My Christmas Inn’s Cast And More Fun Facts About The Holiday Movie

Holiday movies are usually formulaic and predictable as they mainly cater to audiences in a holiday mood. So, when a new holiday film comes out, don’t expect it to be entirely original or innovative as it won’t have the twist and turns that thriller and science fiction films have. So, My Christmas Inn’s cast, who were full of charms, really saved the movie despite it falling into the typical holiday film equation.

But My Christmas Inn being a typical holiday movie isn’t a bad thing. Of course, just like we said, these films are meant to make audiences feel the holiday spirit and not give them a mind-bending experience. It is still a decent and exciting film to watch with its shining moments that would definitely entertain your family.

So, if you want to give the film a chance, you should also get to know My Christmas Inn’s cast, plot summary, and more fun facts about it. The actors did an excellent job of giving the film the magic it needed that makes it stand out in a sea of Christmas films.

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My Christmas Inn – What You Should Know About The Film

The Film Has Many Similarities With Christmas Land, And There’s A Reason For That

If you’re the kind of couch potato who likes watching holiday movies with your family while sipping on your hot chocolate, you would probably notice a lot of similarities between My Christmas Inn and Christmas Land. Of course, besides the fact that both films are holiday movies, they also have the same creators.

Besides the parallels with the characters and plot, the film’s crew shot both movies in the same location, and the production sets are almost identical. My Christmas Inn, on the other hand, seems to have a better team that wrote and worked on it. 

But where was My Christmas Inn filmed? Despite the film’s story supposedly being set in Alaska, the film was primarily in Salt Lake City, Utah. Of course, Utah is known for its incredible natural diversity, giving the filmmakers an ideal setting for making the film look and feel like you’re really in rural Alaska.

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The Film Is About A Woman Who Inherits An Inn

Tia Mowry’s Jen Taylor and Rob Mayes’ Brian Anderson star in My Christmas Inn. Source:

My Christmas Inn starts with the holiday season in full swing. During this time, Tia Mowry’s Jen Taylor is working at her ad agency job in San Francisco, and she is on the verge of getting the best news of her career – clue: a big promotion.

Jen’s city life takes a different turn when she inherits her aunt’s quaint inn in Alaska. It’s not every day that you get to inherit an inn out of the blue, so you can imagine her life turning entirely upside down. When she flies to Alaska to see the property and meets Rob Mayes’ Brian Anderson, a charming attorney to add to the usual Christmas movie equation, she becomes completely into the idea of possibly staying in Alaska.

Besides the budding love story between Jen and Brian, the small-town’s Christmas customs add to the holiday mood that most characters and audiences feel. Because of this, Jen begins to wonder if managing an inn in Alaska is worth trading her San Francisco life for. Well, anyone in that position would definitely choose a simple life with a gorgeous attorney, but we don’t want to spoil the film, so let’s instead look at My Christmas Inn’s cast.

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The Actors Were Perfectly Chosen

Choosing the right actors is tricky with making holiday films because you can’t just get big names for low-budget films that are primarily for TV. But this doesn’t mean that the film should just get relatively unknown actors as they’re one of the driving forces that make audiences want to watch a movie.

So, kudos to the casting agents who did an excellent job choosing the actors and making the cast of My Christmas Inn look believable for their roles. They all have chemistry, and everyone seems suitable for every part they play. Here are some of the lead actors and their respective roles:

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Tia Mowry-Hardict As Jen Taylor

Tia Mowry as the charming ad-agency-specialist-turned-innkeeper, Jen Taylor. Source:
Tia Mowry as the charming ad-agency-specialist-turned-innkeeper, Jen Taylor. Source:

Well, we already know what role Tia Mowry played in the film, and she looks comfortable in parts like Jen Taylor. We also like the fact that there are films where we can see more of her after Family Reunion‘s supposed last season in 2021. After all, she’s a star, and she deserves more projects.

Rob Mayes As Brian Anderson 

While Rob Mayes is a heartthrob that has been active in the entertainment industry for 20 years, we haven’t really seen much of him in more significant projects. But he nailed his role in the film by being charming without distracting to look at despite his hunky looks.

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Rob Mayes’ Brian Anderson plays the attorney that told Jen she inherited an inn in Alaska. Source:
Rob Mayes’ Brian Anderson plays the attorney that told Jen she inherited an inn in Alaska. Source:

Jackée Harry And Tim Reid As Jen’s Parents

Susan Taylor, Jen’s mother, is Jackée Harry, who also played her mother in Sister, Sister. She’s quite an obvious choice for the role as the two actors look related. Tim Reid plays Perry Taylor, Jen’s father, but he barely appears in the film since he lives in San Francisco.

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Erin Gray As Molly Anderson

Erin Gray’s Molly Anderson played a pivotal role in making Jen realize her potential in living a small-town life where she can manage a Christmas inn and help people feel all Christmassy and stuff. Of course, every holiday movie needs a supporting character to make the main character realize life is all about following your heart and pursuing your happiness, no matter how unrealistic it seems.

My Christmas Inn | Extended Trailer (2018) | Tia Mowry, Rob Mayes, Erin Gray

Stream My Christmas Inn For Some Holiday Feels

One criticism of the film is that Alaska seems to look all bright and lively when it’s supposed to be dark, grim, and extremely cold during December. Well, that look wouldn’t really go well with a Christmas movie, and My Christmas Inn’s cast did a good job at making audiences overlook that major plot hole. After all, holiday movies are a big plot hole in the greater scheme of things, anyway, as there’s no way people just suddenly start feeling Christmassy, especially when the world is just a grim place to be. That’s why these movies exist to make us escape reality, even if it’s only for two hours.

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