Meme Review: Look At All Those Chickens

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You probably have heard your friends mentioning the Look at all those chickens” memes sometimes in the past and wonder what on earth they were talking about. Why, you may think, do I have to look at those chickens? Did they finally cross the road? Did someone finally figure out that they came after the egg? (Hint: They did, or at least that’s the general consensus). Well, confused no more, for I – your friendly meme-enthusiastic writer – will explain everything so that you can proudly add another one to your banter vocabulary.

Look At All These Chickens Origin

The story begins in British Columbia, Canada, with a young little girl. Riordan, the girl’s name, was going for a walk with her parents when they came across a large patch of grass absolutely overrun with an enormous flock of geese. Blown away, the girl enthusiastically swung her hands outward and told her parents to “look at all those chickens”.

That’s it. 

That’s the entire meme.

Seriously, you can watch it yourself.

Look at all those…

Look at all those chickens gif is not one of those memes that take a long time to execute its punchline, mainly because it didn’t intend to be one in the first place. Had it not gone viral, the video would simply be one among millions of similar videos documenting the precious time that parents have with their children.

Of course, as it turned out, the Internet was drawn to the slight absurdity of a girl looking at a bunch of ducks and confidently declaring them to be chickens. Evidently, the innocent self-assuredness of the little girl, all the while being completely wrong, makes for a humorous chuckle. 

Thus, a meme was born. The Internet did what it always does, and soon enough, we ended up with a bunch of look at all those chickens gif and vines. 

Compilation Of “Look At All Those Chicken” Memes

Remember all those fights that broke out in school? People seem to love those as they gather around taking bets, recording videos, and cheering for their “team”. Well, it turns out maybe they didn’t even know that there was any fight at all.

No one: the people near the fight
It’s not like punching other people is dangerous or anything – Source: Tumblr

Have you ever played Pokemon? If so, I’m sure you can understand the pain of hearing the words “Pokemon” and “Pikachu” being used interchangeably by others.

Parents be like: look at all those pikachus
No, mom, it’s not a Pikachu – Source: Imgflip 

When old memes and new memes meet each other, what we get is endless entertainment.

Look at all those pidgeons?
What is this, a crossover episode? – Source: Imgflip

Look at all these chickens memes have become so famous that it has even gotten its own T-shirt. If only my own mistakes could be that financially beneficial.

Look at all these chickens memes have become so famous that it has even gotten its own T-shirt.
Look at all those T-shirts – Source:


Guess what? The meme even got its own theme song. Isn’t that sick?

Look At All Those Chickens (Remix)

Looking for more funny goods?

Other Old Vines Viral Videos – What R Those Vines?

Alright, that’s enough chickens for one day. If you still want some more memes to brighten your day, don’t worry; there’s plenty more where it came from.

Why you always lying – What r those vines

Why you always lying vines is one of those videos that never fails to make me burst out laughing because of its stupidly catchy beats and an impossibly wide smile from the actor while singing some of the most painful sentences possible.

But that backflip tho – What r those vines

But that backflip tho vine sharply subverts the viewer’s expectation by first showing a lady got robbed, followed by King Back – the vine’s creator – dashing in and proclaiming: “I will save you”. He then performed a sick backflip off the wall and walked away. Though rather magnificent, the act did nothing to actually get back the purse, which the woman pointed out, only for King Bach to look at the camera and say the magic phrase.

But That Backflip Tho #KingBach to the rescue! (KingBach Vine)

Squidward Dab – What r those vines

Vine user Deon_dunk was visiting the Universal Studios Orlando amusement park when he stumbled upon a parade. Deon_dunk then called out Squidward’s name, to which the character promptly responded back with a fat dab.

Squidward dabbing vine

The vine instantly became a hit, gaining 22 million loops in the first week and cementing the employee under the Squidward costume as a verified meme legend.

The Power of God and Anime – What r those vines

On July 25th, 2017, Twitter user @addison_angelo tweeted a video of her sister’s friend in what appears to be a bizarre combination of move set before finally screaming his power to the high heaven.

I have the power of god and anime on my side

He became an Internet sensation overnight. Thousands of photoshopped images, gifs, and videos quickly flooded the internet and brought the boy into Star Wars and Dragon Balls, among other entertainment media. Seems like having the power of God and anime is working out quite nicely for him, don’t you think.

Look At All Those Chicken Gif – Meme Review

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