Must-see Monster Movies In 2021 Summer!

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Summer would be less lively without horror movies to watch with friends and family. There is nothing comparable to the thrills you get during a monster movie. Those scary scenes make you yelp out loud, and sometimes they make you wonder if monsters can be heroes too. That’s the unique dynamics only monster movies can offer you! 

Movies About Monsters Are On The Rise

What Makes A Monster Movie Great?

Monsters in movies must be threatening in some way: shape, form, or powers. The monsters are sometimes otherworldly, or they disrupt the laws of nature. In some cases, monsters start out in human form but eventually show their true monstrous selves. In such cases, these human monsters usually possess superpowers and typically hold a deadly grudge against humankind.

Typically, the protagonist decides the success of a monster movie. In other words, a compelling protagonist who is strangely charismatic or overwhelmingly scary will keep the audience attracted to the plot. Many monster movies are extraordinary because they break new grounds and install new plot twists on old troupes. A great monster movie is a combination of many elements coming together smoothly and creatively.

Must-see Monster Movies In 2021 Summer!

Monster movies are scary but entertaining – Monsters Can Be Heroes Too. Image: avpcentral

For the past years, monster movies have become a popular genre among horror films. This is both a challenge and an opportunity for filmmakers. A new monster movie needs a whole new plot and character set-ups to stand out from the previous ones. The moment the audience recalls another flick they have watched, the monster movie has lost most of its chance to succeed. Hence, creativity is among the most important elements contributing to the monster movie’s success.

Why Do People So Enjoy Monster Movies?

Many think that the audience enjoys those jump-scare things when watching monster movies. Others argue that monsters are exciting and have supernatural destruction power. Critics have introduced a theory that there is an unconscious savage part in every human. In other words, we are maintaining a thin veneer of civility to cover an essential monster in us. Though we consciously disapprove of the monster’s actions on screen, deep down, we somehow enjoy seeing the mayhem.  

However, monster movies or horror movies are everyone’s cup of tea. Some people follow the movies to see the protagonist battle the monster and claim victory. The monster’s actions may be very captivating, but some people like to see how good will wins over the bad. That kind of thrill is pleasurable because there is no actual threat to the audience, but they can experience the horror and the intense feelings.

Why Do People So Enjoy Monster Movies?

Monster movies can haunt you indeed. Image: flickeringmyth

In addition, many believe that horror movies contain symbolic representations of real fears. For example, a movie can show how science can ultimately help the monster become more powerful. In other films, horror films can take up racial fears and relevant social issues. These are so-called socially constructed fears, and the filmmakers will need to use them to engage viewers smartly. Though the monsters look strangely cool and powerful, please don’t be a monster!

Monsters Can Be Heroes Too!

Everyone has a general idea of what a superhero may look like, and most people don’t expect monsters to be heroes. But in fact, monsters can be heroes too! For instance, fans of ‘Monster Heroes’ relate to this! This movie is a document of the trials and tribulations of four guys. These guys are classic monster descendants, and they have to adapt to life among humans. They may seem unfit for the social standards, but they strive to fight evil.

Another interesting case is Godzilla. We all agree that Godzilla’s destructions are deadly and of large scale. However, the giant lizard is also a positive natural force with a mission to maintain the balance between Earth and its inhabitants. Hence, whether a monster is purely evil or partially helpful depends mainly on the viewer’s conscience and outlook. Some of us only enjoy the thrills of the monster movie, while others have higher expectations for these monsters.

From another point of view, we are judging ourselves when we wonder whether monsters can be heroes. We see the evil in monsters’ actions and how they wrecked lives, but deep down, we hold on to a hope that they could turn to the good side. We understand the powers of monsters, and it is natural to hope that such powers can be of help to humankind. Monsters don’t always have to die, primarily when they serve for the good of human beings. In those cases, monster movies become extra meaningful and impactful.

Monsters Can Be Heroes Too!

Monsters can certainly be heroes too! Image: ACMI

Top 12 Movies About Monsters

There are classics in this monster movie genre like King Kong, Frankenstein, Jaws, or Jurassic Park. More recently, movies like The Mummy, Pacific Rims, or Hellboy are also viral thanks to the modern visual effects. In this list, we will name some less known but just as good monster movies. They are unique and attractive in their own way, and you should watch them if you’re a fan of monster movies!

Here there be monsters (2018)

Horror Short Film “Here There Be Monsters”. Source: Alter

A famous ‘Here There be monsters’ quote is by John L. French: “Well, what are we waiting for? Someone call the backhoe and let’s go dig up a dead guy.” This quote alone speaks volumes about what viewers can expect from this flick. “Here there be Monsters” starts with Elki (by Savannah La Rain) trying to escape the constant bullying on her bus ride home by falling asleep. 

Upon waking up, Elki sees herself trapped in an empty bus yard. More frighteningly, something monstrous is lurking outside, awaiting her to make a wrong step. ‘Here there be monsters’ is a great monster movie to watch with your family on a weekend evening.

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The Fly (1986)

The Fly (1986). Source: Horror Trailers HD

‘The Fly’ is hugely successful because the director manages to bring the horror and threat into the body of the protagonist and viewers. As Seth Brundle, a brilliant scientist, fuse himself with a housefly by accident, the horror begins. ‘The Fly’ takes the audience on a psychological and physical trip with Brundle, who has now mutated into a human-fly hybrid. The climax of the film will possibly make you feel highly intrigued seeing the consequences that Brundle faces.

Godzilla (1954)

Godzilla 1954 Trailer. Source: TheSerenityEnd

Godzilla could be the first name people would think of when we ask them about monster movies. It is legendary because Godzilla being the ultimate monster, whose first appearance on the silver screen is still groundbreaking. Of course, the special effects in 1954 were not really fascinating, but seeing Godzilla for the first time is an experience of a lifetime. Godzilla is originally an allegory about how dangerous nuclear armament can be. The whole movie is about the giant sea monster just wrecking Tokyo into pieces. Well, there got to be reasons why Godzilla is one of the classics of the monster-movie genre!

The Thing (1982)

The Thing (1982) Trailer. Source: horrorfan

In ‘The Thing’, John Carpenter has to doubt everything and everyone because he has no one to trust anymore. John is among a group of researchers traveling in Antarctica on a mission when they come across a monster. This monster is a mimicking alien parasite, which can disguise itself as a best friend and attack anybody. 

Critics applaud ‘The Thing’ for being unnerving and how the film constructs its monster. The titular parasite can turn itself into anyone, and the characters can never tell friends from foes. The audience will witness disgusting gore in ‘The Thing’ as the film fills them with extreme fear of assimilation.

Attack the Block (2011)

Attack the Block. Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment

‘Attack the Block’ helps John Boyega reach stardom with his fantastic performance in the film. The film is a journey amid an alien invasion, but the characters in the movie make it very funny to watch. Let’s agree that aliens are technically monsters, and they are pretty scary too. Hence the subgenre of alien horror is an excellent version of monster movies, and we can see how popular these films are. More and more films about alien invasion hit the screen, and ‘Attack the block’ would be an exciting film.

The Descent (2005)

The Descent (2005) Official Trailer #1. Source: Movieclips Classic Trailers

Horror movies have always used the trope depicting humans as the real monsters. The Descent is one of those movies, but it also opens up a new unique approach. The filmmakers have smartly used the horrible protagonists following humanoid creatures. “The Descent” is a perfect flick for fans of monster movies, who like it to be scary and real. If you want to see relationships in a whole new light, then this could be one of the frightening ways to do so.

Cabin in the Woods (2012)

Cabin in the Woods (2012 Movie) – Official Trailer. Source: Lionsgate Movies

There is no better monster horror-comedy than this one. The plot follows some teens who are victims of horrors beyond human comprehension. They are under the control of mysterious office workers who are also hilarious to watch. What the audience can expect from ‘Cabin in the woods’ are the unexpected plot twists. Until the very climax of the film, the audience will need to stay alert until the very last minute of the film.

The Babadook (2014)

The Babadook Official Trailer #1 (2014). Source: Movieclips Trailers

Every parent’s worst fear is to be unable to protect their child. And ‘The Babadook’ attacks exactly that fear and becomes a tremendous psychological horror with two characters only. The film revolves around Amelia (by Essie Davis) and her son Samuel, fighting against a monster lurking in the dark. The movie is as scary as you expect from the advertisements. Though most of the film takes place in the shadows, the audience can expect lots of frightening scenes and the movie. This is a must-see, especially with your parents or children.

Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)

Pan’s Labyrinth (2006) Trailer #1. Source: Movieclips Classic Trailers

Pan’s Labyrinth is not exactly a horror movie but more of a fantasy fable. The monsters in this movie are mythical, scary, and haunting at the same time. The film is an excellent work of Guillermo Del Toro, who successfully raises the atmosphere to sublime levels. Hence, if you look for a great monster movie that is not too much of a horror flick, this one would right up your alley!

Cloverfield (2008)

Cloverfield – Trailer. Source: YouTube Movies

Speaking of building the hype around a monster movie, Cloverfield’s marketing team must be the winner. Indeed, the marketing for ‘Cloverfield’ made it seem like the best monster movie there can ever be. Fortunately, viewers have a great experience with ‘Cloverfield’ thanks to the splendid direction of Matt Reeves. The director chose not to show the monster for too long in the movie because he understands people are more scared of the unseen. If you pay for a ticket to see Cloverfield in the cinema, we can guarantee that every buck is worth it.

The host (2006)

The Host (2006) – Trailer. Source: Shudder

You may have heard of the talented Korean director Bong Joon-Ho for his Oscar-winning film ‘Parasite’. Now, imagine such directing talents working on a monster horror! Yes, Bong Joon-Ho tried his hand at the monster horror genre with “The Host” back in 2006. 

Some would consider ‘The Host’ as a movie against the United States’ political involvement and imperialism worldwide. But putting that intellectual message aside, the film follows the titular creature along its destructive path through the South Korean city. Bong Joon-ho makes sure that every frame holds a purpose, and hence the whole movie is an orchestrated nightmare. The Korean audience can take the film as how America has wrought horrors globally, or just another monster movie for the weekend.

A Quiet Place (2018)

A Quiet Place (2018) – Official Trailer. Source: Paramount Pictures

After several previous projects, John Krasinski finally has a hit as a director with ‘A Quiet Place. In the form of a monster movie, ‘A quiet place’ is also a meditative piece to help us be mindful about our lives. The film gives us space to reconsider what we do for our family, especially in times of crisis. ‘A quiet place’ leads viewers on a seamless journey to its ultimate climax, and the whole experience is life-changing. Krasinski will soon release a sequel to ‘A quiet place’, due in April 2021.

Monsters’ Movies Will Rule The Silver Screen – Monsters Can Be Heroes Too

There is no other genre that can offer you the feeling that monster movies can. There is fear, threats, and doubts, along with hope. Each minute in a monster movie is compelling and frightening at the same time. The climaxes usually have us hold our breaths, and then a scary appearance of that monster makes us yelp aloud. At times, we wonder if monsters can be heroes, too, while other times, we are just too scared to sleep with the light off. That’s why monster movies are sensationally alluring and always a good reason to come to the cinema. 

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