five series, the story revolves around Ross and Demelza, Elizabeth and Francis, and George Warleggan. They lose love and family, but they welcome their children amid the war. 

poldark season 5 episode 8

Poldark cast wins the audience’s hearts. Image: brightspot

Poldark Received High Ratings

Common Sense Media describes Poldark as “complex,” while Rotten Tomatoes gives the series 87% on its Tomatometer.  Across the seasons of the series, Season 3 seems to be the best in ratings. This season mainly got 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, while Season 2 got only 80% – the lowest of the seasons. The series’s most recent season 5 wins 86% from critics for giving fans exactly what they want. 

Besides, one of the reasons behind Poldark’s high ratings is the cast. Aidan Turner, as Captain Poldark, has performed flawlessly across the seasons. His partner – Demelza Poldark by Eleanor Tomlinson – also did a great job. The cast also included some good seasonal actors like Caroline Blakiston (Agatha Poldark) or Phil Davis (Jud Paynter). Though they only appear in the first seasons, they have played their role perfectly. 

On average, the series has attracted millions of UK viewers. Its first season gained an average 8.11 million of viewers, while its most recent season got 5.5 million views to tune in. Each season airs from 8 to 10 episodes; hence, the series did an excellent job maintaining the number of viewers. However, some episodes got higher ratings and more viewers than others. For example, Poldark Season 5 Episode 8 has achieved very high views because it is a series finale. 

Poldark’s Success & Awards

Poldark has 6 wins and 33 nominations throughout its five seasons altogether. Poldark won its first BAFTA Awards for Audience Award (TV) in 2016. In the same year, Poldark received several nominations for the Association of Motion Picture Sound award. The series gained recognition for its excellence in sound for a TV drama. Moreover, Poldark won 2 more awards in 2016. One was from the Broadcasting Press Guild Awards, while the other was from the Celtic Media Festival. 

Poldark Wins Radio Times Audience Award 2016. Image: BAFTA

Poldark’s winning strike continued in 2018 when the series brought home the Satellite’s Special Achievement Award for the best ensemble on TV. Poldark also got nominations for Best Drama Series at the TV Choice Awards UK in 2018 and a nomination for Best Actor. The cast members also enjoyed several nominations from prestigious awards, giving them more confidence to perform even better. 

Poldark has enchanted viewers until its very last episode. Poldark Season 5 Episode 8 has been a hot topic for discussion among fans of the series when the end of Poldark is visible. With Ross posing as a French spy to save his skin, his marriage with Demelza is at risk. While the couple reconciles for a way out, some other characters don’t have a happy ending. George chooses to leave Trenwith while Merceron and Hanson receive their punishment. 

The series ends with Poldark embarking on a new voyage to France for a mission. However, this time he is not alone. His friend and former comrade in the army – Enys – accompanies him. The duo would do their best to pass military intelligence back to the British in hopes of thwarting Napoleon’s invasions. Before leaving, Ross promises Demelza that he would return in time to welcome their child. 

Is Poldark Season 5 Episode 8 The Best?

Poldark Season 2 Episode 8

Many viewers name Poldark Season 2 Episode 8 as their favorite of the show. This episode is about Ross facing a trial for his part in smuggling. Besides Ross, there was Dwight on the same boat. In the episode, Ross has some new hope in Wheal Grace thanks to a new tin lode. However, George deals Ross a bitter blow. The audience loves the fight between Ross and George, and hence they favor this episode. 

Poldark, Season 2: Episode 8 Scene. Source: Masterpiece PBS

Many viewers have noticed that Ross in the TV version is more guilty than the original version in the novels. They are pretty angry with Ross’s choice to betray Demelza, Jeremy, Jud, and Prudie. Moreover, the audience feels a strong sense of betrayal due to Ross’s actions in this episode. Though Elizabeth should be more careful to see how evil George is, she doesn’t commit the biggest mistake.

On another note, the audience loves how Dr. Enys (Luke Norris) saves the show with his perfect acting. The good doctor has held the tankard aloft, and he deserves a big round of applause. However, with all happenings around Ross, Demelza, and Elizabeth, the audience seems to enjoy this episode very much. The contentious atmosphere fills the episode, and viewers have to sit tight to see what comes next. 

Poldark Season 3 Episode 8

What about the other viewers who choose Poldark Season 3 Episode 8? This episode is thrilling because of the election threatening Truro’s status quo. Indeed, Truro has to face its actions in the past to win the election. Meanwhile, Ross is on the verge of losing Demelza’s affection. He can sense an obvious rival striving to win over Demelza’s love. Hence, the episode is full of provocative developments which keep the audience from looking away from the TV screen.

Poldark, Season 3: Episode 8 Scene. Source: Masterpiece PBS

This episode is where Elizabeth has everyone bawling for her. On hearing that George would take home in Westminster without her, Elizabeth looks hurt and concerned. At the same time, Ross and Demelza’s marriage is an exciting subject for television. For many, Ross is a bad husband who cheats on his wife with his ex-girlfriend. Furthermore, he runs some very shady ventures despite her disapproval, and he never seems to realize how beautiful his wife is inside out. 

However, Demelza seems always to accept Ross regardless of his shortcomings. Even though she always has Hugh Armitage’s whole love and admiration, Demelza can’t seem to betray Ross. The highlight of the episode is when the couple meets one another at the church. Ross reveals what had happened at the church. Sadly, he says he has feelings for Elizabeth, though he calls these feelings “different and not as important”. This episode revolves around relationship issues and how to find solutions. 

Poldark Season 5 Episode 8

Poldark Season 5 Episode 8 is where Ross – the protagonist of the series – has to start his most daring plan. Apart from his allies, Ross has to save his country from enemies. Such a tight situation has got the full attention of audiences across different countries. 

Unfortunately, many viewers thought that the finale didn’t end how it should. With the show introducing a new plot twist just two episodes before the end, fans are pretty surprised. One funny detail is that almost every woman of Poldark is now pregnant or about to be. We understand that babies are the implications of a better future with less misery. But giving a baby to each role in the finale is such a shocking way to end it. 

Poldark, Season 5: Episode 8 Scene. Source: Masterpiece PBS

At the end of the episode, we witness Ross walking to the boat to begin his voyage to France. Ross is leaving Demelza, now an expecting mother, home by herself. Their promise of Ross coming back in time to welcome the baby is a kind of hint for the next series. And hence, Poldark fans can certainly hope to see more of Poldark and hopefully a better ending than that in Poldark Season 5 Episode 8.

The Final Thought About Poldark Series

Poldark is easily the most famous historical TV series in the UK. Though we don’t know for sure whether Poldark Season 5 Episode 8 is the best, we sure love it.  The series’ production includes some of the best sceneries in the United Kingdom, and fans adore it. From Charlestown, Holywell Bay, and Kynance Cove to Porthcothan beach, everything is breathtaking. Poldark has left a distinctive trademark and has gained love from the worldwide audience. Poldark is indeed a must-watch!

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