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According to collegerecruiter, nearly 75% of post-secondary students graduate with at least one internship. When talking about internships, most of them regard unpaid internships as a necessary stepping stone for their future career development. However, it’s quite understandable that whether an internship is paid or not is of our concern.

There is no doubt that an internship with a salary can incentivize Jobandedu to work more productively. But if we are searching for an internship position, how to ask if an internship is paid or not? How to get paid internships near me? And what is our salary expectation for an internship when you are just a greenhorn?

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What Is An Internship? Is It Essential For Your Future Success?

According to dictionary, an internship means any official or formal program that provides practical experience to beginners in an occupation or profession. Therefore, students are encouraged or even required to do internships by their universities and colleges. 

When you take part in an internship, everything will be different from your regular classroom. No more falling asleep during school hours, going to school late, skipping homework!. Now, you need to be on time at your company, complete your assigned tasks, and take a solemn attitude. You need soft skills such as teamwork, communication, management, etc., instead of sitting and yawning with some boring theoretical lessons. 

Besides, in the first days of an internship, you may probably feel stunned, worried, afraid, and shy about work. However, let’s stay positive and take advantage of your internship to learn. Currently, companies seriously invest in internship training to recruit the next generation of well-qualified staff. Hence, you could learn many things when working as an intern.

You need to never cease to learn, apply what you learned into practice, try your best to work productively. One day, you’ll realize you have changed a lot. You are more confident, mature, and adaptive to the stressful working environment. And your experience will help you get a good job and chances to succeed in the future. 

Internship - Chance for career success
Internship – An excellent chance to develop your career path. – Source: openigo

Which Do You Look For, Paid Or Unpaid Internship? 

As far as I know, many companies now have an incentive or a small amount of salary for interns. According to the Federal Internship Guidelines by The US Department of Labor, if these organizations refuse to pay the interns, they could be held liable. Paid internships a benefit interns can receive as a legitimate recognition for their internships. 

Paid vs Unpaid Internships – How To Get Paid Internships. Source: Wayup

However, many companies still do not pay for internships. They believe that giving students a chance to practice and accumulate experience is a great favor. This is, to some extent, unreasonable and unfair to the interns. Interns who put in the labor should get at least a small allowance no matter how much or little. 

You need to have a clear choice and your own plan for your personal and professional growth. If you are paying tuition, rent, and other living expenses, you will need to move towards paid internships. You can look for a paid internship in some industries such as transportation, construction and design.

On the other hand, you can select internships without payment in some circumstances. For example, you can afford your daily expenditure cost. Or you find it challenging to look for an internship giving you both salary and rewarding experience. Also, if you want to focus on professional networks for your future career development. 

Which Industry Offers You Paid Internships? 

Typically, large corporations, private firms, law and real estate companies often offer paid internships or possibly some sort of allowance. These companies can pay you weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, or when you have completed the internship.

Where would I find a paid internship? How to find paid internships near me? I wondered about these questions, and it was indeed the vaguest time because I couldn’t decide where to practice. So, after going through such a long time, I have some suggestions and the experience that I have gained. First of all, there are many things to consider in this internship process. 

Paid Internships. Source: After School TV

First, the industry you choose will be the most important factor in determining how competitive you are. In fact, computer science and engineering is currently the field with the highest internship salary. Based on the interns’ salary reviews between March 1, 2018, and Feb. 28, 2019, the most lucrative positions were in the tech industry. 

According to Glassdoor, the 2019 top high-paying internship list is Facebook, with an average salary of $8,000/month, followed by Amazon at $7725/month. If you count full-time work in a year, an intern at Facebook will have an income of about $ 96,000. This salary level is much higher than the average salary of the US.

The second is your expectations of the work for which you want to do. What do you expect in your coworkers, your boss, or your company working culture? How much do you wish to receive monthly? To answer these questions, you must research early. Let’s focus on internship opportunities, and regularly update internship news from major companies on the fortune 500.

How To Get Paid Internships Near Me?

How To Get Paid Internships
Paid Internship – How To Get Paid Internships?Source: medium

To have the desired internship, ask yourself: what are you good at? What do you like most? What will that internship give you? You need to figure out some ways to find a paid internship. Below are some of my suggestions for you to explore and learn about paid internships.

1. Job Search Sites.

There are tons of job search websites out there. You can easily access and find jobs, and useful information provided to you thoroughly and accurately. Some reliable websites provide you with many paid internships, such as Indeed.com, LookSharp.com, Internships.com, InternQueen.com, Collegereruiter.com, etc.

2. Attend Career Fairs.

Honestly, I don’t have too much expectation for career fairs because students often do not match student expectations. This is primarily a link between the university and businesses, but many students find paid internships through this career fair. So, you can also try to participate in these events.

3. Apply To Jobs Through Searching.

In fact, in the recruitment of trainees, I have seen many resumes rejected due to the resume’s errors. My advice is to prepare your application well and apply with confidence, which helps you make an impression on the recruiters and are more likely to be accepted for a paid internship position.

4. Startup.

You can give yourself a job to have an experience such as starting an online business like I did when I was a sophomore in college. It’s enjoyable, and it will give you many rewarding experiences for real work in the future.

5. Facebook.

Facebook is increasingly infiltrating our lives. That is the reason, so many recruiters practice recruiting on Facebook’s pages. So you can find out and look for a paid internship on this app.

How To Ask If An Internship Is Paid?

It’s typically an intimidating task to ask for pay or a stipend for an unpaid internship. Although some interns are paid, many others are not. I have heard a lot of stories about students taking internship interviews, not knowing that this is an unpaid internship until their employers talked about that.

Obviously, it will waste time and effort on both yourself and the employer if you want a paid internship. So you can look for some ways to work around this problem.

ask if an internship is paid
How to ask if an internship is paid? – Source: American experiment

Know Internship Details

If you are a careful person, you will have to learn very carefully about the job you plan to apply for internship; you will choose a paid or unpaid internship, it depends on your thoughts. Also, you could know about the benefits of a internship position by taking a close look at the job description. If you cannot find it on the JD, you can send the company an email to ask about that.

Ask During The Interview

If the company has made no clear salary, but you want to participate in an internship interview, you should listen to your manager’s questions and information to make recommendations for a paid internship with the most relevant reasons. Don’t worry about asking. Since many internships in the US internships are unpaid, it’s not at all offensive to inquire, even up-front.

For instance, if you were going for a career-extending position like “Senior VP of Sales” or “Research Lead II” position, you would want to exercise caution about who? when? what to ask about salary.

Frankly speaking, if the company thinks you might be a suitable candidate, they’ll arrange a phone screen with you. Then you can tell them that you’d like to know whether this internship is paid or not. Typically, being frank and direct at first will make it easier and time-saving for both you and the recruiter to discuss a job position. After all, I hope you will know how to ask if an internship is paid or not

What Is Your Salary Expectation For An Internship?

As said above, the salary for an internship is based on several important factors such as experience, skills, industry, and interns’ responsibility and performance. However, if you get paid for the internship, what is your salary expectation for an internship?

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) survey, an intern’s average hourly wage with a bachelor’s degree is about $16.26. Generally, the closer to the terminal degree, the higher the internship wage. For example, a senior can earn $ 17.47/hour, which is almost twenty percent higher than a freshman of $ 14.53 per hour.

The internship wages are also different among different sectors. For example, according to the Sutton Trust report in 2018, internships in retail, arts, and media accounted for more than 80% of the unpaid interns. On the other end of the spectrum, only 25% of IT & telecoms and 32% of manufacturing interns received no wage.

In addition to wages, more and more companies are adding benefits to their internship compensation packages. For instance, the most benefits that employers give interns are relocation or moving assistance and a housing stipend. Also, employers can offer interns social activities and holiday pay. 

salary expectation for an internship
What is your salary expectation for an internship? – Source: knowledgetrust

As you can see, the wages and benefits are varied and determined by different factors. It is dependent on your capabilities and what you contribute to the company. So how much do you expect to be paid for the internship? 

As of Nov 7, 2020, the average annual pay for a Summer Internship in the United States is $30,530 a year. Based on these figures, you can know the wage range you can deal with during the internship interview. Remember that an internship is a win-win situation. Thus, if you contribute to the company, you can get a rewarding wage for your time and efforts invested.

The Final Thought About Internships

Overall, a successful internship allows you to obtain practical skills, work in a real environment, and receive a salary. Some students may refer paid internships to unpaid internships, but others still favor the internships without any wage or incentive. Whatever option you choose, the most important thing is that you love what you’re doing.


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