Kim Fields Net Worth And Her Rise From A Child Star To Hollywood’s True Renaissance Woman

Back in the years, it felt like there wasn’t a single day you didn’t bump into a headline about Amanda Bynes or Lindsay Lohans’ insane antics. Amanda Bynes shaved part of her head off and had been posting photos of herself exposing half of her body. After crashing into someone with her Porsche, Lindsay Lohan was sent to rehab for the second time. On and on. Despite the ”all the child stars would go off the rails at some points” curse goes around in Hollywood, some managed to escape this curse. One of them is Kim Fields. 

Audiences were familiar with Kim Fields decades ago. The young girl appeared on many comedy and drama series before officially rising to fame with NBC’s hit “The Facts Of Life”. With her baby face and cheerful demeanor, Kim captured the hearts of countless viewers at the age of 9. Until now, she has been in the spotlight for over 40 years and has no plan to slow down. 

How did she navigate her child stardom and prevent herself from getting debauched? Most importantly, how much is Kim Fields net worth now? Did she amass an enormous asset to build her net worth like Marsai Martin’s net worth

Early Life & Acting Career

In case you don’t know, Kim Fields’ birth name is Kim Victoria Fields. Being born on May 12, 1969, in New York City, the actress hailed from an acting family: Her mother Chip Fields and her sister Alexis were both well-known actresses. Aside from acting, Kim’s mother also played the role of a singer, television director, producer, and dialogue coach. At the time Kim was born, Chip Fields net worth was already $1 million, which she earned after appearing on numerous movies, television shows, and Broadway theatre. Kim’s father is Erv Hurd, who gains a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Technical Team. 

With such a background, there was no surprise that Kim showed a talent in acting from a young age. Very soon, her parents divorced. Little Kim moved to California with her mother, where she began to work as a child star at age 5. Her first role was Angie in the sitcom ‘Baby, I’m Back’. Unfortunately, the show was short-lived and Kim failed to leave an impression. 

Two years later, Kim was featured on a television ad for ‘Mrs. Butterworth’s Pancake Syrup’. She also appeared in two episodes of the sitcom ‘Good Times’ in 1978 as a friend of Penny Woods, the role portrayed by Janet Jackson. We can see that Chip Fields tried her best to support and provide her daughter acting opportunities. That created a huge impact on Kim’s future career. It is an opportunity and endorsement other stars like Michael Imperioli can’t relate

She also took part in Netflix sitcom series The Upshaws, making interviews and podcasts promoting black sitcoms which also feature Tia and Tamera Mowry twin.

Kim Fields’ Movies And TV Shows 

In 1979, Kim Fields landed her life-changing role of Dorothy ‘Tootie’ Ramsey for the series ‘Diff’rent Strokes’. Although she appeared in only five episodes, it was the start of something bigger. 

Later that year, ‘The Facts Of Life, a spin-off of ‘Diff’rent Strokes’, was launched, and Kim was selected for Tootie once again. Turned out, this was one of the longest-running sitcoms on NBC. Kim’s popularity skyrocketed thanks to this role. Until today, audiences still recall the gossipy ‘Tootie’ and her shenanigans. 

The Fact Of Life – Tootie’s Tantrum

Little did people know, in the audition, the child actress almost gave up. As Kim told Fox News many years later, she was very intimidated. “I was a little girl, I was a little black girl, and I walked into this sea of television-ready white girls. The perfect blonde hair or brown eyes, blue eyes. And I just felt like, ‘I’m not supposed to be here.’”, said the star. 

Luckily, Kim Fields’ mother was there to cheer her on. If it wasn’t for her, we wouldn’t get to see the bubbly, lovable Tootie that represents the childhood of countless folks. 

Until now, Kim still insisted that it was the support of her family that kept her grounded and overcome the “child star” curse. When fame and money come too soon, public scrutiny may be relentless, and Hollywood temptations are always just around the corner. According to Kim, when she was about to fall, her family would back her up and let her cry on their shoulders. That’s how she prevented herself from getting debauched and continued moving forward with her career. 

Following was a string of success. From 1993 to 1998, Kim starred in the American comedy ‘Living Single’, which was aired on Fox. The series was known as one of the most successful African – American sitcoms in the ’90s. That took Kim’s fame to the next level. In 2015, Kim joined ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ in the eighth season as an official cast member. The show helped her attract a large number of fans. 

Kim Fields’ Movies And TV Shows

Kim Fields starring in ‘The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ – Source: Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Aside from being an actress, Kim Fields also tried out a new role as a director. From 1996 till now, she has directed over seventeen TV shows and series. One of them is ‘Kenan & Kel’, the popular sitcom for teenagers that was featured on Nickelodeon

How Much Is Kim Fields Net Worth? 

How Much Is Kim Fields Net Worth?

How much is Kim Fields net worth? – Source: Arizona Daily Star

After 44 years of contributing her talents to the screen, many are curious about Kim Fields net worth. Here is the answer you are looking for: As of 2021, Kim Fields net worth is around 10 million dollars. Although this number is not among the top compared to other Hollywood celebrities like Anthony Anderson’s net worth, it is sure to rise as the actress is still striving in her career. 

In addition, she is the owner of a house in Burbank, California, and possesses a Chevrolet car. 

Most of Kim’s fortune was from her appearance in TV series and movies. However, her directorial projects also contributed to this. The ambitious woman has founded her own production company, namely Victory Entertainment.

So, does Kim have any venture outside of acting? Yes, she does! 2020 was an important year for the actress as she established the Signature Blends company, officially stepping into the coffee business. In an interview, ‘The Facts Of Life’ star has shared her experience in entrepreneurship, as well as her advice for aspiring entrepreneurs: 

Actress Kim Fields talks about her new role as the owner of a coffee distribution company

Other Interesting Facts About The Actress

How Old Is Kim Fields? 

As the previous part mentioned, Kim was born on May 12, 1969. That makes her 52 this year. Her zodiac sign is Taurus

Is Kim Fields Married? How Many Children Does She Have? 

In 1995, Kim was married to movie producer Johnathon Franklin. The couple parted ways after 6 years without any kid. A few years later, she started dating Broadway actor Christopher Morgan and gave birth to a son with him on May 4, 2007. The couple tied the knot shortly after, in a private ceremony officiated by Pastor Donnie McClurkin. 

Other Interesting Facts About The Actress

Kim Fields and Christopher Morgan – Source: Bravo TV

By now, Kim and Christopher have been together for 13 years. It is love story many admire as long-lasting marriage is not something easy to find, take Marques Houston and Jennifer Freeman as an example. The couple welcomed their second son, Quincy Morgan, on December 3, 2013, in Atlanta, Georgia. The actress often shows off her family life on Instagram: They do not live extravagantly but still enjoy a wealth of love and affection.

Does She Have Any Scandal? 

Kim Fields is one of the rare cases in Hollywood: Throughout her career, the star has not been involved in any controversy. With neither rumor nor scandal surrounding her, Kim remains a positive figure for aspiring actors and actresses. 

A Wrap-Up

For more than four decades, Kim Fields has proved to be one of the most versatile actresses. Not only did she bring the audiences the best performances but she also surprised us with her skills in directing and entrepreneurship. It is her fierceness, hard work, enthusiasm, humbleness, and consistency that help her overcome the hardships of being a child star and become who she is now. 

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