Michelle Visage’s Net Worth: How Much Money Does He Own?

Michelle Visage is a well-known American actress, singer, television host, and television personality. She has had five songs on the Billboard Hot 100 during her career. Aside from her successful career, you’ll probably be interested in learning more about Michelle Visage’s net worth and interesting facts about her personal life. You will find the answer right in this article. Let’s go exploring now.

Michelle Visage’s – Madonna’s Doppelganger Early Life

Michele Lynn Shupack is Michelle Visage’s real name. She was born in New Jersey, USA, on September 20, 1968. Joanne Shupack Lewis was Michelle Visage’s biological mother, but Arlene Caral and Martin H. Shupack later adopted her. She graduated from South Plainfield high school in 1986. Michelle Visage had won a “Madonna Look-Alike” contest at 16 years old. She later relocated to New York City to attend the American Musical and Dramatic Academy.

Michelle Visage's real name is Michele Lynn Shupack.
Michelle Visage is a well-known American television personality – Source: screenrant.com

All About Michelle Visage’s Biography

Full nameMichelle Lynn Shupack
Date of birth20 September, 1968
Place of birthNew Jersey, U.S.A
Height5’4 ft
Weight143 lbs
ProfessionSinger, television host, radio host
SpouseDavid Case (married since 1997)
ChildrenLillie Case, Lola Case
Net worth$1 Million
Last UpdatedJanuary 2022

Michelle Visage’s Fight Against Life-Threatening Disease

Michelle Visage is married to screenwriter and author David Case. Lillie Case and Lola Case were their two adorable daughters. Currently, their family resides in California. Visage has had an eating disorder since 13, according to media reports, so she is frequently stressed. Michelle Visage also revealed in 2019 that she has Hashimoto’s disease. Her disease has forced her to undergo surgery to remove her breast implants.

Lillie Case and Lola Case were Michelle Visage's adorable daughters.
Michelle Visage is married to David Case, a screenwriter and author – Source: hellomagazine.com

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Michelle Visage – Guardian Angel of Drag Queens

Michelle Visage began her career as a member of the three-member girl band called Seduction. They had hits like ‘Two To Make It Right’ and ‘Could This Be Love’ well received by the public. After leaving the band, Michelle was invited to perform as a guest singer at the TKA free dance event. 

Michelle Visage’s song “It’s Gonna Be A Lovely Day” reached number 34 on the Billboard Hot 100 in January 1993. Michelle Visage’s Lovely Day was quite poplular at the time. A massive search was conducted on social media and media platforms. That also brings Michelle Visage’s name closer to fans.

Aside from her singing career, Michelle is known as the host of “The RuPaul Show” from 1996 to 2002. Michelle Visage has become popular due to the success of this program. Besides, she has hosted other shows such as Jamz Session (2002 – 2005) and The Morning Show (2011). She later relocated to Los Angeles to further her career.

Michelle is known as the host of the RuPaul Show.
Michelle Visage was a member of the three-member girl band called Seduction – Source: www.thetimes.co.uk

Michelle Visage served as a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race. She provided valuable feedback and advice to the contestants during this show. In January 2015, she also appeared as a contestant on the reality TV show called Celebrity Big Brother. At the same time, Michelle has appeared on several RuPaul music albums and music videos, the most recent of which debuted on RuPaul’s Green Screen Christmas Special. 

Moreover, she has appeared in music videos for songs such as “Glamazon”, “Responsibility”, “Nothing for Christmas,” and “The Beginning”. In November 2015, she released her first book, “The Diva Rules”. 

Michelle has also shown her support for the LGBTQ+ community throughout her career. That is one of the characteristics that makes fans love Michelle even more. Visage recently collaborated with Steps on a remake of “Heartbreak In This City ”.

Michelle Visage Achievements

Michelle Visage has won numerous major awards throughout her career. She won the Primetime Emmy Award for “Outstanding Reality-Competition Program” in 2019. She and her collaborators won the award for “Outstanding Producer of Game & Competition Television” in 2020.

Michelle won the award for Outstanding Producer of Game & Competition Television.
Michelle Visage has won the Outstanding Reality-Competition Program Award – Source: www.etonline.com

Michelle Visage’s Net Worth

She has amassed a large fortune due to her successful career. Celebrity’s Net Worth estimated that Michelle Visage’s net worth will be $1 million in 2022. This fortune is from the programs in which she participates and advertising contracts worth millions of dollars. Michelle has led an idyllic and quiet personal life close to her family up to this point. Nonetheless, she uses her influence to encourage people to support LGBTQ+ rights.

Michelle uses her influence to encourage people to support LGBTQ+ rights.
Michelle Visage’s net worth is expected to reach $1 million – Source: www.hellomagazine.com

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Some Hidden Facts About Michelle Visage

  • In the late 1980s, Michelle and RuPaul met and became close friends.
  • Michelle played Miss Hedge in the West End production “Everybody’s Talking About Jamie”.
  • Michelle is a long-time Madonna fan. That began when she won the “Madonna Look-Alike” competition. She began to pay attention to her appearance from that point on, building an image that resembled Madonna.
  • Since the third season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Michelle Visage has joined as a regular judge. Many fans were impressed with Aja and Vanessa’s performance in this season, and Vanessa famously said, “I’m so into voguing right now, so that gave me life”.
  • The money earned from the soundtrack for The Bodyguard was “It’s Gonna Be A Lovely Day”, which she used to buy a house for her dad.
  • Michelle had surgery to remove the implants from her breasts in 2019. A film crew documented her journey and created the documentary “Explant”.


Michelle Visage is a well-known entertainment industry star whose success story has inspired many fans. Hopefully, you can learn more about Michelle Visage’s net worth and other interesting facts above with the information about Michelle.

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