Marc Daly’s Net Worth: Former Miss USA Kenya Moore Divorced Marc Daly

Perhaps nobody would even know who Marc Daly is if not for his marriage with the famous former Miss USA Kenya Moore. The couple used to shock fans and co-workers with their sudden marriage after a few months of secret dating. However, what surprised us even more, is that only after 2 years of marriage, the couple has decided to part ways despite frequently sharing sweet posts about each other. If you want to know more about the scandalous split of Marc Daly and Kenya Moore, today’s post is for you. We’ll go into further details regarding Marc Daly’s net worth after the divorce, Kenya Moore’s current situation, and reasons why the two called it quits.

Who Is Marc Daly?

Маrс Dаlу was аn American bаnker who later stumbled into F&B industry. Не started gaining public recognition when he dated and tied the knot with the fоrmеr Міѕѕ UЅА Кеnуа Мооrе and became a part of the famous TV reality show, Real Housewives of Atlanta. 

Marc Daly is famous for being the husband of Miss USA, Kenya Moore. - Y'all Know What
Marc Daly is famous for being the husband of Miss USA, Kenya Moore. – Y’all Know What

However, there was still little information about the guy. Below, we’ve compiled a table of his basic info. Read on to know how old Marc Daly is or where he’s from.

Маrс Dаlу’s Basic Information

Full NаmеМаrс Dаlу
B.o.D12 Аug 1970
Віrth РlасеМісhіgаn, Unіtеd Ѕtаtеѕ
Неіght5’10 ft
Wеіght167.5 lbs

Marc Daly’s Net Worth And Career Path

First days as a banker, the man worked for Сrеdіt Ѕuіѕѕе Fіrѕt Воltоn Ваnk іn NY. Later on, he became an investment banker at Park Avenue’s Сіtіbаnk and got promoted to be thе Vісе-Рrеѕіdеnt іn 2006. 

After over 10 years working in the field, Daly decided to quit and stumbled into the F&B industry. He opened a restaurant named SoCo in Brooklyn, New York, which led him to his ex-wife, Kenya Moore.

According to People, the couple first encountered in 2015 through a common buddy, Chef Roblé Ali, who works for Marc Daly, yet didn’t begin seeing one another until Dec 2016.

SoCo quickly gained a massive reputation for the exceptional service it provides. The main plus of the site is its unique Southern cuisine and central location. As a result, SoCo has gotten the interest of celebrities and blue-collar residents in the region. It is now among New York’s most profitable fine dinings, with over 50,000 subscribers on its Instagram profile.

Marc Daly is the owner of the famous SoCo restaurant. - Gossip On This
Marc Daly is the owner of the famous SoCo restaurant. – Gossip On This

In 2020, the blog BOSSIP claimed that Marc Daly’s establishment SoCo had been reprimanded by health officials for apparently providing poor hygiene.

According to the post, the New York Health Department discovered various concerning issues in the business, involving meat that was improperly frozen and not covered from harmful elements and cockroaches, rats, and rodents. Thus, SoCo allegedly earned 28 points for violating the health code.

On the other hand, Marc Daly denied that the establishment was in such deterioration and claimed that it was in excellent working order. “We have kept the class A for several decades. Our crew is excellent,” he wrote in a recent post on the diner’s Ig account. “SoCo requirements have always been followed. So please quit distributing misleading info about a thriving black-owned enterprise!!”

Marc Daly responded quickly to the spreading rumors regarding his restaurant. - iRealHousewives
Marc Daly responded quickly to the spreading rumors regarding his restaurant. – iRealHousewives

Thanks to such impressive achievements, aѕ оf Јаn 2022, Kenya Moore’s husband net worth (or more precisely, ex-husband) is approximately $35 mіllіоn, which is much bigger than Kenya Moore’s total value of $800,000. Their recent divorce hasn’t affected the figure as the court hasn’t given out their decisions.

As you can tell, most of his money comes from his successful F&B business. Besides, his old days in the bank, especially his 10 years as the Vice President of City Bank, definitely contributed to his total wealth.

Marc Daly’s Personal Life: He Is Now In A Divorce With Kenya Moore

Moore and Daly married in a secret nuptial in St. Lucia in June 2017. Moore’s followers and co-workers were taken aback by the wedding announcement because nobody knew she was seeing Daly or betrothed at the point. In the 2017 ESSENCE Festival, the tv personality mentioned falling in love in her forties.

“You’ve watched me struggle so much,” she said to the crowd. “I’m making the program, and I’m wondering in my downtimes: Is it true what they’re telling? Can’t I find a husband? I can’t seem to meet somebody who truly loves me for who I am. Is it taking place in any way? I’m a 46-year-old lady.”

“I’m also a black lady. And, the figures show that nearly half of us never marry, which is an actual truth. So I just stayed the course and continued believing, and it just came to me in ways I never imagined. Hence, it must be God,” she claimed.

The newlyweds soon welcomed their child in 2018. - Bravo TV
The newlyweds soon welcomed their child in 2018. – Bravo TV

The newlyweds had their child, Brooklyn Doris Daly, in Nov 2018 after undergoing IVF procedures. Everything appeared to go so well with the pair, as Moore referred to Daly as “the light of my life” while talking with Hall.

However, in 2019, there were rumors about their split. According to judicial transcripts acquired by Radar Online, the former Miss USA and her husband have been in a “certified status of separation” since Sept 2019.

Marc Daly And Kenya Moore Are Getting Divorce

After 4 years of relationship, Kenya Moore has called it quit from her spouse Marc Daly in 2021.

In May, Moore’s spokesman confirmed to PEOPLE that the Real Housewives of Atlanta actress completed the divorce papers in Fulton County, Georgia. Moore stated in the lawsuit that the relationship is “irredeemably ruined” and could not be restored.

There has been no further revelation about the split. - Bravo TV - marc daly net worth
There has been no further revelation about the split. – Bravo TV

So yet, no information concerning the reason for the breakup has been revealed. Moore and Daly did, though, come on an Instagram Live stream, in which the young mother confessed that her hubby was “not pleased with me after uploading a semi-naked image of him napping with Brooklyn the other night.” The problematic picture has subsequently been removed.

The TV personality has also asked for full physical and legal guardianship of her and Daly’s common child Brooklyn, who turned 3 in Nov 2021.

According to Radar, Moore also stated that “both parties have gained additional common private possessions as a result of their relationship by means of presents or shared expenditures that must be fairly shared and also marital debts that must be equally split.”

According to records acquired by Radar Online, Daly submitted a counterclaim to Moore’s court claim in June, demanding shared physical guardianship of Brooklyn. Moore might have primary guardianship, he said.

According to Radar, the entrepreneur requested that the judge grant him “independent actual and private properties.” He also asked Moore to pay his legal bills. (The lawsuit is still pending, and a court has yet to decide on the requests.)

Did Marc Daly Cheat On Kenya Moore?

In September, Kenya Moore disclosed that she had divorced her spouse Marc Daly following barely 2 years of wedlock. But, until now, the reason for her split is still in question.

There are so many rumors regarding their breakup, and finally, Moore has opened up about that. Indeed, Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers may now witness all of the periods of crisis and pain that result in her choice.

In the episode following her notorious divorce, the upset Moore revealed to co-workers Kandi Burruss and Cynthia Bailey that she never opted to end her marriage.

“He kind of pushed me to my decision,” Moore explained, adding that her manager informed her that Daly was trying to make an announcement behind her back claiming he was divorcing her. “It all came so quickly.”

Kenya Moore had a shocking revelation on RHOA. - theJasmineBRAND - marc daly net worth
Kenya Moore had a shocking revelation on RHOA. – theJasmineBRAND

However, the most dramatic piece of Moore’s story was the disclosure that her spouse – who frequently gave the impression as though she was the problem – had apparently been writing improper texts and sending pictures to one of his ex-girlfriends in NYC.

“One of the girls begged him to have the sex ongoing even though he was wedded…She told him that he made her feel this way, that way, and asked him if there is any chance they could continue the sex,'” Moore stated. “Even after I reminded him, ‘This is unacceptable,’ he still talks with that girl.”

“I phoned the b*tch as well, which I shouldn’t do,” she said when she found the chat had persisted. “When she picked up the phone, I told her that she might want to put me off the loudspeaker; I am Ms. Marc Daly… And I went on to warn her that if she got any closer to my hubby, I knew where she lived.”

“We got this huge meltdown, and I was thinking, ‘Who did I wed?'” ‘What exactly is happening right now ?'” Moore slowed. “We had discussed splitting up, and Marc said that he was stupid for it, though, and he was ashamed. And I just responded all right, that was his big misstep.'”

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How Are Marc Daly And Kenya Moore Now?

Recently, Moore shared another update on their relationship in an interview on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, claiming that they are “fine.”

“It still hurts, Andy, since things are so messed up, and I’ve never experienced a relationship breakdown,” Moore explained. “I’ve never been divorced. I’ve never gotten a kid with anybody, so everything is new to me.”

“I believe Marc is still having feelings for me. I still got affections for him. But, we’re in a terrible situation, and nobody wants to talk about it. However, since I am Brooklyn’s primary custody parent, I decided to do what was best for my daughter.

The family enjoyed their vacation in the Bahamas after the split. - Bravo TV - marc daly net worth
The family enjoyed their vacation in the Bahamas after the split. – Bravo TV

They’ve since gone on trips together, taking a family holiday to the Bahamas and posing for a happy group shot.

“Marc, have a wonderful Father’s Day!” Moore had posted that same week on Instagram. “Brookie adores you, and seeing you guys together and seeing your indelible connection fills my heart with joy. Thank you so much for my miraculous child. You will always be a part of the family, and we adore you!”

Wrapping Up

Every relationship has ups and downs, and even celebrities like Kenya Moore are no exception. Till now, there hasn’t been any further revelation about their divorce as well as the final court’s decision. 

Everything we know now is that both Kenya Moore and Marc Daly’s net worth remain unchanged, and they both share equal responsibility with their shared daughter, Brooklyn.For more posts and juicy news, please refer to our Entertainment section.

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