P-Valley’s Season 2 Release Date And More You Need To Know About The Neon-Noir World Behind The Pynk’s Closed Doors

Contrasted with light, bright pastel tones throughout New Girls episodes or movies like Pretty Woman, P-Valley is full of strippers, neon light, female-directed episodes, sensual music, and sexy cinematography. Ugh, honestly, what else can you ask for when P-Valley has everything you need from a series? But the wait for the new episodes has been too long that many fans are aching to come back to The Pynk and the imaginary Mississippi Delta little town of Chucalissa. So, what’s the deal with P-Valley’s Season 2 release date, and what should you expect once it drops?

Just to set your expectations, we have some good news and not-so-good news. We also have some hot insider information about the second season and what you should look forward to. But first, let’s look at P-Valley and the world that its writers, cast, directors, and crew made with Jobandedu.

Welcome To P-Valley’s Season 1

What Is P-Valley About?

Showrunner Katori Hall based P-Valley on the Pulitzer Prize-winning play she wrote a few years back. Each of the well-crafted episodes of the first season introduces us to the intriguing drama and the people of Uncle Clifford-operated strip club, The Pynk. If you’ve seen the first season and loved it, you will love it more when you find out that Hall wrote and helped direct the show with some female directors as an homage to her experience.

So far, the filmmakers involved in directing every episode include Kimberly Peirce (yes, the same director behind Boys Don’t Cry), Millicent Shelton, Karena Evans, Tamra Davis, Tasha Smith, Geeta Patel, Sydney Freeland, and Barbara Brown. While Hall wrote seven out of eight episodes, Liz Garcia helped with the third one, and openly gay director Patrik-Ian Polk wrote the seventh. So, leave that male gaze out the door.

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How P-Valley Came To Be

In some interviews that Katori Hall gave, she said that she grew up exposed to strip joints, a part of her Southern Black culture. Albeit the prejudices people held for the job, it wasn’t something she looked down on or felt ashamed of. Yes, her performance seems lookalike ‘Legally Blonde’ in the series of movies about getting jobs, isn’t it? Isn’t that bold and admirable? In this time and age, everyone needs to make money, after all, and if you’re not hurting anyone, then just do your thing.

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Brandee Evans at The Pynk.
On the set of P-Valley. Source: otakukart

Furthermore, the pretty woman Katori Hall said she was inspired to write about this world because society frequently misunderstands it. She knows that strippers and exotic dancers are misrepresented, abused, and undervalued in media and the real world. She hopes that by writing about it, she could give their names the respect they deserve and need because what they were doing was not a crime – it is an art form, and it’s something they should be proud of. Preach! It’s time stripping given the respect it deserves because it is a respectable job as much as any other job out there.

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P-Valley Is Certified Fresh

The first season is currently boasting a 100% approval rating from 32 top critics on Rotten Tomatoes, a feat that not many shows easily achieve. Can you think of any other series with a perfect RT rating? There’s Fleabag, Jane the Virgin, Veep, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Feel Good, and One Day At A Time. These series deserve the 100% rating, and it’s something their creators can be proud of as there isn’t a lot of them.

The overall consensus of the first season of P-Valley is that it is “a stunning, lyrical piece of neon-noir that explores the unseen lives of strippers in Mississippi through Katori Hall’s singular gaze, celebrating the beauty of the craft without sugarcoating the challenges.” So, if you agree with that rating and consensus, you must be asking when P-Valley’s Season 2 release date would be?

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Welcome To P-Valley’s Season 2… Soon!

P-Valley’s Season 2 Release Date

Brandee Evans, dancing at The Pynk.
Serving some sensual dancing on P-Valley. Source: inspiredtraveler.ca

The good news is that P-Valley’s new season is coming sometime in 2022, the same time as The Witch Part 2. The Subversion. And it will have ten episodes, but the not-so-good news is that P-Valley’s Season 2’s release date is yet unknown. Let’s hope it won’t be during the latter part of the year because waiting two years to go back to The Pynk is just a bummer, but we are not complaining.

Katori Hall said the pandemic slowed down the production and delayed many shooting processes. However, we can wait a bit more if we can get a second season that will be as explosive as the first, of course. Crafting a series is hard work, and making these shows happen amidst a pandemic and many other crises makes the process more difficult, so it’s totally understandable.

What You Can Expect from P-Valley’s Season 2

Welcome back to The Pynk. - p-valley's season 2 release date
Fans can’t wait to go back to The Pynk. Source: usa.rajatpatel

We hate spoilers, and you should hate them too! But in any case, we don’t have any for season 2 yet. But this part has some spoilers for season 1 that may not be suitable for people who haven’t seen or finished it yet, so please read at your own risk. For those who have seen the first season’s ending, which is, hands down, the best episode, we could guess how the new season will go. With that, we may expect a few episodes focusing on Autumn Night’s P-Valley and her backstory and her new role as the new owner of The Pynk.  

Mississippi and Lil’ Murda were some of the most memorable characters in the show, and their connection and abilities could potentially help them escape Chucalissa’s borders for a better future. Of course, we also have Mercedes, who, because of Autumn’s kindness, may be able to buy her dancing studio back. These events and their possible outcomes are what keep P-Valley fans anticipating the new season even more.

P Is For Pussy

P-Valley’s Season 2’s release date is still unknown, but it has a possibility of it being in 2022, so we can be hopeful that at least a few good things will come out of this year. The first season of P-Valley is one of the strongest first seasons of any TV series that has dropped in recent years, so let’s hope that the pandemic wouldn’t derail them from its tracks. In Katori Hall and the cast and crew of P-Valley, we trust. Amen!

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