Dabble In Colors: 8 Painting Classes For Adults That Are Worth Paying For

“Do you think drawing or painting is important for adults?” 

I just bumped into this question on Quora, and frankly, I think it’s an exciting topic. 

My answer? Yes, absolutely! Forget all the tripe about creative VS non-creative types of people. In the modern days, it is important for all of us to slow down and take some time off from our hectic schedules to reflect on certain moments. That’s exactly what painting has to offer: We sit down, focus on the images at hand, isolate ourselves from reality for a while, and relieve ourselves from stress. Now you understand why the term “art therapy” is becoming increasingly popular: Painting has similar calming effects as meditation.

That alone is a huge reason to pick up a paintbrush and try this hobby out. Yet, for many people, their attempts to paint were anything but relaxing. Perhaps, just like them, you are familiar with the following scenario: You’ve sharpened all your pencils and arranged them in a nice row, but can’t quite bring yourself to make a mark in that new sketchbook.  Or maybe you have started painting the kettle or the cat but are now feeling disheartened because the kettle looks like a very wonky jug or the cat looks like a very odd dog… 

Thus, to kickstart your art habit, finding the right guidance is more important than you might think. But, well, I get it – you’re busy with work and life demands, so fitting into an art class is hard! Worry not, this list of the best online painting classes for adults is for you. All of them are short, practical, and allow you to practice in the comfort of your home. Let’s get down to it right away, shall we?

Painting Classes For Adult: Mastering Brushstrokes Series 

About The Instructor

If you are an art lover, perhaps you recognize Jill Poyerd: This renowned contemporary realist has been featured in national publications, and her award-winning artworks can be found in private collections across the globe. Working in both watercolor and oil paints, she showcases her unique paintings extensively in the Mid-Atlantic region and in national exhibitions. 

Jill Poyerd's Watercolor Artwork - painting classes for adults
“Solitude” By Jill Poyerd – Source: Artwork Archive

Aside from being an artist, Poyerd is also a dynamic member of the arts community. She holds signature memberships in several prestigious art organizations, including the National Watercolor Society. The Virginia-based realist wants to inspire and spread art appreciation to international audiences. Hence, her first step is to put out a series of painting instructions anyone can enjoy from home. 

What’s The Course About?

Mastering Brushstrokes By Jill Poyerd - painting classes for adults
What’s Inside the “Mastering Brushstrokes” Series? – Source: Udemy

“Brushstrokes are at the core of painting”, and that’s why I put this series on top of the list. Using her friendly, easy-to-follow teaching methods and a lot of activities, Jill Poyerd will provide you with a thorough understanding of brushwork, as well as how each brushstroke impacts forms. There are 22 unique strokes for you to master, broken down into two courses: 

  • Mastering Brushstrokes – Part 1 covers 12 strokes, which are divided into 4 groups: Invisible strokes, direct painting, strokes that use light amounts of paint, and strokes that use thick impasto paint. 
  • In Mastering Brushstrokes – Part 2, Poyerd will guide you through broken and alternative strokes. To wrap up the course, you can apply your knowledge with a five-stroke painting exercise. 

As you surf the internet, you will find a ton of brush painting courses out there. However, having excelled in watercolor and oil painting, Jill Poyerd is the only one to give demonstrations in both. That’s what makes her series stand out: Students can freely choose their preferred painting medium and expand their creativity. 

Each course contains 5 hours of on-demand videos, which means you only need roughly 10 hours to master the use of brushstrokes and begin creating works of art. 

Who Is This Course For? 

As mentioned above, brushstrokes are the basis of watercolor, oil, and acrylic painting. Therefore, it’s a good beginner course, ideal for someone who has just taken up the hobby. With clear and detailed instructions, you don’t need any prior knowledge. 

Still, experienced painters will also benefit from “Mastering Brushstrokes.” “There are ​​ plenty of examples throughout history of strokes used by famous artists and the importance of the different strokes in historical context. I learned a lot even though I’ve been painting for so many years”, user Joan W. wrote. 

The Ultimate Drawing Course: Beginner To Advanced 

About The Instructor

Artist Interview With Jaysen Batchelor 

Behind the most renowned drawing course on Udemy is Jaysen Batchelor – a self-taught freelance artist. He kickstarted his art career at the age of 17 as an intern in an animation studio and is now a recognized illustrator, working in his own time from wherever he wants. Batchelor is also the owner of “Jaysen Batchelor”— a Youtube channel where he shares digital drawing tutorials. 

This talented guy is living the dream life of many aspiring young artists out there. Aside from his engaging and concise instruction, Batchelor’s experience in how to pursue a drawing career is what attracts 478,842 learners to his course. 

What’s The Course About? 

We all know that drawing is the basis of painting. So, to break into the art world, you need to learn the fundamentals of drawing from the ground up. “The Ultimate Drawing Course: Beginner To Advanced”, which contains 11 hours of clear content, will walk you through each step of the way. 

After completing the course, these will be at your fingertips: 

  • Line fundamentals
  • Shape and form fundamentals 
  • How to use value and contrast
  • Space and perspective
  • Drawing the human face
  • Still life drawing 
  • Creating texture 
  • Drawing the human figure 
  • Drawing animation-styled art
“The Ultimate Drawing Course” By Jaysen Batchelor - painting classes for adults
“The Ultimate Drawing Course” Focuses On Drawing Human Figures And Creating Animation-Styled Characters – Source: Udemy

What’s the real kicker here? As you enroll in “The Ultimate Drawing Course”, you will get Jaysen Batchelor and his teaching assistant’s personal contact. They shall guide you through each workout piece-by-piece and provide every learner with fast, friendly, supportive guidance, should you have any problems along the way! 

Who Is This Course For? 

“Imagine that you come to the course with totally zero on ‘how can I draw?’ since you totally baby in this field. By taking these lessons, now you will understand how it works and by finishing this course, you will get an answer to your question and get ready to start drawing.

My final conclusion is that, if you want to learn the basics of drawing then this is exactly the one to go for.”

This feedback, given by user Adrian H., proves that it is the perfect beginner course. In the comment section, you will find comments from many Udemy learners saying that they come to “The Ultimate Drawing Course” with zero knowledge. The course changes their perception and eventually helps them gain more confidence to start drawing. 

There is only one thing to note: As a self-taught artist, Batchelor focuses more on how to draw intuitively based on what you see. Hence, if you want to pick up more technicalities, this small con will bug you a little. In case you want to go in-depth into different grips, techniques for shading and outline, etc., I’d suggest going for the “Art Fundamentals” course by Scott Harris instead. 

In addition, Batchelor spends most sections teaching how to draw human faces and figures. To learn the techniques of painting landscape scenes, some courses below might be more useful for you.

Painting Classes For Adults: Beginner Watercolors

About The Instructor

When I looked for online painting classes for adults, the watercolor course that was most recommended by Reddit and Quora users was “Beginner Watercolors”. Truth be told, I was skeptical: Instructor Nicola A Blakemore wasn’t a familiar face. I couldn’t find much information regarding her online. All I had was a Youtube channel, a personal blog, and an instructor profile on Udemy. 

Even her background is surprising: She introduces herself as a self-taught artist who was originally trained to be a graphic designer. At some point, she decided to return to her long-time passion and became a full-time watercolor artist, teacher, and creative entrepreneur. 

Nicola A Blakemore Talks About The Paint Colors In Her Watercolor Paintbox

These days, the British lady finds herself more into teaching. According to her, sheunderstands how a lot of people feel anxious about their creative work” as a self-taught artist. Hence, she wants to hold the hands of aspiring painters and help them overcome these fears by offering a friendly, relaxed, and sensitive teaching style. “Do one of my courses and you will feel as if I am in the room with you every step of the way”, Blakemore wrote. 

Well, Nicola A Blakemore might not be a renowned illustrator or an art professor. Nonetheless, her passion and endeavor help her to create one of the best online watercolor classes you can find on the internet. 

What’s The Course About?

The world of watercolors is enchanting yet very challenging for those who are new to it. But don’t worry, because in just 4 hours of on-demand videos, Nicola A Blakemore will provide her learners with an easy approach to the medium, giving you the tools to master this difficult painting discipline. All you need to get started is a box of watercolor paints, one round paintbrush, watercolor paper, a black-ink or felt tip pen, pencil, eraser, a clear or white wax candle or crayon, and two jars for water. 

“Beginner Watercolor” starts by showing you how watercolor paints work with the water. Then, you get to experiment with shades and familiarize yourself with different color washes. A color wash is the most used technique. Blakemore also walks you through how the same colors and create shapes and shading, highlights and shadows, and how to properly mix your paints.

Afterward, you get to apply your newly-acquired knowledge through a series of playful exercises, such as painting fruits and creating your own greeting cards. 

Beginner Watercolors - painting classes for adults
“Beginner Watercolors” Helps You Hone Your Skills Through Fun Projects – Source: Glytterati

Ultimately, Nicola A Blakemore’s goal is to help you feel more confident in playing with colors and explore your creativity. This is what one student posted on her blog: “‘I was so surprised to find that things started very simply, just playing with water and unmixed colors of paint. Slowly a beautiful patchwork of designs appeared on her page. Where boundaries and boundaries in the art have been blurred, she went to a pen and neatened up. Something else to add to the designs and to add some swirls and triangles to the dried paint. With growing excitement, I realized that this project was well within my comfort zone.”

Who Is This Course For?

With that being said, “Beginner Watercolor” is for anyone who wants to learn to paint with watercolors, those who feel intimidated by the paints to even begin, and those who have been painting for a while but think that their works are not good enough. 

Since the exercises are fun-loving and simple to practice, this course is perfect for those who wish to reduce their stress level. A good example of “art therapy”, I’d say. 

Painting Classes For Adults – Watercolor Painting: Landscape

About The Instructor 

Broderick Wong’s impressionistic style of watercolors has not only been shown in many exhibitions in Metro Vancouver but also in Italy at the 2019 Fabriano in Acquarello International Exhibition. This uprising talent was the representing artist of Canada, and in 2020, he was once again featured at the 2020 Fabriano as an international artist under the Italy Group. 

Watercolor Artist Broderick Wong - painting classes for adults
Broderick Wong In His Studio – Source: Philippines Canadian Inquirers

Being an active member of the International Watercolor Society (Canada), Broderick makes it his mission to bring watercolors to as many people as he can through his well attended live workshops, and now, his “Watercolor Painting For Beginners” online course, so they too can experience the magic and joy of painting with water and color.

What’s The Course About? 

Here it is, the course for dreamers who love landscapes! For most newbies, painting landscapes is harder for 2 reasons: Composition and perspective. Landscapes generally have more elements and require more to think about compositionally. Then there’s the issue of perspective: atmospheric perspective, point perspective (one, two, or three?). In this course, Broderick Wong will address these problems in steps and show you how to “see” from an artist’s perspective. 

First, Wong introduces the 4 basic zones so learners know what to paint first and what’s next in a scene. Then, he will show you how to apply the basic principles to create the illusions of depth and distance, glassy watery reflections, or a multi-colored sky. Finally, you get to the real deal and begin to paint 4 different scenes of 4 seasons: Winter, spring, summer, and autumn. Of course, the instructor will paint together with you and give you some precious tips (his method of using thin, fine lines to create tree branches has taken my landscape painting to the next level!). 

This Udemy course contains everything Broderick Wong taught in his live Wet On Wet workshop, which was $260 in total value. After holding the workshops, Wong managed to target and isolate every specific challenge beginners have in the painting process. He then breaks them down into this short laser-focused course at a much more reasonable price so anyone can experience the fun of painting. 

Broderick Wong Watercolors Course - painting classes for adults
At The End Of The Course, You Will Acquire All The Necessary Skills To Complete A Full Landscape Painting At Ease – Source: Broderick Wong Watercolors

Who Is This Course For? 

As seen in the description, “Watercolor Painting: Landscape” is suitable for beginner painters and enthusiasts. Since you will be focusing on the use of colors and shades to create a landscape, though, you need some drawing basics to catch up. I’d suggest taking “The Ultimate Drawing Course: Beginner To Advanced” first before moving to this one. Altogether, it only takes roughly 15 hours for you to sketch and play with colors like a pro! 

Painting Classes For Adults – How To Paint From Beginner To Master: Acrylic Painting

About The Instructor 

After graduating from the School of Visual Arts, Joseph Patric Daniels has been working as a fine artist and illustrator based in NYC for more than 20 years. According to Daniels, his artworks were exhibited internationally and won awards for painting. However, he writes and teaches under a pseudonym because he believes that showing the learners his works stifles them creatively and they are likely to just create similar paintings. 

With 15,772 learners worldwide and a rating of 4.8 out of 5 on Udemy, Daniels manages to prove his standing in the field despite remaining anonymous. 

What’s The Course About?

So, what exactly is acrylic painting? What are the core characteristics of acrylic paint, and what sets it apart from other mediums? The answer lies right here! 

Acrylic Painting - painting classes for adults
How To Paint From Beginner To Master: Acrylic Painting – Source: Udemy

Of course, the course goes much further than just giving you a basic understanding. After 21 hours of on-demand video, the creator of “How To Paint From Beginner To Master” promises you all the necessary skills of acrylics you’ll ever need to create colorful, photorealistic paintings. Learners will pick up these techniques through 6 projects, each one is designed to address different aspects of painting, like textures, color mixing and theory, brush handling, painting in layers, using mediums, and so much more. 

According to user Donald B., “the course is fast-paced, but learners don’t have to worry about being overwhelmed because the instructor breaks the mechanic of painting so well into component parts”. What I like most about “How To Paint From Beginner To Master” is that you can watch Daniels demonstrating every lesson, step by step, as he goes into detail about every aspect of creating a painting from start to finish. He truly is one of the best instructors out there: Once you have joined the course, you will gain access to him 7 days a week for any question or even coaching you along the way! 

Who Is This Course For?

“How To Paint From Beginner To Master: Acrylic Painting” is designed for beginners with a desire to learn how to paint in acrylic. Learners don’t only repeat every step but are also explained why they are doing this and how to make it more efficient, so even those who have never picked up a brush before can start painting right away. 

However, the techniques Daniels provides in each lesson also make it a valuable asset for intermediate-level artists looking to try out acrylic. 

How To Paint From Beginner To Master: Oil Painting 

About The Instructor

Coming from Joseph Patric Daniels is another top-notch painting class for adults. This time, he will walk you through another challenging medium: Oil painting. “How To Paint From Beginner To Master: Oil Painting” was created in November 2021, but despite being a relatively new course, it already received a rating of 4.7 out of 5 from 17,660 students. 

What’s The Course About?

Why is oil painting so hard? If you are a fledgling oil painter, particularly one who has only experienced working with acrylics and watercolors so far, that might be a question you are asking yourself. And you are not alone – there is a learning curve to oil painting for various reasons. There’s the whole mess with mediums, the slow drying process, and the need to prep your painting space carefully, among other things. But should that deter you from delving into oil painting?

Udemy's Oil Painting Course - painting classes for adults
The Course Will Help You Get A Grip On Oil Painting In A Short Time – Source: Artincontext

Well, not with the help of “How To Paint From Beginner To Master”. In this course, Daniels lays out a process and structure to create an oil painting from start to finish, that’s easy for anyone to manage. What you will find here are not only techniques such as how to mix a 10 value greyscale, but also the best supplies to buy and how to use them. Additionally, learners will pick up an easy method to control lighting – something even experienced painters struggle with. 

By the end of the class, you will finish a portrait in full colors. 

Who Is This Course For? 

Again, compared to other mediums, oil painting is harder to work with. That’s why for this course, Daniels requires learners to have a basic knowledge of drawing and painting. Many of his students begin oil painting after finishing the acrylic class, and I think that’s the right way to go: You pick up basic knowledge from the acrylic painting course before experimenting with tougher, more exciting mediums. 

Painting Classes For Adults – Abstract Painting: Going Big

About The Instructor

A quick Google search will tell you that Andy Morris is a full-time abstract painter based in Dallas, TX. In 2011, he was selected to participate in the Omni Hotel Art Project in his hometown, and now 52 of his exquisite abstract paintings hang in suites and hallways of the new hotel. His artworks are featured in Corporate and Private collections across the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico. 

Andy Morris' Artwork - painting classes for adults
“Orange You Glad 3” By Andy Morris – Source: Fine Art America 

Morris has spent more than a decade creating art, and according to him, it’s the most challenging and most rewarding thing he has ever done. Now, through his courses, he wants to share his years of experience and all the knowledge he has obtained along the journey to create popular abstract paintings. 

What’s The Course About?

Abstract art is about the meaning, the context, and concept rather than the aesthetics and visual appeal. That’s why it is considered the best form for artists to express themselves. But have you ever stood in front of a huge abstract painting and simply gotten blown away? What makes an abstract painting a true work of art? Most importantly, how to create a large abstract painting that can amaze everyone? 

That’s what Andy Morris’ course is all about: Going big! In only 2 hours, learners will familiarize themselves with the exciting 7-step method to create an abstract painting. 

“Abstract Painting: Going Big” By Andy Morris - painting classes for adults
“Abstract Painting: Going Big” Is All About Creating Huge Abstract Paintings That Will Blow Viewers Away – Source: Frieze

According to user Richard S., “the real forte of the course is the three great demos of painting on a big canvas”. To me, though, what makes “Abstract Painting: Going Big” stand out is that Morris pays attention to the financial aspect of creating a huge artwork. Not every artist has a big budget for many trials and errors, so in the course, he explains how to build a stretched bar in a few different ways, and how to stretch your own canvas to save a lot of money. 

Who Is This Course For? 

Unlike other painting classes for adults on the list, Andy Morris’ course is not for novices. In the description, it is stated clearly that students should have some experience working with acrylic paints. Additionally, you must be fairly acquainted with the basic supplies for painting, including large brushes. 

With some basic knowledge, “Abstract Painting: Thinking Big” will take you on an inspiring journey of color pops and random shapes. “I am amazed to find that, some of the techniques I’ve started to play with on a very small scale… turn out to be quite amazing when the breaks are taken off and they are taken to extremes”, said user Jennifer W. 

Andy Morris created this practical course specifically for those ready to get down to work. If you want an in-depth look at the development of abstract paintings in the previous centuries, MoMA’s “Post-war Abstract Painting” course will hone your visual analysis skills. With the help of the New York School instructors, you will learn from the most celebrated artists and use their artworks as a point of departure to create your own. 

The Ultimate Digital Painting Course: Beginner To Advanced 

About The Instructor 

We meet Jaysen Batchelor – the creator of “The Ultimate Drawing Course” – again, in one of the most prominent digital art classes for youth. Though having a strong foundation in traditional art, Batchelor is best known for his digital illustrations. His bright and dynamic style combined with his quirky personality has attracted 78,289 learners to “The Ultimate Digital Painting Course”, most of them are youngsters looking to develop their skills and build a career and digital painting.

Jaysen Batchelor’s Digital Drawing Guide

What’s The Course About?

Just like all of his courses, “The Ultimate Digital Painting” starts with the basics. Batchelor will first lay out the fundamental of digital drawing, from the most essential tool – the brush – to how perspective, lines, and colors work. 

After mastering the core, learners shall be guided through 60 different projects that will take them from beginners to experts. These projects include still life painting, painting the human faces and heads, environment and landscape painting, photo-realistic painting, character designs, and (my most favorite part!) building a social media portfolio. If you look for Jaysen Batchelor on Google, you can see him having an impressive Youtube channel and Instagram profile, so we definitely can learn a lot from him on this! 

painting classes for adults
Aside From Human Drawing, You Will Also Learn How To Paint Still Life, Landscape, And Build A Social Media Portfolio – Source: YouTube

Just like Redditor Charleston wrote, “this course offers a lot of content for the price and provides a solid foundation to work from”. To make it an even better deal, Batchelor offers a full money-back guarantee within the first 30 days of purchasing the course. That means even if you are not satisfied with the result, you risk nothing. Nonetheless, the students’ feedback assures you that what you get from “The Ultimate Digital Painting” is much more valuable than money. It’s a practical skillset that will stay with you for a lifetime. 

Who Is This Course For?

“The Ultimate Digital Painting” is perfect for beginners with zero experience in digital painting. Some of the parts focus on very basic knowledge of Photoshop and therefore not useful for intermediate-level students. Udemy learners who have completed the course also hope that Jaysen Batchelor will put out more in-depth courses for more advanced topics, such as character design or landscapes, etc.

In case you wanna create art on your own iPad, take a look at these best Procreate classes for beginners

“Every Canvas Is A Journey On Its Own”

So many of us had so much fun painting as kids, but as we grow up, that passion has somehow gone. But you know what, it is never too late to start painting again! Just pick one of the painting classes for adults above and let it guide you through this adventure. We all have the making of a creative genius inside us, so let’s give ourselves a chance to explore it! 

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