Curious About Lisa Raye’s Net Worth? Don’t Miss Out On This!

“It’s bitches like you who make it harder for women like me.” 

If you still remember this line and the badass lady who said it, you probably had a blissful childhood. Back in 1998, the dark comedy-drama ‘The Player Club’ was premiered and quickly surpassed $23,000,000 in domestic tickets sale. The emotional center of the film is Diana Armstrong, a college student, single mother, and aspiring writer who takes a job at The Players Club to pay for her tuition fee. 

At the time, actress Lisa Raye McCoy was 31 years old. Though being a late bloomer, the role of Diana sent her off to a great start. Many years have passed, and McCoy has created an empire for herself through all her effort. Now, she is not just an actress, but also a model, a businesswoman, and a former First Lady. 

Perhaps you are curious about how much Lisa Raye’s net worth is. Let’s get to know this ambitious woman and her journey to success! Can you guess if it is more impressive than Chelsea Handler’s net worth and the golden couple ‘Sarah Goldberg Adam F. Goldberg‘?

Lisa Raye’s Early Days

Being known as “one of Hollywood’s leading ladies”, it might shock you to know that Lisa Raye didn’t intend to be an actress from the start. Born September 23, 1967, she was the only child of a well-off family. Lisa’s father was a well-known businessman, while her mother was a former model. She grew up watching her parents operating their hotel, and she imagined that she would follow in their footsteps one day. 

Unfortunately, it was not something that she was very enthusiastic about. In an interview with Upscale, the actress recalled: “I knew I’d work in my father’s business even though I hated it”. Even after enrolling at Eastern Illinois University, majoring in hotel management, Lisa still felt like something was missing. She really had no idea what she could possibly do with her life nor what her passion really was. 

It was during her time in college that Lisa was exposed to modeling, which she harbored an enthusiasm for. The young girl enjoyed the feeling of having all eyes on her, and certainly, she was good at it. At a very young age, Lisa appeared on the covers of numerous magazines, including Brides Magazine, Ebony, Being There, and After 5. Her only concern was that her parents could object to this sidestep from the hotel business, but they turned out to be very supportive. Since then, she started pursuing her modeling career. 

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About Her Career

It was Lisa’s talent and hard work in modeling that brought her the first role on the silver screen. Her performance on the runway impressed long-time Spike Lee’s producer Monty Ross. He then asked Lisa if she wanted to star in his 1996 movie, ‘Reasons’. 

According to the actress, ‘Reason’ kickstarted her acting journey. Even though the movie didn’t gain distribution, Ross was able to show it to everyone in Hollywood. All of them found the new face intriguing. Amazed by her performance, the producer encouraged the young woman to visit Hollywood during the TV pilot season. 

Curious About Lisa Raye Net Worth? Don't Miss Out On This!

Lisa Raye’s road to recognition – Source: Page Six

Still buzzing after the very first role, she agreed to go. Though she wasn’t hired for any of the new pilots airing that season, Lisa Raye immediately knew what she wanted to do next. Hollywood’s glitz and glamour were the dreams of her life. She went back to Illinois to pick up her daughter, Kaienia, and then moved to the sunny coast of Southern California. 

Thanks to the attention she gained, Lisa Raye obtained guest spots on shows like Martin, In the House, The American Way, and the TV movie Father Clements Story. Her reputation kept rising, and she finally had a breakthrough with the role of  Diamond/Diana Armstrong in the 1998 film The Player’s Club. The movie followed a young single mom who decided to work as a stripper to pay for college. Described as “persuasively fiery” by Variety, Lisa Raye’s performance received compliments from both critics and the audience. With this big role, the door to Hollywood recognition had opened for this ambitious lady.

Her reputation kept rising, and she finally had a breakthrough with the role of  Diamond/Diana Armstrong in the 1998 film The Player’s Club

Lisa Raye as Diamond in The Player Club – Source: IMDb 

Up until now, the actress starred in 30 films and appeared in over 40 television shows. LisaRaye McCoy movies and TV shows include All About You (2001, Best Film at the American Black Film Festival), Love Chronicles (2003), The Proud Family Movie (2005), Big Morning Buzz Live (2011 – 2012), Hell’s Kitchen (2013), and Lap Dance (2014). In 2007, Lisa Raye’s role in the TV series, All Of Us, received a nomination at the NAACP for Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series. 

Ventures Outside Of Acting

But Lisa Raye is not just an actress. Being born as a businessman’s daughter, she certainly knows how to make a business thrive. With the introduction of her luxury brand specialized in premium mattresses and furniture, The Players Club actress has, at last, followed her parents in entrepreneurship. The brand launched its first store at Beverly Center, Los Angeles. Lisa Raye wants to promote a balanced lifestyle incorporating the mind, the body, and the spirit through her products. 

Aside from that, the boss lady also relaunched the curvy girl fave PZI jeans. Being a long-term fan, Lisa didn’t hesitate to acquire the brand. After taking over the company, she and her fantastic team set out to make it successful once more.

Curvy Model Search – PZI Jeans by Lisa Raye in partnership with Lov’n My Curves

All of these business ventures contribute largely to Lisa Raye’s net worth

How Much Is Lisa Raye’s Net Worth? 

How Much Is Lisa Raye Net Worth?

So, how much is Lisa Raye’s net worth?

As seen on Celebrity Net Worth, by 2021, The Players Club star has obtained a personal wealth of around $10 million. Though being a successful businesswoman and fashion designer, most of her fortune still comes from her roles in соmmеrсіаllу ѕuссеѕѕful tеlеvіѕіоn ѕhоwѕ аnd mоvіеѕ. Her appearance in advertisements and music videos also helps her in accumulating this whooping amount. 

Other Interesting Facts You Might Not Know

How Old Is Lisa Raye?

As mentioned, the actress’ birthday is September 23, 1967, making her 54 this year. Her zodiac sign is Libra. People born under this sign are charming, extroverted, and always have an eye for beauty.  

Relationship With Father 

Lisa Raye referred to herself as “a proud daddy’s girl”. Throughout her upbringing, the actress maintained a very close relationship with her father, David Ray McCoy. He contributed largely to her business acumen, and according to Lisa, she inherited his business sense. Tragically, in 1988, her father was murdered. Until now, the actress still fondly recalls the time when she played in her father’s office. 

Who Has Lisa Raye Dated?

Lisa Raye never tried to cover any dating rumor. Instead, she has always been outspoken about her relationship. Her dating history includes: 

  • Gary Payton
  • Al Sharpton
  • Kenji Pace
  • Tony Martin 
  • Terry Norris 
  • Michael Misick 
  • Datari Turner 

Is Lisa Raye Married? How Many Children Does She Have?

The actress got married two times. Her first marriage was with Tony Martin, while the second was with Michael Misick. Not long after they got married, Michael was elected the Premier of the Turks and Caicos islands, thus making Lisa the First Lady. The couple separated in 2008. For now, it seems that the actress is still single. 

Is Lisa Raye Married? How Many Children Does She Have?

Lisa Raye and Michael Misick – Source: MadameNoire

Lisa Raye only has one daughter, Kai Morae Pace. Kai was born in 1989, which means she is turning 30 this year. Her father is Kenji Pace, a motivational speaker and entrepreneur. Kenji and Lisa have never married but seem to be on amicable terms. 

On Being Asked What She Would Change About Her Life…

She said she wouldn’t change anything, not even her divorce. 

“Every portion of my life from the first film to my first paycheck has been an incredible journey,” said the star. “My life was so wonderful has been fantastic at every age: from the time I was born to the time my father and I got closer, to me being a mother. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me.”

Lisa Raye’s Net Worth – A Wrap-Up

By now, “The Player Club” star has proven to us how versatile she is. From modeling to launching her own businesses, this fiery woman can do pretty much everything. 

Still, we see her face light up every time she mentions her acting career. Whatever she does, it is still Lisa’s biggest passion, and she definitely wants to continue her raid in Hollywood as long as she can. There is plenty more to expect from this proud lady, so let’s see what Lisa Raye will bring next! 

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