Five Of Megan Fox’s No Makeup Photos Revealed And Guess What? They’re Still Stunning!

Michael Bay’s Transformers was an action-packed and CGI-fueled piece with simple plots – well, who needs them when there are too many explosions? While the movie is an entertaining watch, it doesn’t leave much for audiences and critics to ponder. But even if the film wasn’t well-received by critics for the things it lacked, it brought us that iconic Megan Fox’s no-makeup look while closing the car trunk scene.

Transformers’ sequels also did nothing to improve the franchise except make louder and noisier movies, with more explosions and CGI than ever. Still, these are films that we should be thankful for, as they gave the world Megan Fox and her sultry look matched with her piercing stare and pouty lips – two things about her that made everyone suddenly call her the next Angelina Jolie.

While Megan Fox was hot for a while and was even one of the most talked-about celebrities after her Transformers-induced fame, her status as the next Angelina Jolie didn’t last long. Her sudden disappearance from the limelight is partly due to her comparing Michael Bay to Hitler and calling him a Napoleon-like mad man, which the film industry didn’t like. But now she’s back in a slightly cringey relationship with Machine Gun Kelly, and fans are happy to see more of her once again. Of course, there would be newer projects to look forward to – what else could you ask for? Maybe some Megan Fox’s no makeup photos? Your wish is Jobandedu‘s command.

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You Probably Owe Megan Fox An Apology

Before disappearing to live a low-key life and reclaiming her spot with a big comeback in the industry, Megan Fox has always been an excellent actor with an overall cool persona. She has tattoos of Nietzsche quotes, she’s a feminist, and she’s also had some fun films. Her most notable film that possibly helped people realize her talents is 2009’s Jennifer’s Body.

In the film, Fox plays a misogynist-eating succubus who can fly – or at least levitate, according to her best friend, Needy (played by Amanda Seyfried) – to make her officially a devious teenage girl. Hell is a teenage girl, after all, as per the film’s blurb. Unfortunately, 2009 was a time when people were barely talking about feminism, and people didn’t see Jennifer’s Body’s social commentary – it was ahead of its time. The film was given a thumbs down by many people.

Come 2017 and the #MeToo movement, and everyone suddenly realized the film’s potential with some articles like Buzzfeed’s 2018 article “You Probably Owe “Jennifer’s Body” An Apology,” recognizing the film’s genius. Then came Machine Gun Kelly. And just like that, Megan Fox is back in the limelight, and we’re here for it. The film industry probably owes her an apology, too, as women speaking their minds, especially if they’re sharing their toxic experiences with prominent filmmakers, is now a thing. But she was given hell for doing the same thing before, which hurt her career.

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Five Of  Megan Fox’s No Makeup Photos You Need To See 

Although all the drama surrounding Megan Fox’s disappearance from the scene is in the past, they are still unresolved. But she’s back with some cooler projects, and they could be her big F.U. to the people who did her wrong. Here are also some of Megan Fox’s no make photos to remind the film industry who they lost during the Michael Bay fiasco:

Megan Fox’s No Makeup Look While Out And About The Hood

Megan Fox’s No Makeup Look While Out And About The Hood
Gray shirt, disheveled bum, and no makeup. Megan Fox can pull off that look! Source:

We live in a world where it’s pretty common to see paparazzi photos of celebrities trying to live normal lives while doing normal people things like shopping or just being in public. Unfortunately, if you’re someone as recognizable as Megan Fox, it would be next to impossible to blend in, even if she’s not in her usual glammed-up look. She always looks like a stunner, and it’s something she can’t help.

Megan Fox’s No Makeup Look While Strolling

Megan Fox’s No Makeup Look While Strolling
Megan Fox could never look below the average whatever she does. Source:

Megan Fox, without makeup, is like those dolls in the viral videos where someone is removing their makeup is to prove the insane beauty standards the society has set for women. I’m trying to say that she can appear in public without makeup, but she will still seem like a doll. With her nearly flawless beauty and bombshell vibes, she can be without makeup and singlehandedly tear down these beauty standards. 

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Megan Fox’s No Makeup Look During Her Coffee Time

Megan Fox’s No Makeup Look During Her Coffee Time
Megan Fox, still looking hot while holding her coffee cup with no makeup on. Source:

Most people would usually drink their coffee in the morning without caring about how they look because it’s the drink that’s supposed to help them jumpstart their day. But if you’re Megan Fox, you could just be grabbing your morning coffee without any makeup on and still look gorgeous. And this photo is to proof that.

Megan Fox’s No Makeup Look During Her Coffee Time Part Two

Megan Fox’s No Makeup Look During Her Coffee Time Part Two
Just casually holding a coffee cup and looking stunning – something only Megan Fox can pull off. Source:

Here is another proof that Megan Fox’s no-makeup look while holding a coffee cup could be her signature paparazzi look. Who can blame her? Coffee is everything. This look with a black leather jacket and black specs is also everything.

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Megan Fox’s No Makeup Look While Staring Blankly Ahead

Megan Fox’s No Makeup Look While Staring Blankly Ahead
We don’t know what she’s looking at, but we can only assume it’s her hot reflection. Source:

The actor is also a fashion icon that many love seeing in different looks, but unfortunately, we haven’t been blessed yet with Megan Fox’s short hair look, but this photo is the closest we can get to seeing that look on her. Well, of course, she still has long hair here, but the way she tied her hair makes her look like it’s shorter than her signature long, dark hair look.

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